No Babysitter? No Problem!

No Babysitter? No Problem!

How often have you fancied a quiet meal out with friends or your other half, but had to forgo it because you can't find a babysitter in time?

Well, a restaurant in Battersea has decided to solve that problem by teaming up with a childminding business to offer the UK's first in-house restaurant babysitting service.

All you have to do is request a babysitter when you book your table at Nutbourne, and childcare professionals Mimi’s Minis will be in contact to confirm who will be arriving at your home to watch over your little ones while you're out for dinner.

Al guests who use the babysitting concierge service will also be granted 10% off their bill at Nutbourne. Nice.

It's a genius idea, isn't it? So much so that I can't believe this isn't already a thing. Granted, there's the issue of the babysitter not being known to you (at least the first time you use the service) and the fact that lots of kids might not take well to being looked after by someone they don't know. But I reckon my crew would find this pretty exciting.

Not half as exciting as I find the idea of being able to book a night out at the drop of a hat without having to worry about finding a babysitter, though.

We'd love to hear what you make of this story. Would you use a service like this or do you prefer to leave your kids with people you already know? Leave us a comment here or come and join the conversation over on our Facebook page.


  • Sarah D.

    If I don't know you, and trust you, you're not setting foot in my house let alone watching my kids :eyes: nice idea if it suits you, but not for me :thumbsup_tone1:

    • Amyjayne W.

      hear hear!! This is crazy!

    • Sarah D.

      cant imagine anything worse than having someone I don't know in my home without me there :flushed: no parent can be this desperate for an evening out.. :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

    • Karen R.

      Exactly. My youngest is autistic and there's not many people I know well who I would consider asking to look after him, not because I don't trust them but if I don't know if they can help him through a meltdown it's just not fair on him, but a perfect stranger who he's never met? :joy:

    • Kate S.

      Exactly! Like when you see babysitter required on the selling pages on here... I mean wtf

  • Donna K.

    why? just why? i would never use such a service. who in their right mind would. stranger danger!!!!

    • Dominique J.

      They're fully qualified professionals.

    • Donna K.

      Regardless how qualified they are. unless i have been personally recommended to an individual then nobody shall be sitting my children and especially if I have never met them before.

  • Melanie K.

    This is bonkers! Who would actually use this?! Just NO!!

  • Susan A.

    Who is seriously going to do this. A complete stranger in your house looking after your child. NO NO NO

  • Claire W.

    If you want a meal and not cook and have no babysitter GET A TAKEAWAY!!!

  • Tracey W.

    The sad thing here is that there will be some imbecile that take up this crazy offer. If you are that desperate for a night out, something's wrong!

  • Lyndsey M.

    Yeah book any random to have your child! Surely people don't use this!!!

  • Kati T.

    Hand your child to a stranger so you can eat?? I'd rather starve thanks.

    • Helen R.

      Too right. Anyone who puts stuffing their face before their child's safety is nuts.

  • Rebecca H.

    I wouldn't say that leaving your children with a stranger was a genius idea

    • Martine R.

      Although, it does depend on if they have been total ratbags the whole day!

  • Leah A.

    I read it wrong I thought like they had a little crèche at the restaurant so you can still see kiddos but eat :joy:

  • Gemma H.

    Is this a serious post or a joke? :hushed:

  • Gemma L.

    This is bonkers! Like downright dangerous craziness!

  • Angela M.

    if you want a social life dont have kids lol its goes down the pan once u pop out a sprog

    • Angela M.

      you obviously have an array of people u are happy to leave ur kids with then. i aint.

  • Emma R.

    Ridiculous ... I'd never in a million years leave my babies with a stranger !

    • Joanne M.

      Some people don't have a choice babes . X

    • Emma R.

      I do understand when it comes to work and having to get a childminder but people have a choice not to leave there child with a stranger to go out for a good time Hun xx

    • Sophie L.

      Always a choice. You made them, you make sure they are safe and you know who has them if you have to get them looked after.

  • Amanda A.

    This is crazy and I can’t believe you guys are even promoting this. ‘Hi, table for 2 please..oh and a random stranger to come to my home and look after the most precious things in the world’ Regardless of crb checks etc what would possess someone to think this was a good idea :scream:

  • Josie P.

    Who on earth would allow a stranger to babysit :flushed:

  • Jodie H.

    Why would you want a random stranger looking after your kids

  • Tamsin M.

    This would be good in aberdeen ou

  • Samantha K.

    Nah I don't like this! Would be much better to make a crèche in the back. Then I am nearby for my kids if needed but they can play on their own if not! And I still get to have my quiet meal. To be honest you used to have Charlie chalks and McDonalds where you could have a quiet meal- because the play area offered the kids somewhere to play and you could talk and have some time together. But McDonalds wanted to get rid of their play areas and put in Tablets :rage: and Charlie Chalks disappeared too! But they were brilliant. My mum and dad even sat right next to the play area! But they still got to chat and catch up because we were busy in the play area.

  • izzywoo

    I wouldn't leave my kids with a stranger....but do feel sorry for ourselves sometimes coz we feel guilty about asking my parents because my kids are a handful, so i end up not asking them.

  • Emma T.

    Id either take lil man with us, skip the night out or get my own babysitter. No chance in hell I'd let a stranger in my home let alone with my son.

  • Claire-louise P.

    I would rather stay in the. Leave my kid with a stranger

  • Nicola C.

    Jesus, I don't even leave my kids with family certainly not gonna let a restaurant book a stranger to look after my kids, really not that desperate for some time away from my kids I'd much rather take them with me

  • Boo A.

    omg what did I say the other day, we missed that gap on the market man

  • Rachael S.

    This has to be a joke right? Prob made up just to cause a stir no doubt. If you are that desperate to go out you really shouldn't be a parent :flushed:

  • Hannah B.

    Sorry to go against the grain here but I think it's a great idea. People use babysitting agencies all the time, this goes one step further and tries to simplify the process.

  • Anna M.

    Erm take the kids with you

  • Caroline H.

    Lols!!! Need babysitters :baby::baby::baby::joy:

  • Samy S.

    Theres a big dif between a childminder and a babysitter idiots

    • Anesa S.

      Who said owt about a child minder did I miss something

    • Anesa S.

      Basically the eestraunt is offering baby sitters

    • Samy S.

      If u read it it says they have linked with childminders then switches to babysitter at your door

    • Anesa S.

      I didn't see the word child minder used once

    • Anesa S.

      Childcare services ...mimi which is the name And even baby sitting nanny ext would be a child care . That's not child minder Or have you read more than I did xx

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