The FitFlop Challenge Weekend

FitFlop-diagramSo, the weekend was all about adding to the inch losses I had last week. I wanted MORE! Sadly, my mission was somewhat hampered by the huge bag of chocolates lurking in my lounge. I was torn between eating it or giving it to unsuspecting strangers as they walked past my house. I wish I could tell you I did the latter...

Friday was a day of extreme walking with me toting my tot up and down steep hills and across beaches the entire day. I wore those FitFlops from dawn til dusk and I worked them! By the time I got home on Friday night, I was shattered and stiff.  Saturday morning was the first morning where I woke up with aching muscles. My legs and bum had been FitFlopped into submission and back again on Friday.

Saturday was a little more laid back. It was a day of working at home so I spent most of it sitting behind my desk. I did, however, wear my FitFlops up and down the stairs to my office as compensation. It's at this point I need to interject about one down side of the shoes. On Friday evening as we staggered home I was really staggering. The band on the right FitFlop had bruised my foot to the extent that it was even painful on Saturday.

I was faintly worried about being able to continue the challenge in this much pain.

fittySunday was a bit more active again. I took my daughter to the beach for breakfast, a treat that never gets old. We tiptoed out the house so hubby could sleep in, bought fresh coffee (for me) and a bun (for her) and sat on the beach to watch the waves and the world go by. It was amazing. So Sunday was about hiking to the park, the beach, around town and back again. Of course, we also hunted tigers but that's another post...

I also have to say a big thank you to Fitness Footwear, who gave me my yummy chocolate leather FitFlops for the challenge.

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  • Nixi
    I can't wear flip flops of anykind, so instead of fitflops I've got mbt's - I think they are fab, I wear them all the while.....extra leg work out without extra effort !!

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