How Much Do You Spend Replacing Lost Stuff?

How Much Do You Spend Replacing Lost Stuff?

How much do you think you've spent replacing items that your child has lost?

Go on... hazard a guess. My running total totted up to several hundred pounds before I was interrupted by one of my little darlings sheepishly notifying me that he's lost his headphones again.


According to the Mirror, we fork out well over a thousand pounds on replacing items our kids lose before they reach the age of ten. The paper reports:

'Mums spend £1,589 replacing items lost by their kids before the age of ten - and nearly two days in total looking for them, according to a study. Researchers found the average youngster misplaces a total of 483 belongings between the ages of three and ten - with hats, jumpers and cuddly toys among the most commonly lost items. And 62 per cent of possessions which go missing, such as coats, school uniform items and books, are NEVER found again.'

Yep, I'm hearing that. And what *is* it with school uniform going missing? If my son's PE kit isn't vanishing from his peg at school, his tie is disappearing from the floor of his room, where he usually leaves it or his shoes are evaporating into thin air. And don't get me started on lost glasses, watches, Lego figures or socks.

Thing is, I'd love to know how to help my kids get better at looking after their stuff. I reckon reading them the riot act over yet another missing possession takes up a good proportion of my average week. And yet the more I rant and rave about the importance of looking after their things, the more stuff they seem to misplace.

So I definitely need some new tips and tricks for encouraging my brood to stop being 'losers', as it were. One mum I know refuses point blank to pay for replacements of anything her child loses, such is her despair at forking out for the umpteenth spare school tie. I think that's a bit harsh but we'd love to hear your views.

What's the craziest place you've find something your child lost? What's the most expensive item your child has misplaced? And what are you tips for helping your kids take care of the things they own? Leave us a comment here or come and join the conversation over on our Facebook page.

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  • Fi M.

    If they lose it then that's it, I don't replace it. Unless it's something really essential (glasses/school tie) then they can go without. Can't have been that important to them if they didn't take care of it.

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