How To Be The Perfect Expectant Dad

How To Be The Perfect Expectant Dad

An American father-to-be has just totally raised the bar to an all-time high when it comes to how to offer support to an expectant mum.

The Daily Mail reports:

A man whose fiancee is expecting their first child have won the praise of the internet with a heartfelt post about how he has found the experience of his partner's pregnancy life-changing.

Josh Streeter, from Panama City, Florida, who is engaged to Ariana Ward, wrote the status on Facebook, saying it has been the 'best education a man could be given' - attracting 80,000 likes and 17,000 comments.

Here's just a short snippet from what Streeter wrote:

"Pregnancy is the best experience for me... Because she is creating a life and that is so interesting and amazing to me. Make her smile every damn day because her view of her own self is changing, her hormones are going 2M mph, she gaining weight and she's thinking that it's making her less beautiful but reality is that she's even more beautiful than ever."

Streeter added that his view of pregnancy had changed as a result of experiencing it alongside his fiance, and he urged other dads to "be there every time she needs the daddy, be the damn father and love her and remind her how beautiful she is".

No pressure, dads-to-be, but I think this might change what's expected of you just a little. Streeter's post inspired scores of mums to take their other half in the comments, which in turned prompted lots of lovely anecdotes from the dads.

But my favourite part of this story is where one disgruntled commenter writes:

"Well it's alright saying all that - let's see what he says when getting woken up every two hours for a few months."

Streeter shot straight back:

"I'll look over at my wife and say 'Don't worry, it's my turn'."

Never mind the gushy compliments about pregnancy - THAT is surely how to make a new mum truly happy.

If your baby's Pops is as much of a champ as Streeter, tag him on our Facebook page and tell him you salute him. Or if you're expecting a baby, why not tag your other half as a gentle hint.

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