It's The Cutest Leprechaun In The World!

It's The Cutest Leprechaun In The World!

Remember baby Rockwell who was turned into a real-life Elf On The Shelf last December? It was the work of Utah dad-of-six Alan Lawrence who took the hilarious photos of his son for his website That Dad Blog, and he has been at it again! This time little Rockwell has been up to some naughty Leprechaun antics in the run up to St Patricks Day, and his mischief making has certainly spread some fun this March.

So far he has turned the washing, the house and even the family dog green, as well as giving his Dad a makeover and burying a pot of gold. He also decided to eat only green food, but the broccoli didn't go down too well!

You can keep up with Rockwell the Leprechaun's antics on his Dad's blog and Instagram page in the run up to St Patrick's Day as he gets even more mischievous....

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