Russell Hobbs 15071 Three Tier Steamer £22.49 @ Amazon

5 July 2010

steamy I love steamed veg. They are soooo crispy and juicy. I even manage to eat broccoli if it has been steamed properly, it doesn’t taste quite so much like sweaty socks for some reason. This particular steamer is a beauty and has been marked down from £44.99 to a mere £22.49, a nice saving of £22.50.

The steamer has a classic white finish with a nine litre capacity so it can make a full dinner for everyone, easily. You can stick in the fish, the rice and the veg, leave it alone while you attend to the pile of toys/screaming child/potty emergency, and then come back to a healthy and yummy dinner.

The three layers are equipped with removable bases so you can steam larger items and stack for easy storage. You steamy2can see exactly how your water levels are doing with the transparent water gauge and the wide water inlet makes topping it up mid-steam very simple.

The timer can be set for up to 75 minutes and the brand, Russell Hobbs, is known for delivery good quality products. Oh, and delivery is free!

Thanks to Mike T at HUKD!

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