Aldi Special Buys Mother & Baby Starts Tomorrow!

17 September 2014

Aldi Specialbuys We gave you a heads up a few weeks ago about Aldi launching a new maternity and baby & toddler range which hits stores on the 18th of September - that's tomorrow! This coincides nicely with the start of the Aldi Baby & Toddler event starting too.

There are some fabulous offers from Aldi tomorrow!

There are maternity leggings for £6.99, fashion tops for £9.99 and dresses for £11.99. There will also be baby sleep suits in a three pack for £3.99, toddler canvas boots and shoes for £4.49 and baby jeans for £3.99. There's a baby changing bag for Baby Changing Bag, and Jumbo nappy boxes for £6.99.

If you're looking at potty training, there are potty training seats, steps and stools for £4.99, and big ticket items like a Hauck pushchair for £22.99 and a Mamia high chair for £29.99 and a Graco Child Car seat for £19.99.

Hooded towels or cellular blankets are £2.99 and infant tights are £1.99 for two packs.

Aldi has increased in popularity over the last few years, and whenever they have a "Special Event" on, people flock in and the stock disappears super quickly, so if you're interested in either the maternity or the baby and toddler ranges, get yourself down there first thing tomorrow.

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