Arrested At The School Gates For Swearing

Arrested for Swearing At School Gates

I've heard a fair few horror stories about fall-outs between parents at the school gates, but this one takes the biscuit.

Mum Roxanne Beaven was recently arrested by an off-duty police officer as she collected her children from primary school. Her crime? Swearing in the playground. It's a public order offence, apparently.

The Mirror reports:

Roxanne Beaven, 24, was chatting to other mothers when the police officer dropped off his own kids at Gray's Farm Primary Academy, Orpington, Kent.

She claims he heard her use the word 'c***' and asked her to mind her language.

A few minutes later, as he walked back through the playground, he threatened to arrest her if she swore again Roxanne says. Then she told him to 'f*** off'.

The mother of three has made an official complaint about the officer, whom she says "grabbed her arm and tried to wrestle her to the ground".

She told the paper:

"I admittedly told him to f*** off at first because I didn't know him from Adam. He has bruised my arm. It's disgusting what he has done to me. It's so sore, it really hurts. I ran into the school and burst out crying."

Roxanne has deemed the experience "a parent attacking another parent" on the basis that the officer was off-duty at the time, and because her language was not initially directed at him.

Whatever's next? Arresting those mums who wear pyjamas at the school gates - for crimes against fashion?

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