Better You DLux Vitamin D Supplement Oral Spray Review

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Now don't quote me on this, but I've heard that if you stripped naked and stood outside all day every day in Ireland (where I live)  you'd still not catch enough rays to to create the amount of Vitamin D that your body needs.

I'm not about to try that and I don't recommend it, so thank goodness for Better You's DLux Vitamin D3 spray.

Our bodies make Vitamin D by synthesising ultraviolet light from the sun, but if you don't have enough exposure to the right kind of sunlight you simply won't have enough for optimum health, and you could develop a range of related health conditions as a result. Ireland has one of the highest rates of Vitamin D deficiency in the world.

I got the DLux 3000 spray (which is basically a super boost of the vitamin, at 1500% of the EU Recommended Daily Allowance) for £7.96 direct from Better You and it contains about 1000 sprays which works out at a fairly reasonable price per spray!

There's also a children's dosage of DLux 400 which costs £6.25.

I love these sprays because you don't have to faff around metering out pills or persuading kids to swallow gigantic tablets. You just squirt the spray into your mouth and that's it. Easy.

It tastes like a mild peppermint flavour and it's small enough to shove in your handbag so you squirt it in your kid's mouths as you're saying your goodbyes at the school gates. You might get a few weird looks, I suppose but hey, you can't put a price on your kids' health!

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