Virgin Trains Issues 'Mum Passes' And 'Cravings Collection' Menu

Virgin Trains Issues 'Mum Passes'

Ever had to stand on a packed commuter train whilst heavily pregnant? If so, it might cheer you to learn that Virgin Trains has announced plans to issue free 'mum passes' to expectant mums.

Pregnant women in possession of a 'mum pass' - available from Virgin ticket offices upon presentation of your MATB1 form and a passport photo - will be guaranteed a seat on Virgin Trains.

Expectant mums will be eligible to use mum passes on Virgin's West Coast Main Line services, running between London, North Wales, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

All you have to do is wave your mum pass at a member of staff on board a Virgin Train, and they'll find you a seat in standard class or, if none are available, usher you to a a seat in first class. Whoop!

And get this. On selected Virgin Trains services between Manchester and Euston a new food range will be available, especially for pregnant women.

The "Cravings Collection" will include charcoal biscuits (are they even a thing?), Marmite, anchovies, ginger biscuits, chilli sauce, chorizo jam, curry sauce, ginger biscuits and ice.

I'm less excited about this - my main craving with my firstborn was mince pies so it was pretty fortuitous that he was born in January.

But we'd love to hear your views on this. Do you welcome the introduction of mum passes on trains and do you think they should be rolled out across the board? Or do you think it's absurd to offer special treatment to pregnant women? And what do you make of that menu?!

If you're planning a trip you can find all the latest vouchers, savings and offers over at our voucher page for Virgin Trains.

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