Logo - What Am I Children's Board Game Review

For better or worse, brand recognition is a big part of Western consumer society, and our children are as much a part of that society as we are.

That's the thinking behind Logo – What Am I? (£24.99), a children's version of the adult Logo game that takes a more activity-based approach to brand identification aimed at children aged 8 and up.

The child-friendly version of Logo steers clear of direct questions making it easier for little ones and instead players have to draw or describe well-known products or brands to make their way along the game board.

There are three different board squares that correspond to the three different challenges on the 250 double-sided game cards. One side of the card has Draw and Describe challenges, which involve having to draw pictures of a number of well-known products or logos, or describe them without saying their names out loud, all within a set amount of time controlled by an egg timer.

The other side of the card, and the third type of board square, is the Guess challenge, in which players ask yes, no or maybe questions to try and discover the item pictured on the game card, again within the time limit.

One definite plus is that correct guesses or answers see both the player whose turn it is and those who get the answer right move forward, so there's always an incentive to do your best, and games can move quite quickly. On the flip side the fact that there are two winners is a bit 'nobody's a loser' for my liking. Nothing wrong with a fair competition in my book!

What isn't quite as convenient is the fact that cards are double-sided, so after a few times playing all players will inevitably see a lot of the products and logos they might come across next time unless special effort is made to keep the other side covered.

Other than that, Logo – What Am I? is a decent enough board game for adults and children of a certain age to enjoy together – if you're OK with effectively indoctrinating your kids with all the biggest brand names and their logos from an early age, that is.

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