How Blunt Do You Like Your Baby Books?

How Blunt Do You Like Your Baby Books?

When it comes to baby books, how would you feel about a no-holds-barred, brutally honest account of pregnancy, birth and motherhood?

One mum who sought to write a book just like that for mums says she's been turned down by publishers because she's just too honest about the realities of parenthood.

The Birmingham Mail reports:

Olivia, a 36-year-old mum-of-two from Great Barr, was told it would be "too risky" to publish her straight-talking advice when they saw the first chapters of her book The Baby Bible: The No Bulls**t Guide to Motherhood.

On why hating the father of your child is completely normal, Olivia writes:

"You find yourself thinking 'If he doesn't get off his arse and offer to change a nappy, sterilise the bottles or run me a bath, I will be getting off mine to organise a divorce or a hit man'. And I feel like wanting to bury the bread knife into his skull as he leaves every morning to re-join the world at large while I am left behind."

I laughed at Olivia's candour but then I'm pretty straight-talking about the nitty gritty stuff of pregnancy and parenthood.

WARNING - Don't click this next link if you're not a fan of very honest accounts of birth and labour - but I wrote 5 things no-one tells you about giving birth because I really wish I'd known some of that stuff before I went through it for the first time - but I know loads of mums who think that sort of 'honesty' is actually unhelpful.

Indeed, I remember having a conversation with one of my best friends when she was pregnant with her first child - the first of our social circle to have a baby - and she pretty much told me her entire approach to labour and delivery was denial. She didn't *want* to know the gory details about what she might experience because she already felt afraid of the unknown and felt 'safer' by keeping herself in the dark.

That's not my approach - I'm a big believer in fore-warned being fore-armed, and found that soaking up as much information as possible about pregnancy and birth helped me feel confident and prepared.

So - speaking personally - I think I'd have welcomed a book that tells-it-like-it-is about motherhood when I was expecting my first baby.

I think it's a shame that publishers aren't braver about such things, and I can't say I've ever read a parenting book I've really loved. The Baby Whisperer was definitely pretty influential in the days when I was trying to figure out how on earth to keep my tiny, squirming firstborn child alive but other than that, I always find books penned by celebrity mums just a bit too neat and tidy.

So props to Olivia for trying to subvert the niceties of the parenting book world. I hope she bags a book deal.

But what's your view? Do you think there's scope for a candid, brutally honest book about motherhood, or do you think it's better to discover the reality of having kids for yourself, without anyone trying to 'enlighten' you as to what lies ahead? Leave us a comment below or come and join the conversation over on our Facebook page.

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