French Couple Banned From Calling Their Baby 'Nutella' !

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It's been reported today that a judge in France has banned a couple from naming their baby daughter Nutella, with his reasoning being that it is "the trade name of a spread". That seems completely reasonable to most of us I would think, and it's got lots of people talking about banned names.

Baby names are a very personal subject, and I am not going to be all Katie Hopkins about it and start criticising anyone's choices, but here are some of the names that have been banned in other countries. I make no comment about the parents who wanted to use these names, and as I have no idea whether you can use them in the UK, please don't consider them as suggestions either!

On New Zealand's banned list of baby names is Queen Victoria, Lucifer and Mafia No Fear. A couple was going to call their child Anal and luckily for the little one that was vetoed. There was a girl who got to age 9 with the name Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii before the parents were made to change it.

For some reason you can't use the name Tom in Portugal, and there are 2 people in Venezuela called Superman!

And if you have a baby in Mexico don't even think of calling them Robocop, Terminator, Burger King, or Virgin as they have all been banned. As has Scrotum.

You can read the whole article from Sky News here.

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