Would You Pay £2.50 For Cauliflower 'Steak'?

Would You Pay £2.50 For Cauliflower 'Steak'?

*EDITED TO ADD* Marks and Spencer has now ditched its cauliflower steak, according to BBC News: Marks and Spencer says it will stop selling its "cauliflower steak" after shoppers mocked the product. An M&S spokeswoman said: "We work hard to create quick and convenient meals for customers; however on this occasion we didn't get it right."

Have you seen the 'cauliflower steak' you can now buy at Marks and Spencer?

The Daily Mail reports:

The 'steak' which is just a sliced cauliflower is double the usual price of the vegetable. The product is sold as part of the store's vegetarian range and comes with a sachet of lemon and herb drizzle for £2.

The questionable cauli hit the headlines after a shopper took to Twitter to voice her dismay at finding the overpriced veggie in her local branch of M&S, writing:

‘Marks and Spencer stores are selling sliced cauliflower as ‘Cauliflower Steak’ with lots of lovely plastic and charging £2 (normally £2.50). A cauliflower costs about 69p from a local veg shop.’

I had to laugh at this. I've found myself paying over the odds for 'cauliflower rice' from my local supermarket before now but at a quid for a bag, I can almost justify it on account of the fact that it's no more expensive than the store's whole cauliflower. But I'd draw the line at this, not least because there is no way on earth that calling it steak is going to make a cauliflower more appetising.

But this trend for repackaging food and trying to palm it off on shoppers as a thing is getting silly now, isn't it? My parents have their own in-joke about this – they never order anything served with a 'jus' in a restaurant because they resent the thought of shelling out extra for what's essentially just exotically-named gravy.

What about you? Do you get irked by supermarkets charging over the odds for over-processed and over-packaged food like this?


  • Jayne G.

    No I wouldn’t you can pick a cauliflower up cheap enough and make your own!!!!

  • Michelle M.

    Seen it in m&s and no I didn't buy it lol

  • Michelle M.

    It was literally 2 slices of cauliflower lol

  • Rachelle L.

    No! do your own and use the remainder of the cauli for other things!

  • Lucy K.

    All that extra plastic packaging? No thanks... just get a whole cauliflower - cheaper and better for the environment surely xx

  • Adele C.

    Tesco's sell the exact same thing for the same price!!

  • Sally J.

    yeah! it’s ridiculous eh!

  • Christine J.

    haha it's on offer this week only £2 a slice :joy::wink:

  • Natalie M.

    Sad part is stupid people pay it x

  • Kathryn L.

    Hahahaha Stephen told me about this! I was fuming and thought Criticise the idiots who buy it not marks and spencer!! I'd slap em across the chops with a real steak! And for the record I dont like cauli! ! X

  • Zoe-ann A.

    well m & s would be charging more that 69p for a caulie anyway.

  • Lindsay R.

    when I said we were having steak :joy:

  • Claire D.

    Ooh is that a thing now ?

  • Carla S.

    I bet if you ate cauliflower you would though :laughing: unless it’s covered in white sauce and cheese I don’t want to know! X

  • Sarah M.

    Saw mushroom mince in Sainburys - literally chopped up mushrooms

  • Lorna J.

    No i would NOT Pay this Ridiculous Price...

  • Lorna J.

    It is a Cauliflower. Big it maybe..STILL Just a cauliflower.....

  • Lindsey A.

    £2.50 for just a cauliflower... I can buy 3 lots of veg from lidi and still get change!!

  • Alan F.

    Its a thick slice of vegetable. At least robim hood wore a mask...i think.

  • Cordelia L.

    Ok, so, it may be that you have to purchase pre cut veg due to problems with mobility in hands etc. Or any other reason - but seriously £1.50 over the average price for not even a whole cauliflower- if your gonna do this at least charge a realistic price which would be more I guess in the range of 70p allowing for cutting and pre packing and for that price I would expect the slice to from a extra large cauliflower

  • Pat M.

    Disgusting! fools, are easily parted with there money.

  • Sam C.

    Depends. How much are farmers getting out of that?

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