Should Parents Face Fines If Kids Are Late?

Fines If Kids Are Late

How would you feel if you faced a fixed penalty fine if your kids were consistently late for school? That day might not be far off – Staffordshire County Council has outlined new guidelines which will see parents fined if kids are persistently late.

Getting the kids to school on time is a challenge, there's no doubt about it. Everyone, even the most organised mums I know, have days where everything just goes wrong in the morning and the kids end up being late for school. It's virtually unavoidable, if you ask me.

After all, it only takes one wrong move for your carefully-constructed morning routine or school run schedule to fall apart. You accidentally sleep in, someone loses their school shoes AGAIN or you end up stuck in traffic and, before you know it, you're frantically trying to beat the clock – at the same time as resigning yourself to the fact that the kids are going to be late for school. AGAIN.

But the Daily Mail reports:

A crackdown on pupil absence will see parents issued with fixed penalty notices if their child is late ten times in a 12-week period. If they do not pay up within 21 days the fine will double to £120 per parent, per child, and court action could follow if the fine remains unpaid. Previously, parents only faced a fine if their child received 20 unauthorised late marks over a 12-week period.

That said, I think I'd be ok with this, if my child's school decided to adopt it as a policy. My kids aren't persistently late so I don't think I'd be troubled by it, but I appreciate that school life is seriously disrupted by kids who turn up late day after day.

We'd love to hear your views on this. Would you welcome fines like this or do you think it's unfair and Draconian to fine parents when kids are late for school?


  • Leanne Y.

    Yes I agree with those who are consistently late. They know the time to get to school, get up earlier also the time school finishes. Those who are one off and genuinely not late then no but there should be a limit before it becomes a habit.

  • Fay P.

    Absolutely! My eldest had only received one late mark and that was due to traffic. If you're continually late for work your job is on the line. Children need to learn to be on time from a young age

  • Natalie O.

    If they can control public transport so that it’s always reliable and on time, then yes fine away. If not then I don’t see how fining parents will achieve anything

  • Paula M.

    Absolutely not! Some children go to school without breakfast because their parents can't afford food, if this was in place and they knew the child was going to be late they wouldn't bother taking them. For some children the lunch they get at school is their only hot meal of the day, let alone them just missing a whole day of education so the parents don't need to pay a fine... it would never work.

  • Jade R.

    We live 9 miles from school, I chose that school over my local schools, we don't leave any earlier than the local children but he is never late due to us getting us late etc, has had minimal lateness due to traffic where a bad accident has happened and traffic has detoured but then half the school is late or if the farmers are out ploughing but even then we make it there on time. I've noticed the parents who are always late and no its not acceptable, not fair on the children who are late as they're being rushed around nor the children already in class being interrupted

    • Cassie P.

      :joy::joy: I'm one of those awful parents that hardly make it on time that's if we make it to school! :see_no_evil:

    • Jade R.

      You have a medical condition and don't drive with very little help? I've not done the school run this week as I'm not human, first day I've actually been awake, slept non stop for 2 days practically.

  • Rosalyn F.

    Daughters school have brought it in that if you late you have to fill a form in and hand it in at end of school day with an exclamation of why you were late, depending then you will get a detention after school the next day. They give parents the option then to explain and to let the school know if there is any underlying issues.

    • Victoria T.

      Ours dont even do that- if they are late they automatically get half an hour the same night!

    • Rosalyn F.

      See if they ever did that with my Kids I be straight in that school and take them out. In the past we had alot of issues getting my son out the door the odd morning and this then made my Daughter late, I went in and spoke to them about this and they were fine.

    • Carla C.

      They give the parents detention or the kids??

    • Kelly C.

      Kids in high sch yes that’s fine but younger kids who rely on parents to get them there I don’t agree with that

  • Ruth E.

    I have to agree, it’s our jobs as parents to get them there on time, things happen and we are late occasionally but it shouldn’t be the norm, these days it’s too acceptable to turn up when it suits, in reality if it was a job we would be sacked...

  • Claire T.

    No I live over 40 mins from school and have 3 school to get to every day

  • Steph A.

    I guess when you become a parent you suddenly get a big pot of money to throw around, most of the time people choose to be late in the mornings; either their manicurist wanted to try a new paint or the children were asking to complete another batch of homework before the chaffeur arrives. Totally agree, this is the only way we could fund the school library in todays world.

  • Diane R.

    you would be so freakin poor if this ever happens!!!!

    • Rani S.

      Iknw hahaha they thinking of actully doing it too hahaha well they should come to mine and look after 4 kids go asleep then wake uo and dress em take em to school on time then il have no xcuse haha i do odd days go early hahaha rarely tho

    • Diane R.

      I don't know how you even make it out of the house!! I

    • Rani S.

      I dont know my self i sleep late cuz i tidy up wen girls go bed i want me time too so sometime i jus sit watch tv so dont wana wake up too early lol from spring to summer im ok on getin on time lol

  • Lisa F.

    Not once children start secondary school, I do as much as I can to get my eldest to school and he is still late without physically dragging him there, as I have 2 at primary school, I have never got any of my children to school late in the 9 years my children have been at school, fining myself would not help anyone, it would only put us in a worse financial situation, the parents need to work with the school to find out the best way to deal with it, I think possibly having to make up the time or lose lunch break could possibly have a positive effect on my son

  • Abby L.

    Yes get your ass up and your kids to school! On time! Maybe after 3 times or something though not immediately

  • Kerry K.

    No. I get up at 6 every day to get 3 of mine to two different schools on time , but it doesn’t always happen that way. One at lower school and 2 at middle school. If I got fined for them being late I would have to home school them! When you have more than one child there can be numerous reasons why you can’t always get them into School dead on time.

  • Lisa E.

    let’s hope not :joy::joy::joy::joy:

  • Holly H.

    I'd say not for primary age kids. My 5 year old triplets have a 20 minute walk to school each day. We set off with plenty of time but in rain, ice, if someone needs a poo or is cold etc we can wind up a few minutes late. We accept at this age the important thing is to get them there so they attend school and making them faster is something for when they are older, with longer legs and better stamina. Being 'on time' doesn't matter to us as much as actually attending. If they are late it's usually 1-3 minutes . Once they were a few minutes late for picking up some toys they saw had fallen over their school fence. No way should they be penalised for that

  • Jemma W.

    If they bring this in then they should bring in fining teachers for letting kids out late 20+ minutes some days I have only ever been late on a few occasions in the last 8 years because of traffic and late at the end of the day as my daughters teacher let her out 15 mins late which meant i was late picking my son up

    • Siobhan P.

      I thought the exact same thing!!!

  • Kayleigh A.

    My child was late today. We didn't wake up late. Everything was ready the night before, uniform, school bag, money for the bus. He miraculously 'missed' 3 busses, and turned back up at the house, I had to call a taxi to take him to school all whilst making sure my primary aged children got to school on time. Totally agree with the lady that said no fines at secondary/high school level.

  • Gina H.

    Absolutely Not! Shit happens. Life happens

  • Lorna J.

    Yes..No Excuse for children to be late... See it often....

  • Bethany-Rae F.

    I know many of parents that would owe the school loads :joy:

  • Debbie L.

    Absolutely agree for persistent lateness. What you think

  • Holly H.

    Also I hold my kids accountable for their lateness. So I keep them on track of the time and encourage them to make sure they are running on time in a way that provides them the skills to manage their own time - a skill for the future. Punishing parents takes the onus off the kids which is the opposite :thinking: I want my children to try to be on time and well prepared (I let them set off with adequate time) but if they choose to dawdle they get the repercussion of being late to school and having to go to the office etc. They all endeavour to be on time to avoid this. Surely that's what should be encouraged?

  • Diane F.

    No and if the mother get a fine , make the kid pay , are you reading this , you know who you are

  • Charlie W.

    this is rediculous. i spend most of my morning routine (i wake up at 6.45 to get them thier morning milk and breakfast bar) trying to stop my 2 year old pooing on my landing while trying to get him ready for nursery when all he wants to do is run around with his "boobies" out while my 5 year old is still complaining thats shes still tired while walking around in a t-shirt, pants one sock and if im lucky she may have started eating her breakfast bar before i leave the house. she starts school at 8.30. she goes to bed at 6.30-7pm so gets a good sleep and my hubby works like most dads do so isnt there to help. i have to drive to school as the local one was fulp when we moved so its not close enough to walk to. if you turn up at school in pyjamas looking like something out of hellraiser then yes fair enough your clearly not making sufficient effort but you cant generalise.

  • Lucy P.

    Possibly not a fine but the need to understand that to be a good time keeper shows respect for what they are doing and where they need to be! What we learn as children sees up through into adulthood. Is it ok to turn up to work late........

  • Zoey H.

    Really, so I’m guessing all u parents saying get up earlier do this do that only have 1 child and are a perfect parent????? U can do everything right but when u kids decide to take 45 minuets to eat a piece of toast or that they have a belly ache what u gonna do? Throw their breakfast away, don’t let them go to the toilet????? Get a grip!!

    • Jess H.

      I only have one to get ready fir school the other is s baby who goes in his pjamas and sorted when we get home the one who goes to school took half hour to eat a quarter of toast this morning with a belly ache needing a poo as we are leaving the door not often are we late but when we are we do it properly haha x

    • Kelly C.

      My daughter try’s every trick to take forever to get ready, I try encourage her to get ready or she doesn’t take her pram to sch, if that don’t work she loses pocket money, child only takes 45 mins to eat toast cause they either don’t want it or they want attention, I don’t give it them

    • Zoey H.

      Jess Haydon lol my point exactly, I’ve got twins and it’s an absolute nightmare we already get up at 6:30 if they get up any early they’d be falling asleep at school. X

    • Zoey H.

      Kelly Louise Cawley there is such a thing as slow eaters

    • Leanne Y.

      I have 3 children. In the 5years the oldest has been at school he's never been late, followed by the other two. I think the debate is consistently being late. There's no need for it. I regularly see the same parents late for school and for after school pick up and see nothing being done to ask why. I also know of a school that does fine 7quid if you are later by more than 10minutes for pick up already in my area.

    • Virginia P.

      Omg the 45 minutes to eat a piece of toast is accurate.

    • Jade R.

      We get up at 7am, we don't leave until 8:30 and drive 9 miles. If breakfast hasn't been eaten we take it on the car, because if needs be we can. But yes I only have one child and the thought of having 2 horrifies me :joy: if my child hadn't eaten toast in 45 mins he obviously doesn't want it and by then it would be cold too. So like today I chopped him some fruit and he gobbled it all up. They will always try something but it's our job to get the better of them

    • Ruth M.

      I have 3 children and all 3 of them go to a different school. 1 is secretly disbaled and non of my kids are ever late.

    • Kim S.

      I have 3, at one point at 3 different schools, the only time mine have been late was once when they started getting the school bus!

    • Ann S.

      I had 3 children and had to walk them to school. 2 was at different schools and the other went to playschool. Plus they came home for Dinner after i had fetched them. They were never late. If they are learnt before they start school to get ready quickly.

    • Joanne D.

      I have 4 kids,4 different schools and never late unless its thru the late school bus or my 2nd oldest deciding to save his bus fare,walk to school and buy a sausage bun&a pie to eat on the way...but he's never hungry for his breakfast when i ask! I think this is for the persistently late kids,every day they're late and it does effect their education in the long run! My eldest are all out the door 7.15-7.30,if they haven't had breakfast then tough they should go quicker on a morning,my 7yr old is at school by 8.30 everyday to read books with her friends before school starts at can be done,even as a single mam:grinning:

    • Shamus F.

      No what they are going to do is be a adult and put a system/routine in place. Clothes laid out before bed. Hair brush and hair bands on a hook ready to be used. Toast on the move if you full behind. Rewards for being ready on time. Grow up and do your job!

    • Gail R.

      4 kids . All never been late for school. Teach them early when they start work they can't turn up there late without a decent excuse x

    • Zoey H.

      my kids are 3 so wouldn’t be very safe for them to eat whilst walking to school and we don’t have a car. My kids like cold toast for some strange reason wont touch it if it’s warm. :joy::see_no_evil:

    • Michaela M.

      I have two twins, I totally understand that whole “i need the loo” or wont eat fast enough(even though we do it every day and they eat faster at EVERY OTHER TIME. I really do understand this. My son is severely disabled as well as a few people on this post as well as myself suffering from chronic pain and some other problems from the age of 19. Last year, when my son was in nursery(deferred a year) and daughter in school P1 and me recovering from surgery and getting my meds leveled out we were late near on every day. My daughter was getting bullied so would wet herself as soon as she had her school clothes on. And my son is a chronic slow eater when it comes to mornings, as well as myself either sleeping in because i was up until 5am with pain or simply to sore or couldn’t get the motivation to get out of bed. Every day for the past 3 years we try to get up at least 2 hours before school. But still seemed to be late last year, my daughter wasn’t allowed to be in the play ground before 8.50, and my sons first 3 days he had to be at his nursery by 8.50 so i would drop him off first, and with our nursery there was alway some sort of problem with staff, or the parents couldn’t leave until someone was there(another parent that would stay in session all day because of staffing problems) so i would almost alway be late these 3 days to drop off my daughter. Then the other two he was picked up for another nursery in the town as they were a specialist one for his disability at 8.15-30. These where the days he would eat very very slow and normally ended up eating most of it in the bus/taxi. These days were the days my daughter knew she had to be in the playground for 10 minuets without me right beside her(at the gate) and she would cry and tantrum (not like my daughter at all) or wet herself for the second time that morning meaning we would have to give her another shower and find new clothes. Her teachers were awful and i have never had a worse experience with a school in my life and i used to work in them and have been to many schools re my son. Honestly i am suprised they haven’t been shut down as the inspections are horrendous. So they were no help at all. She was always ill. So many different problems that year I could fill 2 books up. So we had to move. Once we moved we found that things were very different same morning routine however my daughter wasn’t being bullied in-fact was quite popular, she now has no problems getting ready and been dry for 8 months now. My son also loves his school so much that he eats faster than his father in the morning just so he can go quickly. He also gets a bus at 8.10 and we get him up at 7.30. If you are having these problems zoey definitely look into problems at school or even try to get up early, get the kids to bed at 8pm at the latest and mornings are easier. Let them eat dinner around 5/6 so they are actually hungry in the morning so they eat it quickly. Both my kids have also always been at 2 different schools, and my son is at 1 most days and another 2 days which is hard. They are 5, just turned 6, both born at 29 weeks and ill a lot more than the usual child due to it. They had a lot of trouble with things and started their milestones much later than a normal child so late to me is good, better than not at all. All these others saying you are doing it wrong or that they manage every day with no problems or that no one has any excuse to be late are either lying or just being cruel. Remember this is Facebook, a lot of folk including myself have a very strong opinion on certain things and no matter how much you defend your they will keep bringing up the same thing again and again. Most people can understand what you have said, and not everyone has the same home life or the same kids or the greatest schools. Keep trying new things with them and find the stuff that works for you. Some people like myself are just late no matter what. If you want to pm me you can. And sorry on behalf of everyone who doesn’t understand.

    • Zoey H.

      I hate all this perfect parent crap. Not everyone copes the same, all these mothers saying I have x amount of kids and are never late bet they get the older 1’s to help out and they drive. Drives me insane, my kids are hardly ever late for school maybe twice a year if that but I’m a normal person that knows shit happens. Some people need to get over themselves. X

    • Sammi B.

      I’m a single mum of three (aged 1,6 and 8 ), work a full time job and studying a degree and my children are never late. I have a slow eater and make allowances for that.

    • Sara B.

      I know hate people like that.. There ain't no such thing as a perfect patent don't care what anyone says xx

    • Shamus F.

      Excuses excuses. Just grow up and do your job.

  • Sarah H.

    No I have 3 children I have to get to different school 1 is in secondary 1 in is primary and the other is in a special need school because she has a lot of disabilitys and the council have stopped her school transport so I have to get her there myself some times she can have us up all night when her oxygen levels drop so we ain't getting any sleep how could I possibly get 3 kids to 3 different schools all at the same time

    • Anne G.

      Well done :heart: amazing Mum.

    • Heather S.

      Same position as yourself one in primary one in nursery & one at a special needs school he has seizures (multiple) through the night almost every night amongst many other health problems.... sleep I've forgotten what that is! All of us are often exhausted... can't see them taking each individuals circumstances into consideration :rage:

  • Michelle R.

    Yes agree. It’s the parents fault not the child’s. You can’t be late for work. Why should you be late for school. Set examples and expectations early.

    • Gina F.

      Getting your self up and ready for work in time is in no way the same as getting children to cooperate 5/7 mornings a week! They have accidents, lose shoes, suddenly have to go to the toilet! The list is endless of things that seem to go wrong. Children and adults are just not the same

    • Michelle R.

      Gina Freeman I manage this 4 days a week with 2 children and going to work. Children need to learn and it’s most often not the child’s fault but the adults who is in charge. It’s really not difficult to set an alarm and plan and I really do not have children who conform.

    • Jade G.

      :joy::joy:!! I do this 5 days a week and work, and have a challenging child. Im only human and do set alarms, but every morning consists of different things and challenges, i do my best. I don’t think it’s fair. No one family is the same!! We all can’t be perfect

    • Michelle R.

      Jade Leahanne Gerrard it is hard and my goodness getting out the house is not without an argument and tears. I just think we’d all be a bit annoyed if the teacher was late lol it really the repeat offenders that are not helping their children.

    • Michelle R.

      It’s really the repeat offenders Levi that need to be disciplined for not managing to get their kids to school on time. I am sure with fines there would be leeway for exceptional circumstances. The way I see it is that we would be quite annoyed if the teacher was late or the janitor opening the school was so why shouldn’t we be able to plan and get our kids to school on time. The start time is there for a reason.. a time to aim to start lesson at. There will always be times that exceptional circumstances with prevail but it’s about not abusing them. Hope you all have success today... I have :wink:

    • Sonya W.

      Michelle if you have children going to 4 different places... so impossible for me to drive them all to each school, so you make sure the 15yr old leaves the house at least 45minutes before school starts to walk the 15minutes to school, is it then my fault that she is late for school even though I have made sure she has triple the time for her to get there?

    • Michelle R.

      I suppose they are trying to get through to the child via the parents that there are consequences for not making it to school on time. Sounds like 4 different schools is a logistical nightmare for you.

  • Jessica S.

    Another way for the government to get money :joy::joy:

  • Lisa F.

    If it’s consistent yes!

  • Karen R.

    Depends on the circumstances, reason for lateness and how often it occurs. I have 2 kids, one with SEN and mobility problems and we have only ever been late twice (since nursery, now in years 5 and 4) - once because we were having a washing machine installed and it took longer than expected, the second time I was driving (it was a bad day for my son's legs and he was in pain) and there had been a massive accident on the motorway which was closed so all traffic coming through our town and it took me 45 mins to do what should have been a 5 min journey. Every day I see the same parents walking their kids to school when I am on my way home and they are all dawdling or standing there chatting!

  • Charlene G.

    Yeah but only to the parents that are late everyday because they can't be arsed to get up and get ready to take there kids!!!

  • Simone H.

    Well if their sibling soils their nappy at 8.30 just as your about to leave the door it can't be helped, so technically it's not always the parents fault! Shit happens!

    If said child is late on several occasions in a short space of time then yes something needs to be done!

    • Zoë H.

      Hahah shit happens... Quite literally :see_no_evil::joy: xxx

    • Katie M.

      My youngest did the 8:30 poop every day for 2 weeks when my eldest first started. :flushed: but thankfully 8:30 is 15 mins before school starts and it’s only a 5 minute walk. We were rushing all the time.

    • Katie M.

      I agree that one late day shouldn’t be fined but over a month or a term if there are “x” amount of days then that’s ok to send out fines.

  • Ruth W.

    I agree with this. 10 days out of 60 and you face a fine. I don’t live locally to my children’s school, we manage to get there on time yet it’s the same parents that consistently rock up 5 minutes after the bell and they live on the same street as the school. Some overlook the school field they are that close.

  • Paula C.

    My Daughter's School has a policy of late three times in a week they get social services involved

    • Kelly A.

      Like they dont have enough to deal with what a time wasting school. Ironic really.

    • Paula C.

      It makes me panic. My Daughter's 7 and has never been a morning person. It's a struggle to get her up and going. Even her Teacher's have said my Daughter improves as the day goes on. She gets enough sleep. She didn't even get up early Christmas day.

  • James D.

    6 P’s and your kids will never be late... Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.

    Uniforms, lunch etc prepared the night before. My lad takes forever to get dressed but because we are prepared it still means we’re on time. There’s no excuse for tardiness.

    • Hayley H.

      This is what we do. Uniforms and lunch are sorted the night before. Uniform and clothes are laid out on the sofa ready with their shoes and coat. They wake up and go brush their teeth 1st thing then go eat breakfast before getting dressed. We also don't have the tv on because I found they didn't do anything with the tv on. If they are ready before we have to set of they can have it on until it's time to go. I have 1 to drop off at a child minders for 9.45 and one at school for 8.50 and I think in the past 2 years they have only been late a couple of times when my youngest was being potty trained. If there's a good routine in place then repeat lateness shouldn't happen but it's these parents withno routine who let their children do as they please

  • Claire C.

    Absolutely not! Life is hard enough without putting added pressure on people! My 3 year old does everything possible to avoid a rush to nursery so I can completely understand how being a bit late on occasion is inevitable!! He eats at the slowest pace ever, he takes tempers because he wants to play for “just 5 more mins”, he nitpicks at everything from brushing his teeth before washing his face to putting specific shoes on, to doing everything himself (that can be very timely)... In general we do make it on time but there should certainly be no fine. Things are getting way out of hand :thinking::rolling_eyes::see_no_evil:

  • Charlotte S.

    if every child had to go to there local school that would help with lateness people shouldnt have 3 choices of schools!! u go to ur local school and if thats full u then go to the next one thats closest!! i have to travel 10mile to my daughters school as i couldnt get her in the local one but i see people walking a good couple miles to my local school i know from the direction they are coming from they have closer schools!! my child is late sometimes aa the roads i have to go on are so unpredictable and alot of roadworks yes i could leave earlier but i also have a 18m old and that would mean sitting in the car for god knows how long before school starts

  • Brown M.

    Not when the bus decided never to turn up on the right time when u leave early to make sure u not late

  • Sam B.

    No way not whenchildren decided to go in a mood just before they need to get out the house.

  • Claire S.

    Yes absolutely if it is a regular occurrence... you are encouraging your children to be prepared for later in life. Lead by example and if you can't - then pay the price

  • Paula P.

    Not at all n its not anybody fault if they are late what if ur a single mum n have more then 4 kids having to get them rdy give breakfast get them dressed get urself ready n u got no transport n the school is abt 20/30 mins away get a grip like i got told growing up better late then never

    • Paula P.

      Get up earlyer my kids go to bed at half 7 every night they dont go straight to sleep dont tell me tie them to the bed i am up at 6.00 every morning how ealy do u expect the kids to get up think u need to get out of dream land its not as easy as 123 or abc

    • Christine I.

      Bringing a child in late disrupts the whole class. We appreciate there are times when this cannot be helped but to be late consistently is not good. What would parents say if the teacher was often late and there was nobody in place to take your child into school? I was brought up never to be late and it is still with me as bad manners now I am fast on the way to 70 years old! I become very agitated when somebody has an appointment to visit my house and they are late!

  • Alicia M.

    It's not the parents fault there children don't want to go to school x

  • Colin W.

    Yeh and they pay us when clock says 3.05 and the rains hitting me in the face and the kids still arn’t out the school door sounds fare :innocent:

  • Emma C.

    Ridiculous! Whatever next?!

  • Sarah D.

    If the child is continuously late then yeah I think a fine should be in place.. I have 4 children and they are in 2 different schools..I don't drive and I have a good 20 maybe 30 minute walk depending on how my 2 yr old walks and I still get my kids to school on time. Just make sure u leave plenty of time to get there even if your 5 minutes early

  • Sarah L.

    As a teacher I know the children in my class who are always late. From not getting up, can't be bothered all sorts of reasons. Really none of them valid. I also know the children who are always in on time so when they are late I'm sure there's a good reason for it. I'm also a mum and have to make sure my family are up ready for school before work so I understand the difficulties. There's a difference between parents who just don't care enough to get their kids to school and the ones with genuine reasons for being late. We all have those mornings. Fines for repeat offenders. Which is what my local authority do.

  • Joanne K.

    I’m in for it if this happens!

    • Joanne K.

      I reckon I was late for school 80% of the time lol

  • Kristy H.

    Tell the buses to be on time and have enough of them that I don't have to wait for the next one

  • Naomi P.

    Lol me late :joy: never xxx

  • Rosa T.

    9am is a crap time to be starting school and/or work anyway.

  • Stacey N.

    A get up at 6.30 and sometimes we’re still few mins late most times ma daughter refuses to get ready refuses to eat and refuses to walk moans all the way a have 3 to gt ready plus Maself sometimes time keeping just can’t be helped a would see the point if ir was ages late like well after 9 a dint see problem with a few minutes when classes are still goin in and still getting jackets and bags of etc or doing lunches not as if class has technically started x

    • Sue J.

      Registers are open in schools for 10 minutes after the start time. Children who arrive more than 10 minutes after that time are recorded as late.

  • Krista B.

    Should schools be fined when they open the doors late every week due to staff meetings or when they are 10 mins late letting kids out as assembly ran over. I am the mug stood waiting patiently and there early every day and wondering why I bother!

  • Sue J.

    Yes. If I'm late for work, I'm docked earnings. If I'm late collecting my daughter from nursery, I have to pay a late fee for extra staffing. If I miss an appointment at the dentist, I pay a fee. Why should school be any different?

    • Christine I.

      I think people who consistently miss doctor's appointments should be charged!

  • Androulla C.

    It’s the council want to make money!! Stupid idea !!

  • Kelly M.

    No better late than never

  • Caroline G.

    Should teachers be fined for been late?? Should teachers be fined for absences??

  • Ann M.

    were i live high school does if ur late 3 mornings u get a lunch time detention!! it's all to help with time keeping. dnt see the need for primary school kids

  • Sarah C.

    Yes. Get up earlier!!!! Unless absolutely cant be helped circumstances but lot of the time just comes down to parents wanting extra time in bed or silly things. No excuses for being late coz your to lazy. You know how long it takes to get to school walk leave earlier if u go by car you know how long it takes leave extra time just incase of any disruption or accidents its not hard!!!!

  • Lindsey A.

    Being late the odd once or twice but if your bringing your children in late most mornings then yes!

  • Eilidh S.

    Haha it still wouldn't make amie any quicker getting ready for school ha xx

  • David L.

    Well you get fined for everything nowadays so why not

  • Helen W.

    Do we get it refunded every day that the school is late letting them out at the end of the day too?!

  • Lori M.

    My child's school, has a breakfast club which opens from 8am to 8.45am, kids who get free meals get breakfast for free other kid's like my child pay £2.00, schools parent council runs a walk'n" bus service, parent's take child to certain pick up points and parent council volunteers walk your child to school. Our school has given parent's options so that children are not late for school.

  • Rowan D.

    There are too many circumstances where this wouldn't be fair. Some kids take years to get themselves into a proper morning routine

  • Alyssa M.

    Repeat offenders should the odd occasion no as we all have those days i never have because i fear being late for anything but i know awesome parents that have and its totally not their fault however if your late several days a week every week yes you should be fined

  • Bente H.

    This rule is made by someone who doesn’t have children

  • Karla C.

    I have 2 kids ive only been late once in nearly 3 years!! One thing i hate being late for school pick up and drop offs xx

  • Vicky R.

    I'm a parent who hates being late for anything :pensive: but things happen etc but it's very rare my kids are late for school as that would have been taken out of my hands ie traffic lights cause major issues where I live and add quite a bit of time to a journey. It's a one way in out and if there issues it hard work

  • Levi L.

    Errrrr..I will fine the school for every strike, holiday and service day there is. Hahaha

  • Levi L.

    So what about when schools go on strike ect, do us parents get to fine them??

  • Siobhan P.

    Omg people need to get a grip!!! Things happen end of story! And surely it's better for the child to be late then absent! Load of absolutely nonsense. So what if a child is a few mins late it's not the end of the world. Don't see people jumping in arms when the school are late letting them in and out!! People need to cut parents some slack if they are there they are trying can't stand all these judgemental mothers oh well my child is never late no excuse blah blah great for you what do you want a pat on the back and a round of applause what gives you the right to judge other parents!

    • Siobhan P.

      Zoey Hall I completely agree I'm rarely late but I can't stand women who think they are the perfect mother and enjoy judging and tearing others down!! Wrong on so many levels!

  • SammyGavin R.

    I don’t agree there is times when I am ill and am disabled can’t go fast in the morning if my man was not hear I would be late there are allso that have autism and won’t move in the morning different circumstances to each home x x x

  • May S.

    I have 4 girls 11,6,4&2 I have never been late get up at 7 and and leave by half 8. Some mornings I see parents strolling in after 9 that’s With 2 children and most times the parents don’t even seem to be in a hurry to get their kids to school

  • Joanne S.

    No excuse for it what so ever i get everything prepared the night before and give ourselves 30mins to get ready and leave but always aim to leave 15mins earlier than needed incase we do have problems if we do set off late we still get there on time my 8yr old has only had her name in the late book twice in 4 years absolutely no excuses

  • Vicky N.

    We have 5 children and none of ours have ever been late for school. If breakfast isn't eaten on time them tuff they have to leave it. When they're older no boss is going to except the excuse of " sorry I'm late I was still eating my breakfast " :joy:

  • Michaela M.

    No, but if they take their cars and only live literally 1 minuets walk away(and drive for 10 minuets in and out all other moms that live 1 min away as well as having to drive further because their is only 2 road that let them get to the school) and twice a day every day block the buses, and the emergency services, and the disabled children’s transport, constantly get tickets for parking on the yellow zigzags, or near on ever day run people over, get lectured from the schooling staff for their traffic violations, all when they could walk out their front door and 1 minute down a path crossing a total of one small road then yes they should be fined(some people already have been for the above) but since its a daily occurrence as well as the whole “I can’t seem to get the kids to loose weight” then maybe they should all be fined. Unless you are disabled (which i am and i still don’t drive my kids to school) or have to work straight after or live more than 10 minuets away you should definitely think about it. I have been late a heap or times because the street has been gridlocked, no cars letting us cross, or the walk to school is full of mums reversing their cars without looking to go the same place we are walking a total of 6 minuets to, or accidents because of them not looking or traffic stops because they park somewhere dangerous or illegal to park or because they have almost knocked a kid over or hit another car. And the laugh of it is, in the 30 minuets we are to the school and back most days we end up at the school earlier that the ones that drive, or on the walk back to our house the same mums that dont look pull right in front of you to get back into their houses because they have forgotten something. Or aren’t home before we walk past at all and then you see them from your house 15 minuets later with a dent in their car or a ticket. So much time and safety would be saved by simply walking if you can.

  • Gemma L.

    We are honestly trying our best!

  • Andrea F.

    I think once or twice being late...traffic or unexpected spillage jist as ur about to leave etc often can't be helped but some kids seem to be late for school on a daily basis which I don't think is exceptable and hopefully it's just those situations where they are thinking of bringing this in

  • Tracy M.

    I must admit I’m huge on punctuality. Despise lateness and hate seeing the same kids late into school every morning. I think persistent lateness should be fined as my own kids tell me of the disruption it causes to lessons.

  • Leanne G.

    How can you know if there is a genuine reason or not? What about special needs kids relying on transport that arrives late? Then making your other children late? Or kids with special needs not wanting to go to school due to anxiety refusing to get dressed and too heavy to physically dress? It taking ages to persuade them to do it then they refuse to leave the house and it takes longer to try to talk them around.

    I have 2 special needs kids and go through hell in the mornings before 9am, I carried my daughter to school for 3 years as she didn't want to go, she had to move to a different school that can meet her needs better and I have to wrestle my son on the school bus as he often refuses to get on and the escort is afraid of hurting him. Often they leave for school without eating due to anxiety. It can take 2 of us to hold my son down to dress him and give him his medicine. He has seizures during the night so is often grumpy and violent in the mornings.

    They go to 2 different schools so I think I am doing well as long as they both get to school. It is easy to assume people are lying in bed having extra sleep and being lazy but it isn't always the case. Some parents are doing well just to get them to school.

  • Kerry B.

    NO!!! Gawd... These days us parents are pretty much funding our kids schools with all the new ways they keep trying to find money - Go and demand it off the government, if that fails fucking fight for it, stop making us struggling parents fill your funding hole because we CAN'T AFFORD IT!!!

  • Sophie L.

    Get up earlier or sacrifice your own things to get them out the door on time its not hard!

  • Michaela-Louise W.

    I'm a single mother of 3 aged 3, 18 month and 13 weeks and never once has my child been late but I don't agree with this because it's not parents faults if taxi or bus are late or if they get stuck in traffic

  • Charlotte B.

    Schools need to take into concideration that many parents have to get public transport and half time buses late never turn up on time

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