FREE Cadbury's Creme Egg Tray Bake Recipe

creme egg tray bake pm

We've all been talking about how Cadbury have changed the recipe of Creme Eggs, and changed the pack size from 6 down to 5.

To try and cheer ourselves up here's a recipe that requires 5 Creme Eggs AND you get to smash them up for the topping, so you can get rid of some anger by whacking them with a rolling pin. ;)

It does give nutritional information for the recipe, but it's probably best not to even glance at that bit. The recipe also says that it serves 20. Yeah, right.

The best price for Creme Eggs* right now is Tesco where a box of 5 (boo!) costs £1.60.

If they still sold a box of 6 you could smash up 5 and eat the spare.... :(

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