The FitFlop Challenge Day 2

28 July 2010

flipfloptubeOh my, and what a day it was. The temperature was high, the air was still, and I had to hike my flabby bum across the UK in my shiny new FitFlops. My lazy side was glaring at me the entire time. Although, to be fair, the rest of me was very excited and grateful that it wasn’t raining.

Can you imagine me squeaking across the train station in wet shoes? Soggy feet on the freezing cold train? What’s up with that anyway? Finally the weather is deliciously warm and summery, so the train people decide to whack up the aircon so by the time I arrived at London Victoria my feet had hypothermia.

The shoes are very comfy, although the straps on the right foot seem to catch a nerve every now and then that sends a jolt of pins and needles into my toes. It took a bit of practising to get the foot used to how unbendy the base is and stop twanging my nerves.

I also have very raw feet on the top. The skin has been rubbed quite a bit. I’m going to have to apply plasters tomorrow, otherwise I’ll have broken toes by Friday! I am hoping that this is just the leather getting to know me and not a pair of Hungry Shoes.

You know, you get those shoes that, once they’ve tasted blood, keep wanting more?

Anyway, I walked up and down every escalator. I walked up and down every platform. And I walked with purpose and speed. I am feeling a little stiff already this evening and am hoping that I’m not going to end up walking like a terrifying robot flipflopt2tomorrow because I can’t bend my legs!

The pic on the right, by the way, was a sign on the tube that made me laugh like mad this morning. Not sure why Danger of Death is so funny, but there you have it.

Three more days to measurement day! Eeek!

Thank you to Fitness Footwear, who gave me my yummy chocolate leather FitFlops for the challenge!

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