Baby-Led Weaning Or Old-School Spoon-Fed Purees?

Baby led weaning or spoon feeding

If you're about to start weaning your baby, you're bound to have given quite a bit of thought to how best to go about it. Back when my first-born was about to chow down on some real food for the first time, baby-led weaning wasn't really a 'thing' so we went the spoon-feeding route, gradually introducing foods in practically liquid form, and later moving onto coarser textures.

By the time I was at the weaning stage with baby number two, I felt so confident about having weaned my first baby via the 'traditional' puree / spoon-feeding route, that I just wanted to repeat what I had learned, without having to get to grips with a whole new method of introducing solid foods to babies.

And then, much more recently, when my little girl was ready to start eating solids, I pretty much just threw edible items at her on a fairly regular basis and hoped for the best. (That's kind of what having three kids does to you.)

So I was quite surprised to read today that 64% of parents are opting for a ‘best of both’ approach when weaning their little ones, combining elements of the more traditional spoon-fed approach to starting solids with the growing trend for baby-led weaning methods.

Vital Baby, the brand who commissioned the survey said:

"With conflicting advice on which weaning method to use and constant questions raised on which is best for children, it is no surprise that families are now developing their own weaning plans and personalising them to their own family life."

Less surprising to me was the fact that 85% of parents said they use homemade foods during weaning, as opposed to shop bought and pre-packaged weaning foods.

Dr Rana Conway, Vital Baby’s in-house weaning expert said:

“It is interesting to see that instead of opting for just one weaning method, an increasing number of families are combining both spoon-feeding and baby-led weaning for their little ones. It is great to see that more and more parents have the confidence to create their own weaning plans based on existing guidelines and advice. Both spoon-feeding and baby-led weaning methods have their benefits and advantages, but for families it is a very personal decision. It makes perfect sense to take elements of each and do what suits their family life best.”

So - which method most appeals to you? We'd love to hear. And if you have a favourite weaning recipe then come and share it over on our Facebook page!

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