How Was Your Christmas Day?

Well, How Was Your Christmas Day?

Well then, how was your Christmas Day? Come and tell us all about it over on our Facebook page.

Did you remember the sprouts, and the batteries, and where you'd hidden all the presents?

If you were the one hosting Christmas Day, did everything go off without a hitch? But would you be quite happy if you didn't see another roast dinner until this time next year?

I tried making Nigella's slow-cooked ham in black treacle this year and only *just* read the recipe in time to realise that it needed 24 hours to cook so that was a near miss but in the end if was delicious. And the house smelt divinely Christmassy from around lunch time on Christmas Eve. Yum.

Speaking of Christmas Eve, were your Christmas Eve boxes a hit? Having written about them repeatedly since November I totally forgot to put new pyjamas in mine - can you even believe it? But an emergency dash to the shops the day before Christmas Eve soon sorted that, fortunately. And by the time I got home I felt well-justified in opening the Baileys.

And did you get to see Santa's sleigh (aka the International Space Station) in the sky on Christmas Eve?

All in all, despite my assertion that Christmas isn't always wonderful, we've had a rather lovely day. And an especially memorable moment as we all snuggled up to watch Stick Man together.

Best of all, the kids didn't wake up too early - in fact the eldest had to be dragged from his bed which is a luxury you have to look forward to in the pre-teen years. So cherish that in your heart if you were up with the lark and have been feeling jet-lagged ever since.

So all of that leave me only to say - Merry Christmas to our lovely readers. Whether Christmas is your favourite day of the entire year or if this year has been a difficult Christmas, we hope you've all had at least a moment to yourselves to feel a little Christmas warmth and wonder. You certainly deserve it.

Now. Who's ready for Boxing Day dinner? That really is one of my favourite things about Christmas...

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