Thoughtful Teacher Marks First Day Of School

Thoughtful Teacher Marks First Day Of School

Back to school season can be tough. And that's just on the mums!

From fretting over whether your new starter will cope with their new schedule and school routine, to worrying about how little ones returning to school will get on with all the changes, it's natural to run the gamut of emotions as a parent of a school-aged tot.

But how your child's school handles the transition period can go a long way to making parents, as well as their kids, feel more at ease with the disruption to life that is the new school term.

Which is why I love the story I stumbled across today in the Manchester Evening News about a reception teacher who decided to put together a goodie bag for parents of new starters.

The paper reports:

"She has made a goody bag for each of them, containing a little poem for them to keep, along with a tea bag, chocolates, biscuits and tissues. All essentials to calm those first day nerves - and dry the tears."

And the note on the front of the goodie bag reads:

"Thank you for entrusting your child to us. We promise to guide and nurture your child as they explore this new world that they have stepped into. Go home and put your feet up with a cup of tea and a biscuit and we will take the best care of your precious little ones."

I think I've got something in my eye. *Sniff*

Has your child's teacher gone the extra mile like this to make Back to School season just a little gentler? We'd love to hear about it. Leave us a comment below or join the conversation over on our Facebook page.


  • Hannah K.

    Aww that's just lovely

  • Rochelle B.

    We got one today

  • Grainne M.

    ... Idea for next year lol

    • Rachel M.

      Ha .......please I think if I did that at this stage the parents would be seriously concerned about my state of mind.......... I think I should get a bag at the start of the year with ear plugs, pain killers and alcohol.:grin: but girlies if your offering to help you never know I might do it next year!!

  • Leanne C.

    I didn't get one of these but to be honest I don't think it would have helped with how upset I felt at leaving my little girl in the classroom for the first time.its a horrible feeling.i would much rather have had a camera badge attached to my daughter so I could be watching how her day is going without me :-))

  • Lisa K.

    My son went ofd fine i shed a little tear but didnt feel like he was even gone two minutea before i was picking him up again

  • Gem H.

    Aww this is realy sweet wish all of them did this :-)

  • Rebecca W.

    How lovely. I'm sure that parents will feel reassured that the teacher is compassionate and understanding. Full marks to this teacher!

  • Emily W.

    My sons going in tomorrow and I've just got his clothes ready and I'm already I'm tears. I don't know how I will cope tomorrow morning :sob:

  • Butterflysundae

    Oh wow I think this is so lovely! 

  • Nicola S.

    Yeah didnt get anything like that but didnt need it, my daughter was more than ready to go to school and I couldnt wait!! She was fine and so was I, loves school and gets on great :grinning:

  • Claire D.

    I had this today!!! Was so sweet!

  • Jess C.

    Going to be honest.... It's a pre done poem that everyone knows and I'd much rather personally speak to each parent and reassure them rather than hand them a bag. Also I'd prefer spend my time preparing the classroom for their little ones.... It is nice but it's a little twee.....!!!! X

  • Kirsty C.

    My daughter started nursery yesterday and I had the exact same thing, labelled 'parents survival kit'. Was a lovely touch :blush:

  • kb1992

    My little girl starts nursery a week today, she has a uniform so I've been getting everything ready and trying to hold myself together!! This was a lovely idea from the teacher, it may not help everybody but it is still a lovely gesture X

  • Michelle S.

    Your choice to homeschool doesn't make this any less of a nice idea for the parents who's kids are off to school.

  • Louise H.

    My sons teacher gave us a poem, tea bag and biscuit. I thought it was a lovely thought xx

  • Jennifer M.

    How lovely :smile::clap::clap:

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