Claudia Winkleman On Her Daughter's Halloween Costume Fire Injury: "I Can't Remember Life Before It."

Claudia Winkleman Halloween Costume Fire Daughter

Claudia Winkleman, mother of three, and presenter of BBC's Strictly Come Dancing, has spoken publicly about the "life-changing but not life-defining" burns sustained by her eight year old daughter last Halloween.

In a BBC TV interview, Claudia described the moment she realised that her daughter's Halloween costume had caught fire. She said:

"She went up, is the only way I know how to describe it. It was not like fire I had seen before. We couldn't put her out. Her tights had melted into her skin. It was the tights that... they came back to life. It was like those horrific birthday candles that you blow out and then they come back."

The costume which Matilda was wearing cost about £5 from a local supermarket, and Claudia says she hopes that speaking about her experience might help prevent similar accidents involving children and flammable fancy dress costumes.

Matilda has undergone several operations. Claudia says that her injuries were life-changing but not life-defining, and that Matilda is able to walk, run and jump.

However, she added:

"It was definitely life-changing for me. I can't remember life before it."

Claudia's interview is profoundly moving, and worth five minutes of your time. I'll be choosing Halloween costumes extremely carefully this year, on account of her experience.

BBC One's Watchdog programme is screening an investigation into the flammability of High Street costumes this evening, at 8pm.

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