Spend £40 At Aldi & Get £5 With Voucher From Daily Mirror

Spend £40 At Aldi & Get £5 With Voucher From Daily Mirror

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January is a tight month for us all! That's why it's worth a try doing your food shopping at Aldi. Buy the Daily Mirror newspaper on Thursday, which will cost you 50p and you will find a voucher for £5 off when you spend £40+ at Aldi. Just cut it out and hand it over when at the checkout. It's only in Thursday's paper so don't miss it!

I rate Aldi, and I do pick up bits and bobs in there. Their cold meats, cheeses and yogurts are especially good for the money. Each week they run special offers on five fruits and vegetables as well as on selected fresh meat items.

This week those special offers are:

  • British Lamb Neck Fillet £2.99 each
  • Whole British Pheasant £3.99 each
  • Slow Cooked Lamb shank £3.29 each
  • British Pork Mince £1.49 for 500g
  • British Beef Meatballs £1.49 each
  • British Pork Leg Joint £3.99 each

Fruit and Veg Offers:

  • Swede 59p each
  • Red Onions 59p a pack
  • Parsnips 59p a pack
  • Sweet Potatoes 59p a pack
  • Baking Potatoes 59p a pack
  • Chantenay Carrots 59p a pack

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