Rock Music Lullabies For Babies @ Amazon

Rock Music Lullabies For Babies @ Amazon

Trying to find new baby presents that are a little bit different is hard work. Worry not, as we have found something so adorable that will please not only baby, but will amuse the parents too.

Rockabye Baby is lullaby renditions of everyone's favourite rock music. Okay, so some of it isn't strictly in the 'rock' genre but still pretty cool.

Amazon seem to be reasonable for both the CD's and MP3's:

You can see the full list of Rockabye Baby! Albums here*.

I want to buy them all, what a great change from the usual baby music. I reckon my husband would love these too and our youngest of course.


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  • Helen W.

    Enter the sandman in plinky glockenspiel music is creepy as!

    • Hayley M.

      Love my foo fighters one for my little boy x

      • Amyjayne W.

        We have Bonjovi and Metallica. They are brilliant :blush:

        • Bronagh S.

          Omg i wish these were out 7yrs ago!!

          • Hannah F.

            ... I'm just Gona through my money at it right now .. He needs the nirvana and the Metallica one ASAP :smirk: xx

            • Hannah F.

              Just found Foo Fighter, U2 and GnR :hugging:

              • Ciara F.

                We heard these on YouTube, they're all so cool

                • Bronagh S.

                  Apparently the Metallica one is great. Cian was born to Metallica :joy:

                  • Hannah F.

                    that's brilliant - teddy would always kick madly in the bump when we played Metallica!! Xx

                  • Abbi T.

                    I'm totally getting the Coldplay one!!! X

                    • David M.

                      We'll take two :heart_eyes:

                      • Danielle F.

                        Wow these are ace! X

                        • Alison W.

                          - they do a Beatles version!

                          • Hollie P.

                            We tried this, but he prefers the real deal :joy: I used to play these to him when he was just a bump. I listen to the Nirvana lullabies in the bath, it's so relaxing. I love their cover of heart shaped box. X

                            • Hayley R.

                              Anything is worth a try :see_no_evil:

                              • Carrie D.

                                Ooh I love xx

                                • Elaine H.

                                  We've got most of these! Saved our sanity, they are absolutely beautiful x

                                  • Kirsten M.

                                    they have a prince one!