Waiting For A School Letter?

Waiting For A School Letter?

If you're waiting to find out whether your child has got into the primary school of your choice, you'll be all too aware that this is a big week – reesults letters are due to go out on Monday, April 16.

According to The Sun, some of us have gone to extraordinary lengths in order to get our child into the school of our choice. The paper reports:

Some 18 per cent of mums and dads confessed they would splash out extra either buying or renting a house in order to be in the right area for a school.

And a further four per cent would attend a church or other religious establishment, when they wouldn’t normally, to try and get their child a school place.

If you don't get the news you've been hoping for, here's what you can do next:

1. Accept the place
Don't make the mistake of not accepting the place you're offered. If you don't accept it, you could end up with no school place for your child. Accepting the place won't harm your chances in the appeals process and you can still appeal and / or join the waiting list for another school.

2. Join a waiting list
Contact the school you'd prefer your child to attend and ask to join the waiting list. In some areas, you may have been automatically placed on the waiting list if you weren't offered a place at the school of your choice. You can check your council website to find out which schools have places.

3. Appeal
If you think a mistake has been made, such as the decision wasn't reasonable or due process hasn't been followed, you can appeal against a school's decision to not offer your child a place. Visit your local council website for more details on how to appeal.

4. Don't panic
It might seem like the end of the world but some children do gain places at the school of their choice via the appeals process, so don't assume the worst.


  • Laura B.

    A letter!! I am expecting an email!!! :joy::joy:

  • Dawn B.

    Already had our email tonight :blush:

  • Natasha O.

    Does any one know what time we will get it x

    • Charlotte F.

      Don't wait for the email, log on to your application and it will tell you. The year my daughter started we had logged on at 8:30am and found out and our email didn't come through until 9pm.

    • Michelle M.

      We have to log on to eadmissions website. Not sure if its different for different local authorities

    • Laura R.

      You can check from midnight xx

    • Vicky W.

      Different for every LEA. Some people won't know until this evening, and one LEA near me has made a mistake and their emails haven't worked!

  • Rebecca F.

    I think it must depend where you are in Scotland. I'm in West Lothian and got an email then a letter a couple of weeks ago.

  • Lesley H.

    We are in ayrshire . Told we would hear around march and not heard anything yet . Im in catchment for chosen school

  • Claire H.

    Fingers crossed he gets in :blush: xx

  • Jo R.

    Don’t forget to check your spam too... I had been checking through the night when we were waiting and it had gone to spam :rolling_eyes:good luck and keep us posted :pray_tone1:

  • Carol H.

    In Scotland if you are in catchment you won't hear, you will have a space allocated. Official date is 30th but in my past experience usually hear anytime after 20th....

  • Laura M.

    I had email saying not to wait up as they will post during working hours :rolling_eyes: xx

  • Hannah P.

    My son didn’t get his first choice last year and I was devastated - cried a lot (maybe because I was pregnant at the time! :joy:). I have to say though as the year went on I became more and more glad he wasn’t staying at his pre-school for primary school as it didn’t suit him. The school he did get into is fab. My point is - don’t be too upset if you don’t get your first choice, sometimes things work out for the best! Xx

  • Jolene P.

    I’m not sure :thinking: I’m just waiting for nursery

  • Suzanne O.

    Me too but I think that was post online not emails... could be wrong.... not long to wait now

  • Claire H.

    Am gonna log onto the online thing at 12 it should say then!!

  • Claire M.

    Wednesday's the day for us... :neutral_face:

    • Anna S.

      I thought it was national offer day and everyone finds out today for primAry school places?! X

    • Claire M.

      No. Wednesday 18th April for our area. Not sure why it's different.

  • Becca W.

    Anyone having any trouble logging in to Lancashire County Council website to find out?

    • Becca W.

      I am not 100% that I have the correct link I just go on google and type Lancashire County Council login and it comes up but it’s still not letting me log in, I found school admissions page on Lancashire County Council but that’s just information and it says “offers aren’t currently available online check back during working hours” :weary:

  • Kelly C.

    Got ours online just now ... got what we wanted. Fenland council is ours. X

  • Rebecca W.

    On log to online account you can find out now

  • Laura M.

    Evies got in st Mary's just had email xx

  • Vicki T.

    Gosh I remember this so well. My daughter now in year 3 didn't get the school we wanted and I was a blubbering mess that day. We appealed and lost and got our 2nd choice school. It was actually a blessing in discuise and she is thriving where she is. Two years later we went through it all again. Although we knew having a sibling at the school was high in the priority list until we got that email I was again a nervous wreck. Thankfully we got the school we wanted and the feeling was so different to the first time around. I now have two happy girls in year 3 and 1 that go to a great little school. It will all work out in the end but good luck to you all.

  • Claire H.

    Defo. Hate all the waiting about lol xx

  • Rachel D.

    If you registered online you can login to your account to find out

  • Pkp

    Got an email today! Do we need to accept by email or wait for the letter to arrive?

  • Jade P.

    I haven't had nothing yet:rolling_eyes: intense waiting:tired_face:

  • Rebecca M.

    I think we find out the end of April

  • Carolyn T.

    Not heard yet Dumfriesshire tho not expecting anyhing till nearer 30th

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