Dove VisibleCare Softening Review

14 July 2010


One minute I was 25 and the next I am starting to see the dreaded 40 approach with alarming speed. Where did the time go? My skin is now (sadly) starting to show the dramas of the years and it was with great joy that I got a bottle of Dove VisibleCare Softening crème bodywash.

This stuff has been tested and checked by real women and experts in skincare and in the biggest ever bodywash trial, they had 8 out of 10 women saying that they could see a difference in their skin. And I have to agree.

I have very sensitive skin which really suffered when I lived in Bath. The hard water made my eczema flare up and my skin got dry, no matter how much moisturiser I applied. Now we live by the sea, my skin has undergone something of a transformation and, now that I use this stuff, it looks even better.

I know I sound like a beauty advert but this Dove VisibleCare body wash really works. It also poofs up nicely on my bath sponge. You have to be careful when you first start using it, though, when the bottle is full it tends to pour out and you get more than you need. Also, the bottle still feels heavy and full when there is barely anything left.

That’s quite annoying, actually, because I ran out without realising I needed supplies. Still, my skin did feel softer and my husband, completely unprompted, said, “Wow, your skin looks so much better since we’ve moved here.” I didn’t tell him that product helped...

I also have really damaged skin around my neck from when I lived in Africa and never applied sunblock. As a child I was crap at that. And this Dove VisibleCare Softening body wash has reduced the redness visibly. Which is nice, because I have a small complex about this area of my body.

So, there you go, I loved it. It's cheap, it lasts a month, and it works. They guarantee results in seven days but I didn’t count. Have you tried this out? Please let me know which woman you are – are you the two out of ten who saw no difference or, like me, are you one of those who loved it to death?

P.S. I also love their natural beauty campaign. It's about time companies stopped throwing stick insects at us in ad campaigns.

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