Boy Saves Choking Sister After Watching 'Chokeables' Video


Remember the 'Chokeables' video we shared on our Facebook page a while ago? It was created by St John's Ambulance to highlight how to stop a baby from choking, and it seems it might have saved at least one child's life, according to a story in the Daily Mail.

When 12-year-old Ty Rees's two-year-old sister began choking on some coins, the quick-thinking boy remembered what hed' seen in the video, and promptly took action.

The paper reports:

"The two-year-old stumbled into a room where her brother was watching television – and luckily, he knew just what to do. Ty remembered a recent St John Ambulance advert on how to stop a baby choking, which his mother Marie Tyack had made him watch. Following the advice, he laid Star face-down on his thigh and gave several sharp blows to her back – dislodging the coins."

The y called for his mother and her boyfriend Kevin Blackburn, who gave Star another back slap. Three 5p coins shot out of her mouth. Miss Tyack, 38, of Tuffley, Gloucester, said: 'Ty was absolutely fantastic. He's a complete hero. He was so quick and so calm. 

A St John Ambulance spokesperson told the paper:

"In an emergency, it is better to do something than do nothing and Ty delivered first aid when it mattered most. Incidents like this show why it is absolutely vital that every child learns the skills to save lives and St John Ambulance is campaigning hard to get first aid taught in every school."

Talk about a heroic big brother. Faced with a First Aid emergency, I'm not sure I'd be half as quick-thinking. But on that note, I'm off to show my children the Chokeables video. And do you agree that First Aid should be taught in every school?

And don't forget that you can download this free App from St John Ambulance, so you can always ensure that life-saving advice is always in the palm of your hand.

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