Body Sculpture Upper Body Workout Bar £9.99 @ Amazon

Body Sculpture Upper Body Workout Bar £9.99 @ Amazon

barI'm a bit of a gym bunny when I'm not in the PlayPennies office - I have one of these Body Sculpture Upper Body workout bars and it is one of my most FAVOURITE things!

I bought mine from Amazon too and if I worked out how much it cost me against the amount of use it gets, it would be the bargain of the century.

If you've got a man in the house who's in to this sort of thing then it's going to make for a big stocking filler for very little cash - it's £9.99 at the moment, it should be £25.00.

But girls, WAIT! Don't run away!

This isn't just a man thing! There's no reason why you shouldn't have one for yourself - think about all the lifting that you do every day; kids in and out of cars, in and out of trolleys, all the shopping bags and everything else we do.

Hook one of these babies across the door frame and a few pull-ups every day will see you super strong with arms and shoulders to die for! Trust me...I know *grin*

Thanks to sharkalos over at HUKD!


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