How To Bag A Travel Deal On Black Friday

How To Bag A Travel Deal On Black Friday

Everyone knows that Black Friday is *the* time to bag a bargain, no matter what's on your shopping list.

But have you ever thought about booking a holiday on Black Friday? Or taking advantage of the various crazy price deals on offer during Black Friday to plan a cut-price escape to the sun?

Whether you fancy booking a mini break that won't break the bank, or just need to plan a trip and would like to save a few quid on the price of your ticket, Black Friday is the perfect opportunity to indulge your travel bug. Here's how to bag a Black Friday travel deal.


All the major airlines offered cut-price flights on Black Friday last year and some have already started their Black Friday sales. The best place to start is your departure airport: where are you willing to fly from? Take a look at the airport's website to check which airlines operate from there, and then scan the relevant airlines' websites to see which destinations you fancy, and how much you can save. Depending on where you're headed, it's possible to pick up a one-way flight for as little as a tenner during the biggest Black Friday flight offers.

And have you thought about a cheap airfare as an original Christmas pressie for someone you love? I'll happily take flight tickets under the tree or in my stocking this year...

If you're after a Stateside trip, keep a close eye on the websites of the various American airlines. Long-haul flights are where the serious savings are to be made, of course, but those tickets sell fast so do your research in advance and make sure you know what dates you can travel. Nothing worse than bagging a bargain flight to the Bahamas, only to discovery you can't get that week off work...


Lots of hotel chains offer significant discounts during the Black Friday sale period. Again, start with the location you're most interested in and then keep an eye on the social media feeds of the relevant hotel chains to be among the first to hear about the best way to bag a bargain room. If you're a member of any sort of hotel loyalty scheme, it's worth checking whether that gets you first dibs on Black Friday deals. Some hotel booking websites have apps you can download, which is a good way to make sure you're at the head of queue when it comes to making Black Friday room reservations.


Every one from ferry operators to train companies slash their prices during Black Friday – last year, one train firm slashed single standard class tickets to as little as £5, £10 and £15. You don't have to be going anywhere especially glamorous to make a travel saving. Think ahead to upcoming events later in the year. Got a wedding coming up? Planning on visiting rellies at the other end of the country? Get your dates sorted now, and pay less for your ticket by buying them on Black Friday.


Oh, what I wouldn't give for a week of winter sun. Black Friday is *the* perfect time to pick up a cut-price holiday. Do all your research well in advance – make sure you know where you want to go, how long for, and how much you've got to spend. And then bookmark all the travel operator's websites and have your credit card ready when you happen upon the Black Friday travel bargain of your dreams!

Have you got tips for bagging a Black Friday travel bargain? Did you pick up a holiday or flight for a song on Black Friday last year? We'd love to hear all about it...

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