Should This Mum Pay Damages?

Should This Mum Pay These Damages?

I was shocked this afternoon to read that a mother has been ordered to pay what could amount to a six-figure compensation settlement to a boy who was blinded by her son.

The woman's ten year old son accidentally hit his classmate in the face with a golf club during his birthday party, causing the boy to lose sight in one eye. The crazy golf venue has also been found liable due to a lack of signs warning children not to raise their clubs too high, and it must contribute to the compensation award.

Mail Online reports:

A top judge has today ruled that the 10-year-old's mother must now pay the injured boy damages after the incident at a crazy golf course on an amusement park.

She knew her son - who cannot be identified and was referred to only as J, was 'boisterous and required firm handling' said Mrs Justice Whipple.

Ordering the mother to pay damages to the injured boy - known as S - the judge said she 'negligently' failed to tell her son not to swing the club too high.

I can't begin to imagine what a traumatic experience this was for the injured boy and his family but I was shocked to read that the other boy's mother has been ordered to pay damages.

My view is that accidents happen, as the old adage goes. Had the woman's son deliberately wielded the golf club at his friend then I'd see every reason for the judge's ruling but in this case I'm surprised – not least because in the past I have had to rush one of my kids to A&E to have his head glued back together after his brother accidentally hit him in the head with a golf club under similar circumstances.

Things like this can happen in a heartbeat despite your best parenting efforts and the idea that a parent can be deemed liable for an accident like this – the judge ruled that she ought to have given a 'firm and clear instruction' to her son not to swing the golf club – worries me.

Aside from the fact that this puts me off organising an activity-based birthday party for my kids ever again, I can't begin to imagine how either family in this situation must feel. Do you think the judge was right in this ruling on account of the life-limiting consequences for the boy who was blinded in this incident? Come and join the conversation over on our Facebook page.


  • Sarah A.

    Without knowing exactly how it happened i cant say either way

  • Gail S.

    One way to ensure your child never gets invited to a party again. Everyone in fear you will sue. I agree with the suing of the premises if proper signage and health and safety was not followed, but to sue a parent for an accident seems a bit ott. Kids are always bumping and banging into each other.

  • Holley J.

    Accident no deliberate yes. Your responsible for your kids actions until 16-18 but also at ten years old the boy who got hit in the eye should of been more sensible than to stand so close but a birthday party should of had staff there managing and keeping everyone safe that's what you pay for

  • Alyson H.

    I think there is too much of this claiming lark heck the kids are kids they have accidents its ridiculous all this !!

  • Helene W.

    What's next - medical disclaimers for kids birthday parties? You leave your child here at your own risk?

  • Ceri D.

    Good its about time people watch there kids and its the ones with naughty children are the ones who never watch them

  • Katie L.

    This sounds like a Southend News Network story!

  • Katie L.

    There isn't enough information to make a judgement either way. How many children were at the party? How many adults? Was it an official party arranged through the crazy golf course or was it just a group of friends? Would signs saying, 'don't swing your golf club too high' have made any difference?!

  • Steve A.

    Don't blame the Judge for making a ruling. If you must blame someone then blame the parent that brought the case to Court, but before judging anyone consider that this article is only a very brief summary and lacks important details.

  • Helen M.

    Claiming compensation is a sure fire way for that kid to never be invited to another birthday party of his friends :joy:

    • Melissa A.

      That's if he has any friends left :thinking: they'd all be yo scared to go near incase of accidents and being sued

  • Sharon B.

    If it was my child that was blinded I would want recompense for their sake. It's the fact the kid was severely injured that is the deciding factor. Also if my child injured someone that severely then I would understand someone being unable to brush it off as an accident. If the kids was blinded in a car accident where another car hit them - not deliberately - then compensation would be claimed from the driver at fault.

  • Kirsten I.

    Personal liability insurance... we had to have it in Switzerland

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