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If you are starting a healthy eating effort along with your family this January then the government funded national campaign Change 4 Life is there to provide free support.

Although it is not a new scheme it launches fresh initiatives every so often, and the new one is based on the idea of Sugar Swaps. The idea is that by making small easy changes to one aspect of your diet or lifelstyle at a time, along with the family as a whole, means the change is easier and is made more fun.

You also get a free pack when you sign up to Sugar Swaps which contains a guide to eating less sugar, a shopping pad, swap cards and stickers. You also get money off vouchers, and weekly emails with support, tips and fun ideas.

Some major supermarkets also support the Change 4 Life initiative and run their own promotions in conjunction with it. Aldi have launched a Free Change 4 Life Lunch Box App to make healthy lunch choices through a fun shopping and meal planning app for the family.

When the children start their new term next week the Change 4 Life Sugar Swap scheme is likely to be promoted in schools too, so they may well bring a pack or leaflets home in their schoolbags.

If lowering your sugar intake is one of the goals you have set for yourself or the family then there is plenty of help and support available to help at Change 4 Life, as well as advice and ideas for making other changes towards a healthier lifestyle.

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