Homedics Nursery Sound Spa Picture Projector £19.99 @ Consumer Electricals Ebay Outlet

The Homedics Nursery Sound Spa Picture Projector is on offer at the Consumer Electricals Ebay Outlet store for £19.99 with free express delivery.  The same thing is £47.99 at Amazon and £44.32 excluding delivery at Electrics Warehouse, so it seems to be a pretty good deal.

Watching my two year old, I find myself rather terrified at the prospect of throwing a newborn into the equation and can’t help but feel a little apprehensive about what’s to come.  I just find it hard to believe that we’re back to thinking about playmats, newborn nappies and so on! I had a moving projector for my daughter, and she loved it, so I’m really liking the look of this all singing, all dancing nursery projector.

The Homedics Picture Projector has six soothing sounds as it plays Twinkle Twinkle, Rock-A-Bye-Baby, Cradle Song, Rain, Ocean, and Heartbeat sounds, which have been brought together to create a relaxing soundtrack to lull your little one off to dream land.

It has a rotating picture projector which includes three image discs of fish, stars, and animals that tilt and gently rotate through the projector’s adjustable angle onto walls or ceilings.

Auto-Off Timer Timer allows you to set the mobile for intervals of 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes and you can choose from sounds, projection, or a combination of both allowing you flexibility in the mood and the environment you want to create for your baby each night.

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  • flyingirl
    We bought this after reading your reviews on the item back when our little boy was born. It has been going strong for nearly 2 years now and is properly part of his bedtime routine. He asks to put on his music and lights now before he goes into his cotbed. He can sleep without it when we go away but I get less fuss at bedtime at home with this. I have days when the machine has been manhandled by him where I think "cheap piece of crap" as the music mechanism seems to be a bit tempremental now. But if you only ever switch and on and off without touching the main body of the item, it works fine. We only ever use 2 of the lullabys now but thinking back to when he was younger and struggling to settle, the heartbeat and water sounds were a GODSEND. I know there are some Fisher Price alternatives on the market which attach onto the cot but I am not sure that I want him to have full access to the projector (it is out of his reach once he is in his cot). Also I am not sure that alternatives offer the heartbeat sound or just music.

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