Parenting Fails. What's Your Worst?

Parenting Fails. What's Your Worst?

The Baby Show asked its database for their so-called 'parenting fails' with some hilarious results. From dogs drinking breastmilk to babies left behind, 'poonamis' to inconveniant leakages, they've also done some research into the top piece of advice that parents would give new and expectant parents with the most popular pearl of wisdom being ASK FOR HELP!

Becoming a parent in 2017 is one of the hardest things to do. With evolving technology and almost everyone having an opinion on your parenting style – either face-to-face, or online – the image of the ‘perfect parent’ is, quite simply, imperfect. The pressure on parents is constant as they are bombarded with (often conflicting) advice and information, as well as images on social media of gorgeous parents with their cute-as-button kids, in their spotlessly clean and tidy houses. As a backlash against this – dozens of irreverent social media accounts have rocketed in popularity as parents take the opportunity to share the true side of parenting and the funny stories that come with it, creating a community and support network for parents who can relate to ‘real’ parenting.

But what piece of advice would new parents give to others about to join them in their parenting boat? Bring a lifejacket, don’t jump off and keep all in shipshape? Not quite!

Ask for help is the biggest piece of advice that new parents would give to expectant parents waiting for their new arrival according to new research from The Baby Show. In a survey of 1032 parents on the show’s database, nearly one in five (19%) highlight that as their top piece of advice: after all, you won’t win a medal for doing it all on your own, so give yourself a break and draft in help when you can . This was followed by sleeping while your baby sleeps (17%) and thirdly, listen to your instincts.

The list of top pieces of advice from new parents included:

  1. Ask friends and family for help
  2. Sleep while the baby sleeps
  3. Listen to your instincts
  4. Limit visitors
  5. Seek professional help if you are worried or struggling
  6. Get out and about
  7. Batch cook meals before the baby arrives
  8. Join groups to meet new parents
  9. Get a cleaner
  10. Get a good selection of take away menus

In the survey, The Baby Show asked their database if they had ever experienced a ‘parenting fail’. From inconvenient leakages, ill-timed sprays and the dreaded ‘poonami,’ here is a run-down of some of the best parenting fails from their database:

  • “When registering my daughter’s birth I walked out of the registrar’s office without her… I did realise before I left the building though - tiredness and exhaustion had really caught up with me!”
  • “Balling my eyes out when she had her first set of immunisations! My bubba went a shade of crimson I've never seen again to date (she's two and half now), mouth wide open with no sound coming out then a massive breath followed by an almighty wail. The GP asked if I needed a tissue to which i responded ‘No thanks, she has a muslin’ and the GP responded ‘Not for the baby - for you!’ I didn't realise i was crying until she said that!”
  • “I shampooed my baby’s head and their hair fell out!”
  • “I left the lid off the newly, painstakingly expressed breast milk bottle in the kitchen. I had a whole 120 ml and was feeling like super woman! I then went to get the lid quickly, leaving the milk on the sofa side table and then heard the dog lapping it up!”
  • “Giving baby a bath in his tub on kitchen table while daddy was having breakfast...I must say my baby had a great aim when he caught daddy’s toast with a”
  • My eldest drank a whole bottle of Calpol in the car without us realising!
  • My youngest smeared Dairylea all over himself, thinking it was suncream.
  • I was catching up in the park with my brother while pushing the buggy when I realised the buggy was quite light and one of the children had fallen out without us realising!
  • Our baby vomited all over me the day we were going on holiday so I quickly bundled my dressing gown and all his clothes into the washing machine to get them through before we left. It was only once I had got him to sleep for morning nap and was finally sitting with a cup of tea that I noticed that my phone was going round and round in the washer as it had been in my dressing gown pocket!

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  • Elaine T.

    Someone's child drank a whole bottle of Calpol!?!?!?


  • Linda R.

    I was at work one day and left my lovely husband in charge of our two year old. As I left I suggested he take him to the local splash park (hot day!). When I got home my son was looking at little odd, sort of pink but tinged orangey. I asked my husband if he had applied suncream when he took him out "oh yes" he said "the one in the bathroom", oh yes that would be the self tanning lotion I put on my legs last night then. He has never forgotten his parent fail of letting his son get sunburnt and making him look a bit oomph loomah like too

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