Cyclist Films Woman Eating Bowl Of Cereal Whilst Driving


We're a little bit late to this, um, party (did I mention I have a baby with a broken leg?) but have you seen the video causing a stir online of the woman eating a bowl of cereal at the wheel of her moving vehicle?!

The Express reports:

"The shameless woman, thought to be on her way home after a school run, was captured scoffing her breakfast by cyclist David Williams in the middle of morning rush-hour traffic. The cycling instructor said he couldn't believe his eyes when he spotted the woman in her 4x4 Land Rover Discovery with one hand on the wheel and the other holding what appeared to be Shreddies."

Here's Telegraph columnist Allison Pearson on the topic:

"I mean, one simply didn’t have time to have one’s organic granola before dropping Hector at pre-dawn Mandarin. So, it’s perfectly sensible to take it with one and consume en route to school, no? Keep the skimmed milk in the cup holder, your mixed berries in the dash and tuck the spoon down your bra. Bingo!"

But Sarah Vine reckons the real story here isn't the mum who saw fit to scoff a bowl of Shreddies whilst driving during rush hour, but the 'vigilantes in Lycra' who wear head cams and film your every move. She writes:

"Eating cereal at 8.45am in a traffic jam. A bit mad, I’ll grant you. But I can’t help finding that silly driver a lot less offensive than priggish Mr Williams. Justifying his decision to share his film of her on the internet, and report her to the police, he explained: ‘I’m passionate about road safety and I don’t feel she should be able to get away with this. When you see something this idiotic you just want to share it with the world.’"

What's really troubling me, though, isn't the woman's idiocy or even the bike vigilante's attempt at an intervention.

It's why anyone would go to the bother of eating a bowl of Shreddies on the school run when Cocoa Pops Cereal Bars exist?

Joking aside, I actually feel quite sorry for the woman in question, who's surely likely to be recognised by friends and family members. I can also imagine getting so caught up in the chaos of the morning routine that I'd end up doing something as silly as eating a bowl of Shreddies in the car. I hope it's a wake-up call to her - not just to exercise a little more caution when getting behind the wheel of her car - but also to get a bit more balance in her life so that she doesn't become a cereal offender. (Sorry.)

We'd love to hear your thoughts on this story over on our Facebook page. Have you ever resorted to having breakfast in the middle of the school run and, if so, what's your cereal snack of choice? (Not that we advocate ever eating behind the wheel of a moving vehicle, of course.)

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