Asda Little Angels Organic Baby Food Review

26 March 2011


In Asda's Little Angels range of baby products, they sell packets of organic ready-to-eat baby food. I got 3 flavours to try out with my little girl, she's 10 months old. It's the stage 3 food, which is suitable for 10 to 12 months. Here's what I tried:

  • Chicken and Mango Curry
  • Cottage Pie
  • Tomato and vegetable pasta

I just gave her the food as normal at dinner time and I tasted them all myself too, for testing purposes.

Chicken and Mango Curry

As baby is only 10 months old, I've never given her any curry type products yet, as I have been making most of her baby food myself with fresh vegetables and meat. I was a bit worried as to what she was going to make of her first curry!

It is a rich sweet curry, with a nice texture for baby. It was quite smooth, not a lot of large lumps in it.

I liked this flavour a lot, and so did baby. She could not eat the curry fast enough! I was very surprised at her reaction, and I even had to decant some more of the food and keep on feeding, as baby started to cry when she had finished the small portion.

This product led to a conversation in my house about what babies in India and Asia eat when they're weaning. They must move straight on to spice-rich dishes like curries, rather than just the veg, meat and potatoes that we tend to wean with here. I'll be researching which curries will be good for my baby, when I am having one as a main meal.

The chicken and mango curry was such a hit with baby that I will be buying it again.

Tomato and vegetable pasta

I was a bit worried about trying this one. I've tried fresh chopped pasta and sauce with baby a few times, and she has never been enamoured. The first time I tried pasta, she was even gagging on it, and I had to stop feeding. So that led to a bit of apprehension when I opened that pack and saw the tiny bits of pasta. But I needn't have worried, it was chopped quite fine and the sauce was tasty, and baby enjoyed it a lot. There were a few larger lumps of carrot through the mix, but they were quite soft and easily palatable for baby. You can see a pic of the tomato pasta in the bowl, the photo is at the bottom of this review.

The flavour was quite herby, quite strong, but she liked it. I will be adding this flavour to my shopping list in the future.

Cottage Pie

The Cottage Pie was the last food that we tried, out of the above 3. This was by far the lumpiest of the 3 flavours, with full-size peas and soft cubes of potatoes through the mix. I was quite concerned about that as it is probably the lumpiest food I have ever given her. She managed fine though, there were no problems at all.

Flavour-wise, I did not love this particular taste. The cottage pie had quite a processed smell and taste, and I don't think I would buy this one again.


One thing I really detest about shop-bought baby food is the potential for stainage on light coloured bibs. As I've been feeding baby with homemade food, I've never really had a huge problem with stains (except for persistent banana stains)! On seeing the colour of the Asda baby curry and the tomato pasta, the potential for stainage immediately entered my mind.

I dropped a bit of each on the white bibs, accidentally of course. Straight after feeding time was finished, I immediately hand-rinsed the worst of the stains, and left it to go in the wash. After washing, the curry bib in particular still had noticeable stains. I have a few bibs made from a darker material, so I will be using those when I next try the orange coloured baby foods.


One annoying thing about the Asda Little Angels organic baby food range is the packaging. They come in sachets, which you have to cut the top off with scissors, and they are not re-sealable. There is 190g of food per portion, and my little one wouldn't eat as much as that in one sitting. This means I have to decant the remainder of the food into another dish, to store in the fridge.

I am comparing this to the likes of the Ella's Kitchen range of baby food which is quite similar, but they come in a pack with a little squeezy spout at the top. That means you can simply put the lid back on and pop it in the fridge - not so easy with some of the Asda products. Though, on looking on the Asda website, I see that some other flavours in the range have the squeezy tops, so it must depend on which flavour you choose.


At the time of writing, the cost of a 190g baby food pack is £1.34 on Asda's website. To compare that with the similar packages from Ella's kitchen, they're coming in at around £1.61. So I do think that the Asda Little Angels baby food is a good price.


All in all, I think the Asda Little Angels organic baby food range is well priced, very tasty for baby, with good flavours and variety. I will definitely be buying some of it again in the future.



  • Amy
    Regarding babies in Asia, from my experience and a lot of families i know in asia, babies tend to start with rice powder or plain rice cooked to porridge texture (very smooth). or have things like sweet potato cooked like this. gradually vegetables and meat are added, without spices or anything which can often give babies/young children funny tummies. Obviously varies from country to country but this is from my experience with people i know
  • Emma K.
    Thanks Amy :)

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