63% Off Solar Light-Up Flamingo's £10.99 @ Groupon

63% Off Solar Light-Up Flamingo's £10.99 @ Groupon

I have been looking at these Solar Light-Up Flamingo's for a while now and have been so tempted to get some but they seem to be so pricey everywhere. That was until I discovered this set of Flamingo Lights from Groupon.

They are an absolute bargain at just £10.99! They are selling super fast so don't hang around if you want to order!

These gorgeous solar lights will certainly bring some fun to your garden this Summer. My daughter loves flamingo's so I have just ordered her some to dot around her play house.

They are available in a set of 3 for £10.99 instead of the retail price of 29.99!

The flamingos include a separate solar panel on a stake that can be positioned for best sunlight, using the sun’s rays to recharge the batteries during the day to generate power at night. They glow a pretty pink colour and will certainly become a talking point in your garden!

Home delivery is £1.99.


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  • Kerry M.

    these would be perfect for your gypsy garden look :joy:

    • Alyson B.

      I know I saw these - they're really nice xx

      • Rachel H.

        Grace would love these :heart_eyes:

        • Abbie-May H.

          Neeed them in my life!:heart_eyes:

          • Carly-Marie F.

            We sell these at work :joy:

            • Sandra P.

              Omg I need these in my life x

              • Rachael P.

                I know they are soooo you! Mingosssss

                • Carly-Marie F.

                  Think there half price in our place the now

                  • Sharmon E.

                    Lol, they might get nicked x

                    • Hayley B.

                      :joy: ive actually looked at these before xx

                      • Samantha S.

                        Do it x dont tell paul lol

                      • Jonny D.

                        Put them in the forest :deciduous_tree::joy:

                        • Ash S.

                          She's got them already lol xx

                          • Caroline G.

                            They would look fab in my garden :smile:

                            • Robyne G.

                              ooohhhhh :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: even better price now.... :joy:

                              • Tam O.

                                #imnottheonewithflamingosinmyroom :joy::joy::joy:

                                • Tom M.

                                  Gypsy garden ?? Cheeky bugger x x

                                  • Becci J.

                                    I just love flamingos :heart_eyes:

                                    • Natalie J.

                                      Seen these they look funky x x

                                      • David C.

                                        Already ordered don't tell mum

                                        • April M.

                                          Omg these are for your garden !!!! I NEED THEM :purple_heart::purple_heart: