Weight Watchers Hot Chocolate Drinks Review

It is cold. The nights are still long, and very dark. This is the hardest part of winter because it feels like it is going on forever, you'll never warm again, and there's no Christmas to look forward to.

This is when it is easy to comfort eat, and warm up with big mugs of frothy hot chocolate. And generally be tempted into lots of things that are simply going to put inches on your waist. Whether you're a mum or a dad.

It is probably with that in mind that Weight Watchers has launched a range of low calorie hot chocolate drinks in sachets. We received three flavours to try out. Read on to find out whether they're the answer to your winter prayers, or just another trick to get you to spend your cash.

We received three flavours, caramel, mint and hot chocolate. Sachets are sold in all the main supermarkets, with prices ranging from 29p a sachet at Tesco to 35p from Ocado (the online shopping service for Waitrose).

Each 11g sachet has 40 calories, or 1 Weight Watchers point. There's 3.7g of sugar in each, which is about three quarters of a teaspoon. The sweetener used in the drinks is sucralose, rather than aspartame (which is good if, like my other half, aspartame is a migraine trigger).

According to the directions you just add hot water. Well I prefer my hot chocolate made with hot milk but decided to follow the instructions for this review.

The powder took quite a bit of stirring to mix in. The drinks are very much at the sweet end of the spectrum. I have a sweet tooth, and even so found the caramel far, far too sweet.

I preferred the mint out of the three, which is a bit strange as I don't like mint as a flavour normally. Here though it works, a bit like Fry's Mint Cream chocolate. Hmmm now I'm feeling hungry.

The plain chocolate one was also too sweet for my palate, and I didn't think it was chocolatey enough. My son enjoyed it though. So good if your child loves really sweet things.

I wasn't thrilled with the aftertaste either. It sort of left a bit of a flavour in my mouth. I think I would like to try this with hot milk instead of hot water before writing off entirely.

There is sugar in this, which is disappointing as the diet I'm on (an anti-inflammatory diet) says no sugar at all. I think much of the sugar comes from other sources though like the added glucose.

Pros: only 40 calories, easy to make as just hot wate

Cons: very sweet, but then this could be a pro if you like drinks really sweet

Overall verdict: 5/10. Price wise very similar to other sachets, but the flavour just wasn't chocolatey enough for me.

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