Katie Price And Peter Andre Disagree Over Princess

Katie And Peter Disagree Over Princess

Katie Price has spoken openly about the fact that she's considering letting her eight-year-old daughter, Princess, take part in a US beauty contest. But now it seems Katie's plans have caused ripples with her ex, Peter Andre.

And before you scream 'WHO ON EARTH CARES', let me just explain that this got me wondering about what we do, as mums and dads, when we don't see eye-to-eye over an issue.

The Mirror reports:

The former couple are alleged to be battling over Katie's recent admission that she's hoping to enter their eight-year-old daughter Princess into a US beauty pageant. During a recent interview with her husband Kieran Hayler, Katie revealed that she was considering allowing Princess to take part.

I've never yet disagreed really seriously with my partner over something to do with our kids, although there is an issue looming in our family's future about which we're not exactly in total agreement.

And while I've no plans to put in an appearance on Loose Women to discuss the issue, I have been wondering how other couples resolve disagreements over the kids.

It can only surely get even more complicated if you're trying to co-parent with your partner when you're no longer in a relationship with them.

In the case of Peter and Katie I can only imagine that one of them's going to have to back down - but if Princess is as keen to do a beauty pageant as Katie has implied, then things could get really tricky. How do you compromise over something like that? And how important is what the child wants in a situation like this, if it's at odds with what one parent thinks is best?

So I want your advice, pennywise parents. What's your top tip for tackling parenting disputes a la Peter and Katie's? How do you solve disagreements with your other half when it comes to what's best for the kids?

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