ViraSoothe Chicken Pox Cooling Gel Review

31 August 2013

My youngest child recently came down with the chicken pox - for the second time. I didn't even know you could contract chicken pox twice but evidently you can. And since calamine lotion, the tried-and-trusted chicken pox treatment, did next to nothing for either of my kids when they suffered from chicken pox in the past, I was determined to find a more effective way of soothing and cooling their skin.

I can't even remember who told me about ViraSoothe but it was definitely another mum who had found calamine lotion largely useless too. My kids hated having something so cold and sticky applied to already-uncomfortable skin, plus the medicinal smell and the piles of soggy cotton wool weren't exactly soothing, so I literally dropped everything and headed straight to the chemist when I heard about this new chicken pox cooling gel.

I bought a 50g tube for about £10 from my local independent pharmacy, but you can get it a 75g tube in Boots for £8.99. There's also a spray version that looks ideal for when skin is too sensitive to rub gel into, and I'm fairly sure you can ask your GP for a prescription, too.

I really found it to be the closest thing I know to a miracle cure for chicken pox. The gel really does seem to help cool the skin and relieve itching, and it lived up to the promises on the packaging to reduce scarring too.

I recommend trying this if you're struggling to soothe little ones during the itchy nightmare that is chicken pox, and if your kids have yet to suffer from chicken pox then I'd go so far as to say it's worth sticking a tube of this in the medicine cabinet for when the time comes.

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