Carex Strawberry Laces Hand Wash Review

16 November 2013


I have discovered the secret of getting children to wash their hands properly.

Nope, it's not an elaborate and dastardly plan of bribery.

It's hand soap that smells just like sweeties.

The people at Carex have come up with strawberry laces flavoured hand soap (£1.80 at Tesco) and I have to tell you - it's one of the cleverest inventions ever.

No more do I have to nag and nag my kids to wash their hands - in fact, they can't think up enough excuses to go and wash their hands now that they get to use this gorgeous smelly stuff!

It's not just a gimmick either - it's a genuine hand soap with all the important ingredients that you'd expect from Carex. It still kills 99.9% of bacteria and it has moisturising properties. But it smells e-x-a-c-t-l-y like a delicious bag of strawberry laces. Even I've had to have a word with myself about the number of times I feel drawn to going to wash my hands.

The only problem is that, unsurprisingly, we seem to go through rather more of this handsoap that we do other more boring varieties!

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