Online Counselling Offered To New Mums

Online Counselling For New Mums

Under new plans to support women with postnatal depression, online counselling could be on the cards.

The Daily Mail reports:

New mothers suffering from postnatal depression are to be offered NHS counselling online over Skype.

Health officials have pledged to do more to help women facing the 'hugely emotional experience’ of motherhood.

Video chatting has been suggested as some women with young babies can be overwhelmed by the challenge of leaving the house for an NHS appointment. Instead of needing to deal with pushchairs, nappy bags and slings to go to a clinic, they can speak to someone quickly and easily using the internet.

The plans are part of what the paper calls a £365 million plan to help 30,000 additional women get specialist mental health care in the early stages of motherhood by 2021.

While I can see the drawbacks – the idea that some mums won't get in-person help being the obvious one – I think this is a brilliant approach to tackling postnatal depression among new mums. What a genius idea.

And I say that someone who's had counselling via Skype and found it enormously helpful and supportive at a time when seeing someone face-to-face was just too much, not to mention practical given that I was juggling running a business with looking after three children.

If getting support at that stage had necessitated me leaving the house and arranging childcare there's simply no way I would have accessed the help I needed. The fact that I didn't need to get dressed never mind dress the kids in order to talk things over and make sense of the mess in my head was what enabled me to get help.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on this story. Would you sign up for online counselling if you'd been offered it? If you've had postnatal depression, do you think online counselling could have helped?

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  • Karen F.

    Amazing idea. The shame you feel when you just need to cry and talk is overwhelming

  • Sarah B.

    Good idea. Sometimes you just need to talk, but the thought of leaving the house is too much.

  • Sarah B.

    But I would suggest , for all mums, not just "new mums".

  • Amanda K.

    Yes this is a brilliant idea. I didnt want to leave the house or meet strangers but I would of talked to someone online if the offer was there.

  • Sarah A.

    Better than an unhelpful midwife :wink:

  • Grace A.

    Be good if offered to all mums.

  • Ash93

    Socialism always ends in tyranny. This is just another way to control people from birth to death. All part of agenda 21.

  • Sophie L.

    You are still a new mum if you have a new baby no matter how many children you have.

  • Rachael G.

    Good idea! There is a PANDAS Facebook group on here that's really good too, I've used it in the past. Heads up for any other mamas who don't know about it, have a search x

  • Helen R.

    A fantastic idea. It's about time something was provided for those mums who don't have the 'perfect' start with a new baby that the media portrays. I needed someone to talk to but none of my friends understood my feelings because they all found it easy when they had their babies.

  • Fay P.

    It's great but offline support is also needed!

  • Leanne R.

    This should especially be offered to mum's of prem babies.

  • Gemma H.

    Its a good idea. I had PND with my first because he had severe reflux and other things. I couldnt leave the house without him screaming and vomitting constantly. This would have been a big help xx

  • Gemma L.

    Absolutely 100% i reached out to other ums and online groups. It really helped

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