The FitFlop Challenge Finale

6 August 2010

fitflopThis is it! I have completed the challenge. I’ve worn the same pair of shoes for two weeks (a minor miracle for shoe-loving me) and I’ve walked everywhere I can think of. Have the FitFlops worked? Are they worth the price of £39.95? Well, the jury is now out.

The measurements:

Thighs: 21 inches  - a total loss of one inch

Calves: 14.5  inches  - a total gain of a half inch.

Hips: 37 inches – a total loss of one inch 

It appears that the FitFlops work if you use them in conjunction with a lot of extra walking. I did a bit more than my usual amount of walking, choosing to walk on the escalators rather than stand on the right, and to climb up stairs instead of using the lifts. 

They were very comfortable to wear overall, although they were somewhat stiff at first. This stiffness did cause my feet some pain for the first few days but soon that eased off as they got used to shoes. However, I had quite a few problems with the right shoe pinching a nerve on the top of my foot. The straps cut into the bony bit and after a long day I was almost always in pain. 

This is not necessarily a flaw in the shoe; it could be that these were just not quite right for my feet, as many people have told me that they find their FitFlops extremely comfortable. 

Now that I’ve tried these shoes out and seen the difference they’ve made in my inches I think that, if I could find a more comfortable pair, I would be happy to spend that amount of money on them. Cheaper than a gym and delivering proven results they are worth every penny if you’re prepared to use them exclusively when you walk around. 

fitflops2Of course, this may not be an ideal solution for a shoe lover but something worth considering if you want to walk every day for an hour as a part of an exercise regime, or use them when you pick the kids up from school. 

And a final thank you to Fitness Footwear, who gave me my yummy chocolate leather FitFlops for the challenge.

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  • kelly
    glad to hear they work, ive been debating whether to save up for a pair.
  • Me
    So this article conclusively proves that if you walk around a lot more, you can lose inches off your legs and hips. Who knew? The next highly scientific PlayPennies investigation will be eagerly awaited. I'm just not sure whether it will be 'does putting ten spoonfuls of sugar in your tea make you gain weight?' (in association with Nutrasweet) or 'is giving your baby metal cutlery a bad idea?' (in association with the new Boots plastic baby cutlery range)...

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