Would You Hire The Potty Whisperer?

Would You Hire The Potty Whisperer?

Would you pay someone else to potty train your tot?

More to the point, would you be willing to pay up to £2,000 for a stranger to move into your home and help solve your child's potty training troubles?

I guess your answer will be dependent on just how close you are to your wits' end with potty training. I've written previously about my own experience of when potty training goes badly so I don't mind admitting that I'd have considered a 'potty whisperer' if such a thing had existed when I was in the throes of my own throne-room crisis.

Amanda Jenner created My Carry Potty – I've got one, and it's nothing short of brilliant – and then went on to found her own potty training academy.

According to the Daily Mail, the potty training academy's programme entails Amanda moving into your home for up to five nights but if you want to avail of her services you'll have to join her year-long waiting list.

Well I think it's a brilliant idea and I'm only surprised no-one else had thought of this sooner.

But what's your view? Would you hire the potty whisperer? Leave us a comment below or join the discussion over on our Facebook page.


  • Elaine M.

    No I wouldn't !! You have the child, you should do the parent things !! X

  • Nat M.

    No it was easy. The easiest part of parenthood so far.

  • Kathryn S.


  • Jenny R.


  • Gill J.

    No and I've 4..Each different..Youngest with autism and I still wouldn't have any one else do it. He was 4 when he came out of nappies in the day. Stands up to use the loo..He did it himself which proves when a child is ready they will do it themselves.

  • Amy M.

    £2000 sounds like a bargain to me!!

  • Frances W.


  • Lisa L.

    No. Ridiculous. You have the kids, you deal with the kids. All of it!

  • Kate C.

    Definitely not - the best advice I had was to wait until your child is ready. Every child is totally different, there is no rush and it is relatively pain free if your child is ready. Some things should be done by a Mummy or Daddy.

    • Laura C.

      I have a two year old girl and everyone keeps telling me to wait until she is ready. How do you know when they are ready???

    • Janet H.

      I should add that my boy is only just trained at 3. They are all different!!

  • Sarah G.

    Children achieve this when they are ready. Hiring somebody suggests it is happening on somebody else's timetable eg parents or a nursery. For some children this might work but for others it would incredibly stressful.

  • Arlene R.

    I sure would, but I don't have the money so I had to do it myself. By far the worst part of having a child.

  • Maria B.

    I understand why people do it. My daughter was really good when she was potty trained cus I combined it with toilet training at the same time. She was 2 when she picked it up. Brilliant

  • Marlena B.

    No, as simple as that. I'm a parent for a reason x

  • Tracey D.

    for sure 100%

  • Janet H.

    No but I wouldn't mind hiring someone to do the laundry for the duration!

  • Lisa K.

    Anyone that would invite someone into their home that they dont know to do something so personal with their child is jusf weriod. Feel free to comment negativly back because I really couldnt careless.

    • Katrina M.

      I would purely for advice. Never to sit in the loo on their own with my children.

  • Ceri M.


  • Victoria T.

    No. Even if I had £1 or £1000000 in bank!! It's called being a parent.

  • Leanne K.

    I've found myself the perfect job! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Karen G.

    No way. Wait till they are ready and it's a walk in the park! 3 kids 15,11 & 5 (so all long out of nappies) could count their combined accidents on one hand.

  • Andrea B.

    No chance bin the potty and get a soft toilet seat for kids that's the best way

  • Ang M.

    No way it's easy, just wait til your child is ready then it just happens I've had 3 and all clean and dry by 3. Too many parents try to force their child but every child is different.

  • Toni C.

    If can't do it yourself don't have kids it's the part about being parents with new challengers

  • Cheryl L.

    No its part and parcel of having kids, I didnt have them to palm them and bringing them up to others thats my job as a parent. And no its not been easy! Aka single mum to twin boys both who have had ops twice on their boys bits all under the age of 4

  • Natalie S.

    Absolutely! #thepainisreal!

  • Ellie R.

    No my eldest did it in 3 days but my youngest took 4 attempts and is only just dry at 3 and a half, I was at my wits end but to hand it over to someone else would just have felt wrong I seems a shame people have children and then leave the important stuff to someone else.

  • Leanne D.

    Haha no ! How lazy ! It's your child, you parent. It's not even hard anyway !? My 2 smashed it :raised_hands_tone2:

  • Jo W.

    My son it took a couple of attempts my daughter was so stubborn and freaked at the mention of a potty. I waited until the school holidays with her she was 3 yrs 3 months, it took a couple of days and we did day and night at the same time. There is a lot of pressure to do it very young but waiting until they are ready does make it a lot easier

  • Louise M.

    This would be class lol

  • Lisa K.

    I never waited until my kids where ready, I did it when I wanted too, they where both fine did them no harm physically or emotionally, they were both do much happier once they were in pants not nappies.

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