Stay-At-Home Mums Could Be Missing Out

Stay-At-Home Mums Could Be Missing Out

Women who took time off to be stay-at-home mums could be missing out on thousands of pounds in their pension entitlement, according to the Government.

The Telegraph reports that a woman who took three years off work to raise children could be "nearly £14,000 worse off over the course of her retirement" and as many as 50,000 women could be affected.

However don't panic just yet because it's thought that women who took time off work to raise children during the '80s and '90s are those most likely to be affected.

Know anyone who fits that category? (I'm tagging my Mum as we speak...)

There could be as much as £500m in unclaimed extra state pension payments up for grabs and it's all because of dodgy government computer systems – and specifically down to National Insurance and child benefit records not being in synch.

The key thing is to check whether your National Insurance record is up to date. How?

You can check out the Government's trial website to check your National Insurance record and make sure it's correct, or if you're already receiving a state pension, call the Department for Work & Pensions for more information on 0800 731 7898.

Mistakes are apparently easily fixed. Good luck!


  • Joy W.

    I've got a number on website!!!

  • Josephine E.

    I have full national insurance to get state pension. I think it is referring to home responsibilities protection when you have to be the first named person on a child benefit claim x

  • Elizabeth B.

    Yes I'll check this out. Thanks

  • Marion W.

    thanks PlayPennies for this just submitted my form :)

  • Josephine E.

    I will check it out as what I knew about was 10 years not three.

  • Tracey R.

    Will get this checked x x

  • Alison F.

    Thank you but mine is ok ! X

  • Ann R.

    I didn't stay at home for long just a few months paid all my NI contributions an don't get state pension till I 66

  • Peggy W.

    Gez if she's lost 14000 in 3 years God know what I've lost :flushed:

  • Ali K.

    Another reason to scrounge some money from us tax payers,makes me sick.

    • MC11

      Pensioners are scroungers?!

  • Terrie B.

    I've checked and mine's up to date

  • Andrea H.

    Ooh I may need to investigate this!! Xx

  • Peter C.

    Read this in the paper last weekend, now checking. X

  • Anne S.

    Sorted if you claim your child benefit x

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