Warburtons Brioche Review

Warburtons has added three new brioche products to its range. There's a chocolate chip brioche loaf, brioche swirls with creme patisserie, and brioche butter rolls. And they sent all three to me, yes to me, all to me mwah ha ha ha!

All right, as exciting as it was to get that much brioche in the post, I am afraid that processed flour and my digestive system have developed a few issues as I've got older. So as much as I wanted to just open it all, stick it in a big tub, and dive in face first, I resisted.

Instead I took them along to a PTA morning to try them out with the ladies who coffee, in between packing sweets for the fundraiser tuck shop, organise meeting dates, and all the other mind numbingly boring stuff we do to help support our kids (well actually it is also kind of fun too!).

Here's their verdicts.

Chocolate chip brioche loaf

I put this loaf out on a plate in the middle of the table, in front of several mothers who probably never got time to eat breakfast themselves. "These really should be toasted," Kara said as she helped herself. "It's a bit like eating a sort of bread version of candyfloss" she continued as she picked up a second slice. It took three slices for Chris to decide that really, the chocolate didn't taste that great. "It isn't really chocolatey", she said.

In fact the Warbutons Chocolate Chip Brioch Loaf (RRP £2.15) was the most heavily criticised of all three products on offer here. Another mum declared that the problem was that the loaf was just not filling.

And yet it was also the first of the three products to completely disappear. I am not saying it went in seconds, except that actually I am saying it went in seconds. Frankly, I wouldn't have wanted to have been the person who tried to get between the mums and the chocolate chip brioche loaf.

There are cheaper chocolate chip brioche loafs out there. I know I've seen some around for £1.29 or around that amount. However, you do get a fair sized loaf, and it was exceptionally soft, and buttery. It is a 400g loaf, and comes already sliced.

The good melt in your mouth delicious

The bad not particularly filling, and the chocolate was a bit cloying

Overall verdict 6/10

6 brioche swirls with creme patisserie

Now if any of the mums who are on my PTA are reading this, they're going to be say "what do you mean there are six of them?" Because in fact only a couple made it down to the meeting, and I really had to hold back from scoffing them too as I needed a second opinion.

The Warburtons Brioche Swirls (RRP £1.89) are individually wrapped, and are swirled with a delicious creme patisserie. Now this is the sort of thing I just love for breakfast, and don't normally allow myself (as otherwise I'd have a far wider waistline) but they are great for a treat. I think they're too soft and squidgy for lunch bags, but I love that they're individually wrapped so they keep fresher longer, and also handy for going on picnics. I'd throw these in the food box when we go camping for sure.

The good absolutely perfect way to start the day (in my opinion anyway), a good size, filling

The bad don't need to be individually wrapped

Overall verdict: 9/10 (you can tell these were my favourites right?)

8 brioche butter rolls

The Warburtons Brioche Butter Rolls (8 pack RRP £1.89) also come individually wrapped. These, I thought, would make really nice little snacks for lunch bags. So I tried them out first on my son. He's seven years old, loves bread especially rolls, and has a sweet tooth. I thought this would be a no brainer.

But I was wrong. He tried one but only got half way through. He just didn't like it. Talking to the other mums this morning I realised he wasn't along. In fact, most of the children belonging to themums (ages ranging from 10 to babies) actually didn't like brioche.

The rolls went down well though with the grown ups. These were buttery, but not such a strong butter flavour as the bread. One mum commented that they reminded her of croissants, but without all the flaky bits.

I think that sums them up the best. These are lovely, soft rolls with a firm texture when you eat them. You don't get the 'melt in your mouth' candyfloss effect of the chocolate chip loaf. However, I'm not so keen on the individual wrapping for these or the swirls. It seems like an unnecessary amount of plastic. But that could just be me.

The good a buttery, light snack, with a firm texture

The bad surprisingly the same price as the swirls, although you seem to get less

Overall verdict: 8/10

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