Kids Spend Just 8hrs Per Week Playing Outside

Kids Spend 8hrs Playing Outside Per Week

How many hours have your kids spent playing outside this week?

I know, I know – the last thing you need is to read one more survey which has you packing for yet another guilt trip. But bear with me on this.

Children are spending just eight hours a week playing outside – compared to the two days (20 hours) of outdoor play enjoyed by their grandparents back when they were kids.

I reckon that's pretty good going though. Eight hours of outdoor play is surely in-keeping with current guidelines about how much physical exercise kids should get and equates to at least an hour a day of outdoor play. I'm not sure my kids manage that every week, and certainly not all year round.

But the image of today's children glued to computer screens is well wide of the mark, according to the survey of 500 six- to nine-year-old children and 500 adults aged 60-65, conducted to mark the launch of the Imaginarium at London's Science Museum.

Indeed, nine out of ten children said they enjoy building or making things from scratch using raw materials.

Over half of today's kids love the simple yet creative pastime of making paper planes, which is just as popular today as it was 60 years ago, according to the survey.

Parents are recognising the power of play too, with modern children more likely to get out in the garden and play football or draw pictures with their mum and dad than their grandparents were.

Kids reckon that the place they feel most creative is at home, with school a close second and playing in the garden coming third – matching the results from the grandparents.

And today's kids have an average of seven friends, beating the five that 60 to 65-year-olds remember having.

Three-quarters of children today said they have better imaginations than grown-ups – although half of adults think kids of their generation were more creative than children are today. (Ain't that always the way. In my day...)

The Play-Doh Imaginarium combines the worlds of technology and creativity and features workshops from experts including Play-Doh sculpture artist Eleanor MacNair. Ex-Blue Peter presenter Janet Ellis will open the Imaginarium on Saturday 8th October and it's open to the public on Saturday 8th to Sunday 9th October, from 10am – 4pm each day.

You can book at or and there will also be a limited number of spaces available on the door.

We'd like to hear your views on this. Do you think your kids get enough outdoor play? And do you really believe that kids get much less outdoor playtime than their grandparents' generation did? If so, does that bother you?Leave us a comment below or join the conversation over on our Facebook page.


  • Dawn B.

    we don't have this problem with our girls :joy:

    • Catherine C.

      I know lol but I feel bad bringing her in when the weather is so good!! :frowning2:

    • Dawn B.

      I know make the most of it before the rain comes back :umbrella:

  • Jenny R.

    He comes in from school does homework then he's out till tea time then back out then comes in bath story bed

  • Miriam B.

    Yes as been such a wet summer they need fresh air

  • Mel C.

    I think roughly this week so far mine have played out side for nearly 12 hours but we have a comunal garden and lots of lovley neibours with kods for them to play with xxx

  • Claire T.

    I have trouble getting my boys in ! They're always playing out !

  • Moira B.

    my grand children spend all the time they can playing outside

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