Have You Quit Your Resolution Yet?!

Have You Quit Your Resolution Yet?!

Well, have you?

Given that today is officially Blue Monday – supposedly the most depressing day of the year – I'm sorry to say that I have dispiriting news – over 20% of Brits quit their new year’s resolutions within the first six months, according to new research.

Interested specifically in health, Nuyoo.co surveyed 1,428 British adults who made health-related resolutions at the start of 2017 to see how many had seen them through by the end of the year.

The findings revealed that the majority (80%) of Brits had ‘losing weight’ as their health-related new year resolution. But only 38% of those had achieved weight loss by the end of 2017 – less than half. The next most popular health-related resolution among Brits was ‘exercising more’ at 74%. Of those, only 32% managed to increase their physical activity in 2017.

The least prioritised health-related new year’s resolution was giving up smoking at 22%. Out of those, 10% successfully gave up smoking by the end of 2017. Just slightly above smoking was dieting at 36%, with only 10% managing to stick to their guns.

The research also sought to gain an insight into the primary reasons why individuals failed to achieve their new year resolutions. The majority attributed it to ‘lacking motivation’ (30%). The next biggest reason was due to ‘time constraints’ (26%).

Sacha Harding a Personal Trainer from Nuyoo.co commented:

The first month of each year helps individuals reflect on aspects of their day-to-day life they wish to change or improve on. Whilst many start with great hope, they often end up faltering as the year goes on. To avoid this, individuals need to integrate new processes and routines into their life gradually, espe cially when it comes to health. It’s also important to record progress – as it provides the best indication of your journey towards set goals/aims”.

But don't be discouraged if you're still oping this might be the year you nail those good intentions. Nuyoo has put together these top tips for achieving health-related resolutions in 2018:

Be Specific
It’s simple to say you ‘want to lose weight’ and ‘eat healthier’ but these are just statements rather than specific aims. If you are attempting to lose weight, firstly consider your main purpose for doing so and then, set a target weight you want to reach by a certain date.

Embrace Slip-Ups
If one-day you don’t follow your exercise routine or make it to the gym, it’s fine. There is no need to punish yourself over it and then indulge in unhealthy snacking. Turn the situation in your favour by going for a half-an-hour walk or jog instead.

Record Progress
It’s very important to measure your journey towards your fitness goals. In doing so, you consistently become aware of your progress. If you realise you are not on track, then it provides the perfect opportunity to re-evaluate and implement a better/updated eating and exercise regime.

Before embarking on a certain diet, research if that diet is suitable for you. Assess the ins and outs of the diet to see if it can be integrated into your lifestyle as well as meet any dietary needs. Additionally, ask yourself: Is it affordable enough to sustain? Will you like the products/items involved in making the meal plans?

Involve Friends/Family/Colleagues
Share your ambitions to be healthier with friends, family and colleagues. For instance, at work tell a colleague you’re intending to eat better and be more active at lunch. So, when you pop out to get lunch, they encourage you to stick to the healthier alternatives.

We'd love to hear what you make of this research. Can you share any tips of your own for sticking to this year's resolutions, or have you long since abandoned them?

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