FitFlop Challenge Day 3

29 July 2010

sub2I ached today, ooooh yes I ached. Not a lot, not as if I'd done ten rounds with Mike Tyson, but enough to make me totter a little as I made my way to the station in my FitFlops. Plasters adorned both feet to prevent the current holes in skin from getting any bigger, and I was armed with my camera to take some shots of the lovely underground, just for you!

I must admit that I am starting to feel more of a burn as I progress through the challenge. The FitFlops are on my feet from 7am to 8pm every day, all day. I'm positive my bum looks tighter and leaner, and I am hoping that's not wishful thinking. Ha! Well, measuring day is on Friday so we'll soon know which one it is.

The FitFlops are also becoming more comfortable each day. From feeling a little clunky and stiff last week, to now molding nicely to my feet. While I do have some rubbed spots on the top of my feet (as per the plasters), the rest of the foot doesn't even realise its in shoes. A vast difference from my usual footwear that I used to travel to London in. I don't suffer from sticky foot syndrome, which is very nice.

subI really do hope that these FitFlops rise to the challenge and get me those leaner, longer legs that they promise. Because they look good, feel good, and frankly, if they make me look like a babe at the same time, then they are the dream shoes. Today the photos I took were my version of "subway action shots". I was forced to detour via Westminster because the Victoria line had ground to a halt and I was really impressed with how nice it was.

Thank you to Fitness Footwear, who gave me my yummy chocolate leather FitFlops for the challenge!

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  • GateGipsy
    I'd never heard of these before, now I am seeing women wearing them where ever I look. I'm guessing they must be really comfortable too.
  • Sarah K.
    Forget 'What Katie did next'or the next chapter in Peter Andre's life because...who cares? I do, however, look forward to each early morning installment of the Fit Flop Challenge - fingers crossed for the grand week one measuring tomorrow :)

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