The FitFlop Challenge Day One

27 July 2010

mailI’m sorry about the randomness of the name (Day One) but I figured that now I’ve introduced the challenge it’s probably easier to move forward in numerical order. Over the weekend I got my FitFlops sorted out and started wearing them wherever I went.

On Friday I really did feel some burn. I was running pretty much ragged preparing everything for my daughter’s birthday party so the shoes got a lot of wear. Also, thanks to the Orange Juice Incident of 2010, I discovered that they are easy to wipe clean, don’t stain, and are waterproof. This is good news. Not so much the clothes my daughter was wearing, or my lovely jumper though...

The FitFlops are alright in terms of comfort. I must admit that the design does put a lot of strain across the front of my foot. The straps tend to cut into my foot a bit when I’m walking because the shoes don’t bend at the base as easily as a normal pair of flops might do.

Initially this was a little distracting and uncomfortable, but as the leather began to mold to my feet, the shoes became increasingly comfortable to wear.

At the end of the day on Friday I felt some pain in my calves and knees, and on Saturday morning I was faintly stiff. Not as stiff as I’d expected, if I am honest, but there was definitely something there.

IMAG0070I ate a load of cake at the birthday party (I bought too much) so these poor shoes have a lot of work to do! Today I am finally getting to take them on the Big Commute across London which, I think, is going to be the true test of their comfort and their fitness promise.

Check in tomorrow to find out if these make the commute worthwhile!

I also have to say a big thank you to Fitness Footwear, who gave me my yummy chocolate leather FitFlops for the challenge.

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