Court Rules Wheelchairs Should Take Priority Over Buggies On Buses

Wheelchairs Take Priority Over Buggies

A wheelchair user has won a Supreme Court ruling that bus drivers must do more to prioritise space for disabled passengers.

Mr Paulley took his case to the Supreme Court after being unable to board a bus because a woman with a baby, sleeping in a pushchair, refused to vacate the spot designated for wheelchair users. She claimed her pushchair did not fold, prompting Mr Paulley to sue the bus company for failing to make "reasonable adjustments" for wheelchair users, as required by the 2010 Equality Act.

BBC News reports:

Wheelchair user Doug Paulley brought his case after he was refused entry to a FirstGroup bus in 2012, when a mother with a pushchair refused to move. First Bus said the ruling meant drivers would not have to remove customers from its vehicles, while Mr Paulley said the ruling would make "a major difference".

What this really means in practice has yet to become clear but the courts have decreed it's not enough for drivers to simply ask non-wheelchair users to move from wheelchair spaces – yet at the same time, drivers don't have a legal duty to actually remove passengers from the bus who refuse to vacate the designated space.

It's been reported that disability campaign groups have hailed the ruling a victory but, as a buggy-pushing bus-riding mum, I don't quite see it like that.

Don't get me wrong; had I been asked to vacate a space designated for a wheelchair user on a bus, I'd have done so without thinking twice. I've done it numerous times, and that includes dragging two children under two years old (and a knackered old double buggy that genuinely didn't fold) off a bus to make way for a wheelchair user, only to wait an hour in the freezing cold until the next one turned up. I did it happily and can't imagine anyone having a problem with making space for a disabled passenger, even if that means getting off the bus.

I don't want a medal and I don't have a sob story about how inconvenient it was because I'm sure it's not nearly as inconvenient as it must be to travel by bus if you're a wheelchair user only to find that someone thinks their sleeping baby's comfort should come before your physical needs.

Because that's the difference here. A wheelchair user needs that space. A baby and its parent does not, no matter how much their convenience is compromised by having to move or disembark. Babies and buggies, unlike disabilities and wheelchairs, are lifestyle choices, after all.

But. I don't see it as a victory because I don't think it's ever a good thing to rank the concerns of one group in society against those of another. No-one wins at that game, in the end.

It should never be compared with being disabled, but travelling by public transport with babies and small children can be astonishingly difficult. The day a bus driver drove off and left me by the side of the road because I couldn't fold my buggy fast enough at his insistence (because his bus was packed) – with a total stranger holding my newborn and my toddler pinned to the wall to stop him darting into the road – played no small part in my decision to move out of London.

Which is why I think today's landmark ruling might create more problems than it solves, at least initially. Where does it leave parents? Will you pay twice if you disembark? And what about when a wheelchair user can't access the bus because there's already a wheelchair on board? And how exactly is a bus driver supposed to persuade someone to move from a wheelchair space? That's a lot of pressure for someone whose focus should be safely driving a vehicle. I hate the language used by the court – namely, that said person could be "shamed" into moving by the driver stopping the bus until they agree to move. Shame surely shouldn't come into this.

I'm glad Mr Paulley won his case and thankful that it's bringing this issue to the fore but I'd rather public transport in the 21st century was fit to handle both babies and disabled passengers. There should be room for both.

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  • Fiona B.

    Absolutely the right decisin

  • Kate H.

    It should be first come first served you can't expect a mother with a newborn baby to fold a pram down

    • Megan D.

      It's slightly different, removing a newborn from a buggy, or forcing someone who can't move their legs to get out of a wheelchair. I've done it before and I'd do it again

    • Kate H.

      Megan Doman no not forcing them to do anything but wait for the next bus

    • Gail S.

      Why will she not have learned to use it ?

    • Kate H.

      Gail Sykes so you want a mother to hold a newborn in her arms and put and pram down at the same time? :joy::joy::joy:

    • Dee B.

      How u gonna collapse a buggy and hold a new born at the same time???? No way would I give my child to a stranger to hold

    • Megan D.

      I still think it makes sense to fold down a buggy and let a wheelchair user have the space, rather than make someone late, or leave them in the cold. Why have them wait for the next one, when realistically you can both be on the same bus

    • Nikki H.

      Dunno about you but I've hardly seen a mum with a buggy that didn't have a nappy bag, a rain cover, some shopping and her handbag hanging off it. Just fold it up isn't exactly great advice! I'm all for disabled rights but each situation will be different.

    • Dee B.

      I understand that. But what if like me you mostly travel alone. My son was born in December. Cold. Winter. Loads of layers.... Please explain how I can fold my buggy. Hold a baby and blankets at the same time... Also bare in mind 99% of bus drivers don't wait till everyone is sat down before they start to drive off. So your juggling a baby, a buggy and other stuff on a moving bus. It's an accident waiting to happen

    • Lauren R.

      I don't move if I'm first on the bus and I have a double buggy with a baby and a toddler also nerve damage in my feet I'm not doing it to be a bitch but I can't hold a baby and a toddler and try fold or unfold a buggy also bus drivers never wait for you to finish sitting down they always drive off in a rush so I agree with first come first serve basis

    • Caroline G.

      Well if your going to use a bus with a newborn you should be able to fold down the pram or have someone either end to meet you asnd hgelp you or you could use a sling or oither baby carri method

    • Jennie B.

      I completely agree with you Kate!!!!

    • Anne H.

      Kate Holt yes it's a perfectly normal thing to do !! Do u know they make pram that do just that!!!

    • Anne H.

      Dee Brown you put the baby in one hand and use the other to fold down the pram cost toes will fold into the pram so easy

    • Dee B.

      Caroline Gate is that meant to be a joke? Also what if it was snowing or icy? A carryier wouldn't be safe. People are busy. They don't have time to shapperone to me.

    • Megan D.

      I always carried a sling on the bottom of the buggy in case I ever needed to fold it down, and when mine were newborn, I would have just removed the carrycot/car seat and put it down whilst I folded the chassis. It's actually incredibly selfish to consider leaving someone disabled to wait in the cold because you're ever so slightly inconvenienced. There are always ways around things, and this is a situation that's easily resolved if we all stop worrying about ourselves for a minute

    • Dee B.

      Anne Hirst my pram wasn't like that. It wasn't as straight forward as that. I needed 2 hands :open_hands:

    • Dee B.

      I think every situation is different. And should be acted on accordingly. Simply saying...... Brake the pram down... When it's not as simple as that. What if you have twins... What you meant to do then ? Lay your babies on a dirty bus floor?

    • Lou P.

      My thoughts exactly!! Surely the person that got there first gets priority! What happens if two wheelchairs want to get on the bus? Who takes priority then?

    • Dee B.

      Lou Pops they have a fight. The winner gets the spot lol :grin:

    • Ash S.

      Well no way will i put my pram down they are sitting in the wheelchair anyways so they can wait for the next bus :-)

    • Sarah J.

      I agree Kate. My pram is a travel system so doesn't just 'fold down'. I'd have my child, the seat, and the frame. Not to mention shopping and bags.

      Just last month I had to wait for 3 buses until I could get on. So that was both me and my son waiting in the cold. Neither should get priority. There should just be more spaces.

    • Megan D.

      God forbid any of you ever end up in a wheelchair, don't forget to wrap up, might just get left in the cold :snowflake:

    • Ash S.

      better then a baby freezing ^^^^^^^^^^^

    • Joanne B.

      not all buggies are that easy to fold 1 handed. Mine certainly isnt

    • Megan D.

      You don't wrap your baby up?:thinking:

    • Dee B.

      Megan Doman do have a child? And if so, have u ever used public transport?

    • Eleanor D.

      So it's not OK to leave a disabled person in the cold but it is OK to leave a baby? No first come first serve, I've only seen a wheelchair on the bus 2/3 times

    • Ash S.

      Well do they not have a coat ????????

    • Dee B.

      Megan Doman have U ever travelled on public transport with a small child?

    • Chloe T.

      My brother is a wheelchair user and he wouldn't ever think about making a parent with a baby get of the bus just so he can get on....he would just wait for the next everyone else has to. people with disabilities are always saying how they want to be treated equally (which I think they should too) but this isn't equal...if there isn't any space...there isn't any space.

    • Megan D.

      :joy: yes I have two children, and to visit my family I have to use a bus route that is also the same route to get to a major care home for the disabled in my city. I've never waited in the cold with my babies, because I've folded the pram, and let a wheelchair user on multiple times. There's no reason anyone should wait. Yes it might inconvenience you ever so slightly, but it's selfish and rude to refuse someone who isn't physically able to walk, a space on public transport

    • Megan D.

      Anyway, the Supreme Court ruled it, get on with it ladies :information_desk_person_tone2:

    • Ash S.

      Hmmm a baby isn't physically able to walk !!

    • Megan D.

      Nope, but it's easier to lift a baby, than it is to expect someone to lift a 12 stone adult onto a seat. Like I've said, been there and done it, it's really not a big deal

    • Ash S.

      Its easy right ??? no its bloody not ! they can wait simple as that !!!

    • Megan D.

      Not according to the Supreme Court they can't :grin:

    • Ash S.

      And how they going to make anyone do anything Haha

    • Ash S.

      And by the way they get a free badge and a car so they don't need a bloody bus !!! :unamused:

    • Charley M.

      Its not a law yet! its a simple courtesy to be told to bus drivers to ask people to move for wheelchair users, not even the bus driver can make anyone do anything unless dangerous to the bus or himself/herself.

    • Charley M.

      A wheelchair user has won a Supreme Court ruling that bus drivers must do more to prioritise space for disabled passengers. Nowhere in that statement does it state that anyone HAS to move..

    • Caroline G.

      This is why when you go.and buy your Pram you buy a practical one you can use and fold and unfold with one hand

    • Chloe T.

      So what if two wheelchair users want to get on the same bus? is it the most disabled person first?

    • Megan D.

      :thumbsup_tone1: still a courteous thing to do. In my mind, there's no argument, id always move or fold it down, but you've all got your own reasons for refusing to move. I'll leave it there :wave_tone1:

    • Ash S.

      Like I said doesn't matter about pram size or the age of a child they get a free car so use it simple !

    • Shona C.

      'they' don't always get a free badge and a free car ...

    • Ash S.

      You only don't if you can walk !

    • Charley M.

      Not just buggy users that should be asked I've seen plenty of old folk refuse to move from the wheelchair user bay fold up seats, maybe ol' doris should of brought a smaller folding shopping trolley too :joy: People are only moaning about buggy users because he just happened to mention that it was a mom with a pram that refused to fold her pram, here lies the question...Could she of folded it safely? Did she infact have a disability? No one knows unless they were sitting on that bus, he has just got a sympathy backing because he is a wheelchair user, i know wheelchair users who will happily wait for the next bus because of a buggy user, it just happens to be that this man moaned because he didnt want to miss his lunch with his parents at there home.

    • Christina W.

      Megan Doman so why does the mother with a baby have to get off the bus and be made to wait in the cold or made late? Mothers have appointments too you know!

    • Patricia C.

      Ash Sara how ignorant can one person be!!!!!!

    • Nikki H.

      Caroline Gate you say some ridiculous things!

    • Ash S.

      Patricia Chatterton no not ignorant just honest :v:

    • Patricia C.

      You need to get your facts right though!

    • Ash S.

      and you wanna talk about fact well here is some for you !!! so here we go you put your child you knee and that bus has a crash what do u think will happen to your child as they are in no safety seat ??? yes I think we all know what could happen! your child isn't aloud in a car with out a seat so what is the difference plz ?? well sorry but they can wait for the next bus so children are safe sorry but a child comes before any adult in my eyes because my child comes first !!!!

  • Gail S.

    So they should, why should a court need to rule on this, a complete waste of taxpayers money. Surely common sense and decency should tell you to put your buggy down and let someone in a wheelchair use that space.

    • Samira A.

      What about mothers with newborns?

    • Gail S.

      What about them?Someone in a wheelchair may well not have the option to be able to get out of that chair, pick the baby up out of the buggy and collapse it. Newborn or otherwise, before low level buses that's what people had to do.

    • Stacey-Jane G.

      It's not always possible to collapse your buggy though is it? Where would you like me to put my baby whilst I collapse my buggy? And who would be watching my toddler at the same time? Also, what about children with special needs? Younger children (with special needs) are usually still in buggies, so then does it become a battle of whichever disability is worse?!! It should be first come first served?! Does then it give me priority with a pushchair over those that can stand in the aisle or use another seat?!

    • Louise S.

      not that easy though trying to fold a pram with a newborn baby then there's nowere to put them

    • Gail S.

      Well maybe the person in the wheelchair should stop being so lazy and learn to walk so you don't have to hold your baby while you collapse the buggy and be inconvenienced and as I understand the signs on buses, a pushchair does have priority in them seats over someone who does not have one.

    • Anne H.

      Stacey-Jane Gilfillan how do you think mothers got on with babies before these type of busses ? You bought a pram you could put down and put the baby under your arm lifted the toddler on and then your pram!!

    • Gail S.

      Louise Scotter so did you and everyone elses parents not take them out and on buses as newborns ?,

    • Henna I.

      Totally agree wheelchairs should have priority but when a mother is on the bus on her own with a newborn and has a nappy bag and few shopping bags on her buggy how is she going to put it all away? While she's collapsing her buggy who is going to hold her baby? These days people won't even hold a door open for someone with a buggy. There's always room for one wheelchair and one buggy on the bus, just need to utilise the space better.

    • Anne H.

      It's all about what's in it for me and what I deserve nowadays !! Get real and think about how you're all making the disabled feel!!

    • Abbey C.

      Baby wear? Hands free to put your pram down.

    • Anne H.

      Henna Iqbal you manage just like we did !! Or get a taxi or god forbid walk !!!

    • Melanie S.

      What if you have a pram/buggy that doesn't collapse? What happens then? Should the parent not get on a bus? I won't be giving up my space or getting off the bus or collapsing my pram

    • Abbey C.

      Baby wear? Hands free to put your pram down. Sorted!

    • Anne H.

      Surely if you have to get on a bus with a pram you know this before you buy the pram ?? So buy one fit for purpose

    • Elizabeth G.

      They wait for the next bus. It's not hard and they r quite frequent nowadays!

    • Elizabeth G.

      I went to get on the bus with my friend yesterday. A wheelchair user was on the bus already and my friend had an old fashioned buggy with a newborn in and I had a stroller with a 3 year old in. I folded my pushchair down and sat my 3 year old on a seat next to me so my friend cld have the other space. It was a pain but the driver patiently waited. Had I of not wanted to fold my pushchair down....We'd of waited 15mons for the next bus!! X

    • Laura M.

      i have a disabled child with mobility issues and on several occasions have had to get off a bus mid journey to allow a wheel chair to get on sometimes buggys are used in lou of wheelchairs while the child is still small its not as simple as it always seems

    • Gail S.

      Melanie Scott you made that choice, someone in a wheelchair did not make that choice, so what you are implying is you have more right to that space then a disabled person.

    • Melanie S.

      I'll buy the pram I WANT, NOT one that will be better for a person in a wheelchair!!!

    • Gail S.

      and that right there is the problem with society, it is all about what I want, what I am entitled to, how it benefits me. Not how it benefits everyone. I'm just glad I never get on the bus.

    • Natalie V.

      Totally agree. I didn't drive when I had my children and moved on many occasions for wheelchairs...even when they were newborn! I had a pram I could fold easily ( as I knew there would be times when I would not be able to get on without doing so) and put all shopping in appropriate place. I was once on a bus with my newborn in pram and a lady got on with her toddler a few stops after...wheelchair user then wanted to get on but she refused to move! I collapsed mine instead. Common courtesy!

    • Anne H.

      Melanie Scott well don't bloody moan if it won't go on a bus !!!

    • Scott C.

      haha "ill buy the pram I WANT, NOT one that will be better for day to day use and practicality" clown

    • Charley M.

      In 8 years that ive got on a bus since owning a pushchair ive encountered 6 wheelchair users! 6 in over 1000+ journeys, sorry but i will move for a wheelchair user but i will not be getting off a bus because of it! And due to the little amount of wheelchair users I've encountered I too will buy a pram that suits my needs not a wheelchair user or a bus!

    • Melanie S.

      If you don't even use buses, why are you even making a comment!:thinking:

    • Gail S.

      Because I am a taxpayer and do not like to see public money wasted on court cases that shouldn't even need to happen in the first place and could be avoided if people thought of others as much as they do themselves.

    • Charley M.

      He made it go to court! He wasted your 'taxpayers' money. I also paid for him to take it back to court & im annoyed because this 'ruling' could affect folk like me just because some idiot who just happens to be disabled got his pants in a twist & went to the papers whilst he was at it! I don't mind moving for wheelchair users, ive moved for several, 6 infact! Its called common sense & decency which a fair few folk nowadays lack! I still stand by what i said i will not ever buy a buggy to suit others needs.

    • Gail S.

      He wouldn't have had to take it to court though if people had common decency and compassion. Anyway I've had enough of the convo, I am going to find something that will hopefully restore my faith in humanity.

    • Charley M.

      Good luck with that search, You will be looking for a while :unamused: Plus don't just blame buggy users I've encountered Old folk who haven't shifted for a wheelchair user either :smirk:

    • Henna I.

      Anne Hirst I have never used busses I wouldn't really know the struggle to be honest but I'm a parent and know how difficult it is to manage new born baby+pushchair+all your belongings and the suggestions that you have a baby carrier as well, easier said than done

  • Kerry T.

    i think it depends on the situation !

  • Jemma H.

    Should just attach our prams and buggies to guide ropes at the back of the bus then!

    • Shirley V.

      There should be a place for buggies/prams and a place for wheelchair users. Sorted. I'd give up my child's place for a wheelchair user as its designated to them not the child. I wouldn't refuse to move, just not right I think.

    • Jemma H.

      It's not easy though when you have a sleeping baby, tonnes of shopping, a pushchair (not a just a buggy) and your on your own. So glad I have a car :joy::joy:

    • Shirley V.

      Yes agreed, that's why I think buses should accommodate both.

  • Claire W.

    They said on the news that the court ruling was that it would apply in 'certain circumstances', like a pushchair with a toddler can be put down for a wheelchair... but a newborn type buggy would not etc.

    They should make the space bigger on buses and utilise the seating upstairs... make enough space for everyone:)

    • Emma N.

      Not all buses on all routes have an upstairs now.

    • Joanne B.

      To be honest I wouldn't want to take my toddler out of her buggy to fold it down. My buggy is a 2 handed job to fold and I know being a 17 month old she would run off possibly into the road. Not a risk I would be willing to take. Once on the bus I would fold it down but not before

    • Claire W.

      No I wouldn't either. I think they meant more the 2 year old that can walk etc but are in a buggy. I've always believed it should be a first come basis... equal rights and all. X

    • Märiä H.

      I would use rains, safely put the pram down then. And when he was a baby I would never get on with a buggy , It was always too rammed

  • Claire L.

    I've been getting busses for aslong as I can remember (10 years+) only in the last 4 years when having a pushchair I've encounter a wheelchair getting on once. My pushchair comes a part quite a bit and not easy to do on a bus but I'd try my best to make the room but obvs I've paid for the journey can't just get off. Usually 70% of the busses have rooom either side so one of each can get on

  • Amanda S.

    I think yes , if you have to get off the bus (which i always do) the driver can give you a ticket so you dont have to pay again. It states the area is for a wheel chair and really people should be grateful you can get a buggy on , when i had my first child you always had to fold the buggy/pram and whilst a godsend the wheelchair comes first.

    • Dion R.

      Totally agree, yes it's a pain but there is the option to take the child out of the buggy but there isn't another option for someone in a wheel chair

    • Nadine M.

      Yes and no, a toddler can be safely taken out of a or am and sat on a seat or knee with pram folded but a baby can not, its unsafe and left unprotected.

    • Roxy B.

      Not all prams fold. Most for younger babies have detachable seats but cannot be folded. It should be 1st co.e 1st serve. I'll happily stand and maneuver the pram to accommodate a wheelchair user (most buses can carry 1 of each anyway)

  • Ru A.

    It should be a First come first serve basis. It's called equality. A mother with a newborn cannot physically hold her baby and fold down a pram, also prams suitable for newborns when folded are usually just as big and there is no where to put them.

    • Angeline M.

      Well, maybe they do the decent thing and get off the bus and give the wheelchair user the space that is a designated space for disabled people .

    • Gav M.

      Or wait for another bus!! First come first serve !! Why should a mother with baby get off a bus to wait for another to come especially if she needs to get home to feed the newborn or toddler.

    • Caroline M.

      On the buses here (north east) the spaces are not only for wheelchair users, prams as well! If a new mother is expected to dismantle her pram and hold her babe in arms with no seat belt, which is so unsafe, lets go the whole hog! Let's make a breastfeeding/bottle feed area on the bus!!

    • Gav M.

      Yes same here in midlands. The buses are for both wheelchair and pushchair use.

    • Sammie I.

      Angeline McSorley I find it disgusting that people actually expect someone to get off the bus after they have paid and are already on their journey. Just because someone is in a wheelchair it shouldn't mean that mums get treated like dirt!!

    • Hayley L.

      In my area there is very few that have any space for luggage or folded prams. It would not be practical to have it folded down as there is no where to put it! I agree it should be first come first serve. Why should someome get off who has already started their journey and has paid for someone that needs to get on? I had to wait numerous times for another bus when my children where little due to 2 buggys being on board already. No different to a wheelchair user waiting.

    • Ru A.

      No. If a mother with a pram can wait for the next bus so can a person with a wheelchair.

    • Emma S.

      A baby would be safe from the elements in their buggy. A wheelchair user is not!

    • Ru A.

      oh well stuff the mother then ay emma :rolling_eyes:

    • Hayley L.

      Neither is any other person waiting for the bus! Im sure if the weather is bad they would also have blankets and an umbrella, like I see most people with wheelchairs have!

    • Naomi C.

      Mums don't get buses for their baby they get it for themselves. We have rain covers with our prams for a reason. We chose to walk with our prams or we'd be lugging car seats about. People in wheelchairs didn't choose to take a stroll in their chair.....Mums who are whining about their babies on buses and this "first come first serve" crap, what if in a few years your baby is the one in a wheelchair? Would you still have the same opinion?

    • Emma S.

      So you'd rather a poorly person sit in the rain over a healthy mother? Get your priorities right ru ab

    • Emma S.

      Cuz it's so easy to hold an umbrella whilst wheeling yourself around? I'm a mum to 4 and disabled. Being a mum doesn't make you entitled. I didn't choose to be disabled but I did choose to be a mum! Sort it out. Fed up of entitled cows thinking they are better than disabled people! If you're gonna moan about it maybe keep your legs shut? I'm sure you'd feel differently if it was you who was disabled!

    • Jenna W.

      I've literally got so much abuse for posting the same thing! But I couldn't agree with you more. It should be equality, not entitlement. X

    • Ru A.

      Jenna Louise Willis - exactly!! And having attitudes like the above is only going to make it less likely for people to move! It's disgusting x

    • Caroline M.

      Emma.....just because someone is in a wheelchair it does not mean they are 'poorly!!! Likewise you cannot assume a new mother is healthy, not all new mums are!! And having to get the bus may be a necessity for hospital appointments! Your ignorance of people in the real world shines in that one sentence!!

    • Jenna W.

      I'm not either. Tbh I have a sister in law and she's a horrible person in a wheel chair lol! She has cerebral palsy and feels entitled that she doesn't have to work and actively says we should pay for her!! Lmao! Yanno though I can't say that I've been in a situation where this has happened. And tbh there's been a lot of times where disabled people have given me priority over them! It's just this idiot has spat his dummy out and cried to his mum!

  • Hayley S.

    i totally agree but then make more room for pushchairs, there is far more pram users using a bus then wheelchair users...from what iv seen) how would a mum hold her young baby and fold it! in my town it's first come first serve unless there is room for both and only 2 pushchairs aloud on per bus..obviously if there is a pram with no child in it then it should be folded x

    • Sarah T.

      How about ask for help????

    • Sarah T.

      No I mean to fold the buggy derrrrrr :joy::joy::joy:

    • Sophie L.

      Have you tried explaining to a complete strabger how to fold some of these pushchairs? And no way would i want someone holding my child either

    • Hayley S.

      plus a lot of elderly people get on the bus where i live or foreign and don't understand...

    • Amy J.

      i used to do push chair, child and shopping all without the easy access buses or spaces for prams or wheelchairs gosh how did We survive

    • Amy S.

      I actually tried asking for help once, bus driver drove off and left me and my young baby in the snow, I had to walk 6 miles home as another bus wasn't due for another hour.

    • Yvonne K.

      Amy Smith that's disgusting I hope you complained to the bus company. Think bus drivers should be taught some empathy too.

    • Michelle A.

      I' had to hand my newborn to a stranger whilst i folded my pram up and took it on the bus in 2 parts. Thankfully she was a beautiful kind old lady who just loved to be helpful .. The bus driver just sat and huffed. Getting off the bus on the way home wasn't so easy. I had to leave my newborn in the pram top on the bus whilst I took the wheels off. And put them up. No one offered to help.

    • Caroline G.

      Some bus drivers are not allowed to help if they have a accident they aren't covered by insurance by company. I can.see why they wouldn't help as they probably got a family at home and can't afford to lose their job.

    • Caroline G.

      Some bus drivers are not allowed to help if they have a accident they aren't covered by insurance by company. I can.see why they wouldn't help as they probably got a family at home and can't afford to lose their job.

    • Märiä H.

      People should fold down their prams like people did one handed years ago, or strap on a baby carrier , the days you would fold it down and walk up narrow steps. Put your stroller in the luggage compartment. If I was catching a bus, I would take a stroller, not the huge buggy.

    • Catrina H.

      What if you have a newborn?

    • Cheryl A.

      Surely if you're catching a bus you've planned to go out? Why not use a wrap or a baby carrier, therefore enabling you to fold your pram or buggy safely, whilst still keeping your baby/child safe?

    • Alison W.

      There's always someone who says "in the olden days I put the buggy down..." well I'm pretty sure ppl complained they had to do it and that's why buses now accommodate it. If there were no complaints or feedback then they wouldn't have done it. There's a lot more cars etc on the road now and there's no way I'm putting my one year old on the floor to fold the pram. She'll be on the road in 2 seconds and no doubt the bus driver will huff because I'm taking too long. You might get a nice person once in a while give you a hand but I've seen it where all the old are are sitting nattering on the bus tutting that it's taking so long and in their day they didn't have these fandangle prams :rolling_eyes: if there's someone with a wheelchair getting on I get off and wait for the next bus if someone is not willing to help which is often.

    • Lisa K.

      Alison Ward it isnt in the olden days im only 28 and I had to do it too, yes the drivers didnt like waiting, did I care hell no. If they got out and helped me I wouldnt take so damn long.

    • Charlotte G.

      I gave up using them in end ! I had a 2 year old and 1 year old and the stress of trying to get on safety was a joke !

    • Märiä H.

      In the olden days! I'm only 30. People did it years ago and shouldn't be so lazy. I said strollers, newborns don't go in strollers. People go on with big kids in huge prams, taking up all the room, If I was going on the bus I woukd take my cheap stroller, Big leather prams are not fit going on the bus. They made these buses for elderly, disabled and generally a lot easier. Not because parents want to walk on the bus.

    • Alison W.

      Lisa King yeah I know it still happens but how would you do it with a newborn and a 2.5 year old? Like I say it's an issue of safety if you're on a very busy road and it's all the oldies who don't bother to help. My kids are a bit older now 15 months and almost 4. I can tell my 3 year old to go on the bus and hopefully one of the passengers might help with my 15 month old. She's very fast when she gets going. I can't hold her and fold the pram up. Like I say it's more a safety issue not a feeling of entitlement or laziness that ppl take prams with babies in on the bus.

    • Alison W.

      Märiä Höwełłs who said anything about kids too big to go in prams obviously they can get on without a pram :rolling_eyes: newborns are still in prams. How can you fold a pram with one hand when u have to press 2 buttons simultaneously?? My 15 month old needs her pram still. Like I said it might be ok for you but in the interest of safety I'm not allowing my daughter to run into the road to fold a pram. I'd rather wait for the next one.

    • Jen M.

      Märiä Höwełłs I have a stroller and can't do it one handed

    • Jen M.

      Märiä Höwełłs omg have you heard yourself. Busses are made for everybody not just elderly. I don't see anywhere on my 'big' pram that it's not for taking on busses so if I wanna take my daughter in my big pram then I will :joy::joy:

    • Sharon B.

      If you know you will regularly have to use buses you factor that into your pam purchase. There are plenty out there that fold 1 handed and are suitable from birth. And you keep a carrier or wrap under the buggy. I do see however where an issue can arise of someone has to go shopping with a newborn as then buggy folding does become an issue. What the bus companies need to do is sort the buses for their routes with the most regular disabled and pram users. Have more spaces and fold down seating. The onus is now on the bus companies to provide.

    • Jen M.

      Alison Ward my girl is 20 months and I still use her pram when I go to town cos there is no way she will walk all the way round town while I get my shopping and then walk nicely by my side while I carry it lol

    • Kate F.

      I agree wheelchair users should get priority! Being a parent is a choice you make, you can't just decide to be disabled it's part of life

    • Märiä H.

      What are people crying about. I mentioned adoption that you could put a baby in a Cary holder. The problem isn't newborn baby's, Its lazy mothers with kids in strollers , not baby's. If there's no child in the stroller, take it down simple. Stop all excuses. Because there is non. Mums with baby twins could use that spot, Mums with early baby's could use that spot. People need to grow up, Acting like it's the impossible-

    • Märiä H.

      And 15 moths old is still a baby, I'm talking about the 3/4/5 year olds.

    • Märiä H.

      Alison ward- I said the issues with kids in prams. My experience, and this is while mums with "baby's" struggle If And jen, I'm staying that if massive leather prams are not meant to be folded so people go on with them and use the space for 2 strollers. Yes that's up to them if they want.

    • Lindz D.

      I dont mind putting my pram down for wheelchair users or big prams but what they should do in the first place is make the luggage storage big enough for the prams... lately they have gone a lot smaller than back in the day where you could sit in them... they have made the room for wheelchair users but it seems to have taken away the storage room to put folded prams away!!! I tend to walk with the pram to and from town (even if it is a 40 minute walk) thats just me... its only when Im going on longer journeys we use the pram on the bus as my 2.5 year old gets tired ever so quickly lately. When Ive gone for a bus to Trafford Centre, I could be the 1st one on the bus but Ive already folded my pram before jumping on the bus as I know they would take on about 4 prams as its the only bus on that journey...

  • Toni B.

    I totally agree that wheelchair users need the space and they have no choice but to sit anywhere else at the same time I wouldn't not take a young baby out of a pram and sit holding it on a bus what if there was an accident. It's not safe to carry a baby wile sat in a car so people who take regular bus Rides wouldn't find this safe either. On the other hand now my child is 3 I would not take up a space with a pram. First some first serve I guess.

    • Kate R.

      Sorry but 5-10 years ago that is what people had to do. I have always collapsed my pushchair for disabled people.

    • Kate G.

      I actually can't imagine any scenario where one wouldn't make room for a disable person Kerry and its not first come first served, its a matter of compromise and common sense.

    • Toni B.

      maybe so but years ago you didn't have laws to say your children had to be in car seats. No way would I risk the life of my baby. No life should be at risk on public transport and neither a women and baby or a disabled person should be left to wait for another bus to see if space is available but some times some one will have to so who has the right to say a disabled person has the right over a new born baby who also has no other choice but to sit in a pram. I have 2 children that are of age and able to sit on a seat so now I would take them out of the pram

    • Toni B.

      Kate Graham common sense to risk the life of a baby hmmm sounds like great common sense

  • Toni C.

    So they going to make a mother with a newborn baby fast asleep or even not because I wouldn't take a newborn baby out of pram on bus because dangerous, get off the bus because no space they should wait just like others have too they want to be treated equal this is how works I will move completely if space or in a situation to fold down the pushchair

  • Nevenka P.

    I would always let a person in a wheelchair get on and wait for the next one. My baby is newborn and the pram comes apart in two sections so unless I had help I couldn't put it down but I think they deserve the spot more than me

    • Louise M.

      Do you actually do this or do you just think you would do this? You would be happy getting off of the bus on a cold rainy night with your tiny baby to wait an hour on the next one?

    • Nevenka P.

      I've waited before as often getting on is hit and miss. But then my buses aren't every hour thankfully and I don't get buses at night as the kids go to bed at 6 so I'm home long before then.

    • Märiä H.

      I always took a stroller and a carrier if I was to go on a bus. I would fold it down and put it in the luggage compartment. The busses were every 15 mins, but always crammed. I wouldn't have had the heart to take up a seat of the waiting elderly

    • Kate B.

      We'd all like to think we would do the "right" thing but in reality when you have a screaming toddler who doesn't listen and runs off the minute you let go of them and small baby in a buggy m, it's pouring with rain outside and freezing cold, I don't think I would be getting off the bus. Who's going to run after the toddler that runs off? While trying to fold a buggy down and holding a baby and bags?? This world is ridiculous and unfortunately people are so rude and unhelpful and just stand there and judge you.

  • Dee B.

    When my son was new born I was ordered to collapse my buggy so a wheelchair :wheelchair: could get on the bus. I refused because there were 2 buggys on the bus too. With no children in either of them! I suggested they collapse their buggys as they had no children in them and I moved so the wheelchair user could fit in the space. It's common sense thats needed not a law.

    • Charley M.

      :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap: Amen to that. Definitely common sense is needed. Its shocking how little of it I see nowadays

    • Dee B.

      A little commonsense and thinking goes along way x

    • Charley M.

      Indeed but society today tend to not care either :thinking:

    • Sarah G.

      Sadly it's not that "common"

    • Charlotte G.

      Yeah , something everybody lacks these days :/

    • Dee B.

      If I was a wheelchair user. I'd personally gladly give my spot up for a buggy. Especially if it was cold or raining outside. But hey, that's just me x

    • Märiä H.

      I know what you mean, newborns fair enough, Mums with toddlers in strollers should put them down.

    • Dee B.

      Yes I agree Maria. If your child can walk then there is no excuse. What if u have new born twins. What you meant to do then? Also people shouldn't be allowed to leave empty buggys unfolded. The amount of times I had to wait for another bus because of selfish parents not folding down empty buggys was unreal x

    • Märiä H.

      I think people are more annoyed with the ones in strollers that are able to walk. I used to accompany my friends to put the pram down or hold the kids. She had newborn, 18 month old and a 4 year old, Yet women with Empty strollers :rage:

    • Jules F.

      If you were a wheelchair user you'd give up the space for a pram? Why? The person in the wheelchair has no other way to travel, while it might be annoying, a baby can be taken out of a pram and can still use the bus. Stop justifying taking away a disabled persons inclusion. Do you have any idea how hard it is to be a wheelchair user? How cold you get?

    • Dee B.

      What if u had twins Jules Frances? How would u collapse the buggy. Hold 2 kids and sort your changing bag, shopping etc at the same time? It's not do able. But Companies need to make more space for wheelchair access and buggys. Then it won't be a problem. Imagine how cold a new born would get in December

    • Dee B.

      Also my son was prem. Imagine waiting and waiting in the cold for a space on a bus with a teeny new born. It's not realistic

    • Kayleigh S.

      I've had this soooo many times! Like, you don't have a child in your buggy... I have two children in a double pram... Let's think, whose is gunna be easier to put down?! :rage:

    • Charley M.

      Toddlers in strollers yes fold them, i did but in now have a buggy with a board as i now have a non walker, its not easy to fold that bugger lol, but also buses in this day should have bigger spaces, id take the first row of seats away as the elderly dont sit on them anyway, well the ones by me don't they tend to sit 2-3 rows behind buggy/w.chair space.

    • Dee B.

      People lack consideration. My son is 4 now and haven't used a buggy for a couple of years now. But when we go on a bus we sit at the back. And I'd always give my seat up for a wheel chair or a buggy or someone who needed a seat :seat:

    • Myra B.

      If common sense had been applied there would be no need for the law, and incidentally it was but for the law there would be no consideration for disabled people in any circumstances

    • Märiä H.

      Dee Brown well my tip would be, if you know you will be using public transport, You could go with a friend to help, Use a baby carrier while you fold the pram and get on/off the bus. Use rains. Purchase a cheap stroller pram. (£20) Have money in your pocket ready. Put pram in luggage first then pay. Get a strap for your pram so it can hook over your shoulder.

    • Dee B.

      My son is 4 now he doesn't use a pram. But it wasn't always visible at the time to go with a friend. All my friends were working when I was on Matt leave. My son wouldn't go in his baby carrier. He got so upset he used to vomit on himself. And I wasn't going to purchase a cheap stroller simply because.... You can't put a new born in a stroller, my pram was £500 so I wouldn't folk on another and I had no so space for it either. So u see my dilemma

    • Märiä H.

      Dee Brown it's the children in prams I think are the problem. I see it all the time, then their are parents struggling with little baby's. But even though my buggy was over a grand I brought one for £12 in Asda. Because I would have never got on a bus coming home from Cardiff on a train at rush hour. But I did take my bigger pram when he was a baby, just meant waiting around

    • Dee B.

      I never used the bus in rush hour. I'm clostaohoic. So that was never a issue for me x

    • Hayley G.

      The only reason those spaces are there is because disabled people fought for them.

      30 years ago there were no spaces. My mum had my sister and I, my sister was disabled and couldn't walk and I was a baby. She managed to get on the bus to do her shopping with me and my sister in tow.

      I myself have 4 kids but having grown up seeing the struggles of being a wheelchair I would always always give up a space for them.

      It bloody exhausting pushing yourself around in a wheelchair. Going to the shops regularly as you can only carry a small amount of shopping. There's so much most regular people wouldn't even realise that makes it so much harder to be disabled.

    • Dee B.

      Most wheelchairs are electric now

    • Jenny H.

      Dee Brown but you've also gotta have the money for electric wheelchairs as well

    • Jenna W.

      Take someone with you to push you in the wheelchair. If we're using the logic of bring someone with you if you are struggling with putting a pram down.

  • Kayleigh E.

    That's how it has been where I live? I've gotten off a bus with a new born when a wheelchair has gotten on. I've also folded it down (a friendly person helped me) them slots were designed for wheelchairs first.

  • Hannah N.

    A baby/toddler or a wheelchair user is in my mind, has as much right as the other. Trouble is, how do you decide which has the bigger right?! Wheelchair users have absolutely the right to take priority, but i cant imagine also a mother/father having to dismantle a pram with a child in and shopping in, im front of a bus load of impatient people!!!

    • Caroline M.

      I 100% agree.....what if you are a brand new mum who has had a cesarean and going for your 1 week check up at GP and need to get a bus, bus comes along, bus already has pram on so new mum has to wait for next bus. It's such a difficult one to say how/who gets priority, it just shows how horrendous things have gotten where a law has to be written for common sense and general decency. What about the frail person who can't get a seat because no one will stand for them?? In many cases I am sure a bus is the only option for transport for so many people.

    • Hannah N.

      Im 6 months pregnant the pram ive bought is heavy and wide, and ive been thinking how im going to cope on buses if i have to take the pram down etc! Cause ill get all flustered and embarrassed! But i wont be seen as a priority now, as other mums wont. I always move on trains/buses for prams and wheelchairs. Ive seen non disabled people sit in the wheelchair bay of a bus who refuse to move for a pram or the elderly! The worlds gone mad!

  • Jenna W.

    So I guess mothers can be discriminated now? Sorry but I wouldn't give my space up. Call me whatever you want. I paid for a journey and I'll stay with it! And if someone asked me to fold my pram I'd tell them no! Do they not realise what happens when you're in a crash? But that baby you're carrying is basically a bag of cement flying from your grip!

    • Samantha P.

      I agree Jenna & I've done it. At the end of the day I've paid to be on the bus.

    • Samantha P.

      I agree Jenna & I've done it. At the end of the day I've paid to be on the bus.

    • Anne H.

      Totally selfish !! If you need a baby seat .. drive and strap it into a car seat

    • Jenna W.

      Why do you think I do then. I don't need your opinion though thanks. :-) and IT? Christ alive I'd hate to be your child if you're going round calling them it!

    • Ami R.

      I agree.. also my push chair doesnt fold down just like that.. i hace to take the seat off and the basket then collapss the wheels.. how can u do that on a moving bus with a baby

    • Chloe T.

      I agree and my brother is a wheelchair user. why should you get of and wait for the next bus? why can't the wheelchair user just wait for the next one? I mean fair enough if there isn't a child in the pram/child is old enough to sit on a seat....then fold it.

    • Claire M.

      Anne Hirst does the same principle nor apply to a disabled person then? Under that rationale then could they not get a taxi?

    • Anne H.

      Claire McArthur they could yes but I haven't seen One disabled person moaning and kicking off !! Not like all the entitled to folk on here !!

    • Jenna W.

      They wouldn't moan cause they've "won"

    • Anne H.

      Jenna Louise Willis figure of speech but if you're so easily offended don't post your opinion

    • Chloe T.

      People with disabilities are always going on about how they want to be treated equally but this isn't equal treatment. I know my brother would happily let a parent and baby on the bus first and just wait for the next one...everyone else has to!

    • Jenna W.

      There's been loads of disable people that I know of that have let me on first! Even when I've been behind them. This guy has spat his dummy out and was moaning. So you're argument is irrelevant. Easily offended pfffttt!! :joy:

    • Claire M.

      I didn't drive until my kids were 6 and 2. I relied on buses to get around. My pram didn't fold and I didn't buy a buggy until my little girl was 2 years old and I started driving. There is no way I would leave a bus for anyone, disabled or not. I had paid my fare and had just as much right to be there as anyone else.

      Now, if I went to a bus stop and there was a wheelchair user then of course they would go on the bus before me. However, I think it's ridiculous to think that anyone with a buggy should be MADE to leave a bus for anyone.

      If I ever got the bus and had to take my buggy then I would have it folded it certainly. However, are they going to make the people who have shopping in the storage part of the bus leave because I can't fit the buggy in there? Of course not. So why should I be discriminated against because buses are usually far too small for purpose?

      Clearly the people saying people with buggies should leave have never tried to deal with babies and other children on public transport

    • Carly W.

      Anne Hirst you are disgusting. Obviously if the person could drive they wouldn't need public transport.

    • Claire M.

      Anne Hirst I think you should read the news story again. This is all about a disabled person kicking off and moaning :thumbsup:

    • Linda T.

      Jenna Louise Willis The've won what???? Being disabled is not a prize, and no most of us don't moan.

    • Gav M.

      I'm with u on this one. I wouldn't give up the space and either get off the bus or take baby out chair with all my bags and fold pram away with one hand. Having a 18 month old and having to do that is impossible on a moving bus. First come first serve. If the space isn't available if I were to get on bus i would wait till the next one to come. I've seen plenty of ppl parking in mother and baby spaces who blatantly have not got kids or elderly ppl parking there cause there's no disabled spaces left and I have to deal with that, leaving me to get a car seat and pram out of a tight parking space. Nothing gets done about that tho. So why should we have to move for a space that's designed for chair users be it wheel chair or pushchair !!

    • Carly W.

      Claire McArthur exactly, I would hate to try and hold my 2 year old plus buggy and shopping. They don't have places for the buggy to be stored and the bus driver does not wait until your seated so a moving bus with above then it makes an impossible situation.

    • Chloe T.

      Any decent person wouldn't expect a parent with a baby to get off the bus in order for them to get on anyway...disabled or not. just wait for the next one :ok_hand:

    • Tracey A.

      Lot of selfish people on here!!! As a parent of a young child who is a wheelchair user I'm disgusted at some of these comments. Thank god I rarely have to use a bus

    • Kristine M.

      Lots of selfish people dismissing the safety concerns of holding a newborn on your lap in a bus...

    • Christina W.

      Sorry but these ones saying people are selfish... What exactly are you supposed to do with your newborn baby while the bus is moving and you're trying to dismantle your pram & play Tetris trying to store it?! Oh I know; let's just pop baby on the floor yeah? Or maybe on the seat to roll off?? And no. I wouldn't give my baby to a stranger before anyone says! If I folded the pram down I had for my newborn then it would take up MORE space than when it was up! So glad I drive. But then again the people arguing here are probably the people who think parent and child spaces shouldn't be

    • Ashleigh G.

      Another thing that pisses me off is the disabled using parent anf toddler bays when there is disabled bays free to use they just can't be bothered to drive that little bit extra to it!!! They csn do as they please and get priority on busses while we would have to move! I wouldn't get off the bus and wait with my baby in the cold for another not a chance! First come first serve... Better still if electric theb they shouldn't need the bus and if it's a push wheelchair that person can probably stand to take a seat!

    • Claire M.

      Tracey Ann why is it selfish to want to use public transport? Why should your child take priority over another child? The news story in question related to a toddler in a buggy which folded down and many people have already stated that they would have no problem in doing that but the issue isn't clear cut as many people are making out

    • Jenna W.

      I literally haven't met one disabled person who doesn't moan about something that's related to being disabled, eg free benefits, free buses, free cars, free housing, bigger parking spaces etc. Now they've won being able to access a bus and have someone chucked off because they're a parent who doesn't want to risk the child's health? And I'm being called selfish?! Lmao! Then yes, yes I'm selfish!!! Thank god I don't get buses any more!! :joy:

    • Anne H.

      So you're just being a keyboard warrior Jenna. Says it all really, you're not selfish you just come across just uncaring and rude !

    • Jenna W.

      I'm just stating facts. If it upsets you so much scroll on by.

    • Jules F.

      Chloe Taylor yes it is. Without the space someone in a wheelchair can't travel, the space creates equality. If the space is full a pram can still be folded and a baby held, no matter how annoying that might be, they still have the option to travel.

    • Jules F.

      Jenna Louise Willis you awful woman. I hope you never end up with a disability, you've no idea how hard it is. Nothing in life is free. How about you find some empathy for other people!

    • Jenna W.

      Yes it must be so difficult having everything handed to them for free. My brother who has the mildest form of autism, gets 500 pounds a month for being disabled, gets a free car, free housing, free education, plus more money because he doesn't work! why do I need to feel pity for someone who gets everything they need yet can't allow a mother to stay on a bus?

    • Jenna W.

      Wheelchairs can be folded too. Why can't they fold theirs? O I'm sorry because that would discriminate and they "wouldn't be able to". Yet a mother has to risk putting their child in a strangers arms while they take shopping out and then folding it down. No thanks. They can wait for a bus just like everyone else has to. Equal rights means treating everyone equally. If someone came on a bus that was full they'd have to get off. They wouldn't tell an able-bodied person to get off to let another person on. So why here? Just another entitled idiot spat his dummy out cause he couldn't get on a bus!

    • Anne H.

      Jenna Louise Willis so now you're bitter as well, oh my god, these people DO NOT choose to be disabled , we all however close to have children !!!

    • Jenna W.

      Must be then. No they don't, but they can choose to get the next bus.

    • Claire H.

      I would be the same, no offence to wheelchair users but if i was on the bus first then i wuldnt move for anyone, it clearly states for wheelchair and pushchair users so any of them have a right to be there, i would not get off a bus with my baby n buggy in the freezing cold, my child comes first always has n always will

    • Mo C.

      Id maybe suggest trying a day stuck in a wheelchair before being so quick to judge....

    • Grace K.

      I'm just sat here waiting for all my free money to arrive. And my free car. When is it coming?

    • Grace K.

      One day you'll could be in a chair. God forbid anything ever happened to your kids (just to clarify I am NOT wishing that on you) you're only one step away from disaster. They'd be in a massive wheelchair, that doesn't fold, you wouldn't get a free car and any disability benefit your kids got would be eaten up buying pads for double incontinence and equipment that isn't provided, paying the heating bill to stop them catching pneumonia and dying. Meanwhile you'd have to everything for them, for the rest of your life, with no end in sight and no 'quitting' the job. Then you'd get on a bus and there'd be a pleb, with a normal kid, who has no brain damage and can speak and walk and eat, and you'd be told that you couldn't put your wheelchair in the designated wheelchair space because they were refusing to move.

    • Emma S.

      Attitude like that is the reason the world's the way it is. You choose to have a kid. Things are put in place so us disabled people have an easy life and a chance at independence. Use your legs and walk.

    • Hayley M.

      Not only that but most wheelchair users can get a motobikity car and have it adjusted so they can drive, many receive money for mobility needs but choose not to use that for a car/taxi and instead use the bus for free. I can understand both sides as I'm physically disabled myself and have two young children and pregnant. Luckily I have my own car so this isn't an issue for me. If I had to use the bus I would never ask a mum and baby to move for me! You don't know what they are going through! I do agree that strollers and older children can move though, the bus is first come first served for everyone else why shouldn't it be this way for disabled users? People have jobs to go to, appointments to make and asking someone to get off the bus could make them late and then they get the blame for it. Not enough is done in this world to help mums with young babies.

    • Grace K.

      Hayley. Disabled people campaigned for the space on buses. How do you not know that? They weren't put there for prams! How do you think others used to manage?

    • Hayley M.

      In my area the spaces are for disabled and/or prams. I'm just saying that everyone on here is so judge and you don't know the individuals needs. If I had to take a bus with my boys I wouldn't have my crutches because I can't push the pram and use them. I have a double buggy because I have one son who is 1 and one who is 4 and disabled, so should I be made to get off the bus? If I just had my youngest son then even though I couldn't fold the pram I probably would ask someone else to help me do it but I would have to be given another seat as I can't stand for more than 2 mins at a time, but would do that to move for a wheelchair. However as I say everyone is different, I think it's ridiculous if a mum with a young baby was made to get off the bus and wait.

    • Jenna W.

      It doesn't actually. If there's a newborn they take that into consideration and will not be asked to leave. But I do understand law. And quite well thank you. But thanks for asking just in case you needed someone to help you. :-)

    • Jenna W.

      Here's a quote from the BBC "But what this judgement means is the driver has to make their own decision as to whether the person is being unreasonable in refusing to move, and if they are, he or she has to tell them that they are required to move, and if necessary refuse to move the bus until they shift" so they can still refuse a wheelchair user on a bus. It's not hate speech it's factual.

  • Julieanne C.

    To ensure fairness drivers should also as part of request offer a refund or transfer ticket to any displaced buggy / pram as part of the encouragement. I have a disability where I have minimal upper body strength and couldn't hold my child securely on a moving bus but would be willing to vacate for a wheelchair as long as I had another means to continue my journey. I'm disappointed such sensible considerations were not made as part of the actions detailed in the ruling. It would help the drivers too who will be in a difficult position.

  • Kate H.

    I've got 5 kids and if I was on the bus with a pushchair and someone in a wheel chair got on.. I wouldn't think twice about giving up our space.. it's courtesy x

  • Helen M.

    I think perhaps drivers need to use common sense and wait until passages are seated and ready before taking off again. Driving away when there is a baby placed alone on the seat while parent is putting the buggy down is dangerous and just rude. As is pulling away when oap's are walking down the aisle to get seated.

  • Katy W.

    What if its a special needs buggy as the child is disabled but not in a wheel chair shud they hav to move then? And will they get priory ova other buggys?

  • Amyjayne W.

    Whilst id try and make space for a wheelchair user, ive been in a position where i had to get off the bus with 2 toddlers and a newborn in pushchair because there was no way i could hold my newborn and put the pushchair down/take it apart. There was nowhere to put it anyway. I would never hand over my baby to someome to hold so the next option was for me and the kids to get off and get next bus an hour later stood in the freezing cold, pay another bus fair ( thank god i had more money because what would i do if i hadnt?). They should deffo make spaces bigger

    • Ada F.

      The driver should have issued you a ticket so you don't need to pay for the next bus. You can ask for it next time.

  • Charlie W.

    I agree. Pushchairs can be put down and babies put on laps. People who can't use Thier legs can't fold the wheelchair etc.

  • Sarah C.

    This is totally nuts. Of course wheel chair user takes priority. Many times I've seen the bus driver or a passenger hold baby while pram is collapsed and even done it myself. Ridiculous.

  • Lucy G.

    There's a wheelchair space and a buggy space on buses. Wheelchair automatically takes priority if there are two buggies on the bus. The only thing I could think of to suggest is, If you have to get off for a wheelchair the bus driver should be able to issue you a ticket to get on the next one. In saying that I usually buy a day pass so it makes no difference.

    I don't see why this was a court case at all!

  • Stacy R.

    About time, wheelchair users fought a long battle to be able to access public transport! Parents have the option to use a sling or buy a small easily foldable pushchair if you know you're going to be using public transport, wheelchair users cant do that. Bit of common sense and decency goes a long way.

  • Jenny C.

    What about a mum 1st on the bus, who is on the way to pick up a child from school? Making her get the next bus could result in being late for the school.

  • Sarah N.

    What happened for our parents . I remember my mum taking me and my sister on the bus folding down the buggy and getting us all on because there was nowhere to go with your pram . It is a lovely convenience now that we don't have to do this but a wheelchair should take priority they do not have a choice .

    • Louise S.

      I used to walk with my big old pram 2plus miles to visit my parents it was a pleasure to talk rubbish to my baby and enjoy stuff around us. It seems my daughter has inherited this gene as well as she walks with her pram to visit me .

  • Georgina Y.

    And they wonder why people don't use public transport...

  • Lorinda C.

    How many times have you as a mum been on a bus where you was asked to move because of a wheelchair? I was never so it's not like it happens everyday.

  • Mark S.

    Get rid of the first four rows of seats for buggys and wheelchairs and theirs always plenty of room upstairs

  • Christina K.

    I have had to move or get off buses on several occasions to allow wheelchair usage but often when wheelchair users are not using space I have been refused entry on the bus due to the older ladies using the space for their shopping trolleys and because they are older their trolleys take priority over babies/toddlers in prams. I think sometimes it depends on the company/drivers and mum's.

  • Carrie D.

    All buses generally say pushchair/buggies can be used unless needed for a wheelchair... i myself have come off for wheelchair n i still do to this day

  • Izzy R.

    This is always going to be a difference of opinions. I personally feel it should be on first come first serve basis as then noone is being discriminated against because either way it's goin to cause problems. I work with adults with disabilities and I have a young baby so I can see both sides

  • Senoha W.

    My 4 year old daughter uses a wheelchair so I no how hard it is to find a space on the bus when pushchairs are on but I wouldn't dream of making someone take the pushchair down and hold a new born baby I would rather wait for the next bus I wouldn't like any stranger holding my child while I folded the buggy

  • Caroline G.

    Our drivers inform you always you need to move or get of the bus if a wheelchair user gets on, if there is no other room.

  • Tracy G.

    Prams wouldn't even be getting on buses unfolded in the first place if it wasn't for wheelchair users fighting for it. The spaces were put there for wheelchairs. Parents coped without the spaces years ago so don't see why they can't now.

  • Mary-Ellen B.

    I would agree until I had twins. I'd have been a total mess if I was told to get them both out when they couldn't walk yet or were asleep. I'd happily stand to let someone sit down.

  • Richard H.

    Just thinking of all those parents that never got a bus when they had steps as they "couldnt hold a baby and fold down a pushchair"....oh yeah thats right, they just did it without fuss!

  • Andy W.

    be nice if ppl gave the front seats up to ppl who need them

  • Rhiannon Y.

    this is going to put a lot of people off using public transport. anyone with common courteousy would try their best to make room for a wheelchair but if this isnt possible they should not be made to get off! it should be first come first serve

  • Doris C.

    Brilliant idea wheel chair uses should be allowed to have there bay on bus before buggies I've had to wait up too three bus to get on a bus with a wheelchair

  • Amy W.

    prams can be folded and babies can be held but a person in a wheelchair is entirely reliant on it. Honestly people out there refusing to move for people in wheelchairs need to go in a corner and have a word with themselves.

    • Hannah451

      Not easy folding a buggy with a baby in your arms and when the bus is moving. Drivers never wait for you to sit down and that's if you're lucky enough to get a seat. All for wheelchair users but not easy for mothers and babies. Also if you have a baby and a toddler and no seats available and the bus is moving off how are you supposed to hold on to your toddler, deal with your shopping aswell as collapse the buggy, hold the baby and the toddler while you give up your seat to someone disabled. 

      my kids are past the buggy stage now but I remember the days when I struggled and nobody helps you. 

    • Amy W.

      pray do tell in what cases can a pram not be folded?

  • Mandy L.

    Depends how old the child is in buggy ..whether the parent is aĺone on bus and is able to collapse the buggy up and hold the child because people aren't always willing to help ( inconsiderate I know, though I would if a parent needed help) and how much things are under or hanging from the buggy ....its not easy to collapse buggy/ prams on your own and hold the baby / child and have all bags etc on a bus

  • Stacy S.

    Im just glad i drive. When little man was in his SEN buggy i had many a comments about him being taken out and collapse it when our car was off the road. I havent even tried buses since he got his chair, i cba with the hassle of buggies and people being arrogant

  • Naomi E.

    This article is very well written. Firstly, my issue is the did drivers themselves! They rarely get out their seat, not helpful, if they see anyone struggle (elderly, parents with children or disabled) always in a rush (start driving off at stupid speed while your still trying to find a seat). This struggle for seating isn't just disabled, I've watched elderly people struggling to walk having to make their way to the back of the bus because people able to walk can't be bothered to move from the two front seats. I've seen people with shopping loads place them on seats next to them instead of on the allocated shopping bays. I do think buses should be provided with seat belts, these buses don't go slow anymore at all!!! A lot of the seats have bars across the front perfect height for a toddlers head!!! The article is you read it perfectly states no one populace should take a priority over another, however one situation isn't a chosen (having a disability, esp wheel chair bound can't be folded up and told to say elsewhere) I can't imagine in any case a pushchair cannot be folded! That seems a load of bull crap to me. Yes a pushchair mostly is a bitch to put down but it can be done. Again, the bus driver if they actually got off their asses and weren't so rude could probably lend to helping with this situation.

  • Vikki T.

    You can fold a pram up. You can't fold a wheelchair up if you can't walk.

  • Joanna H.

    My pram came apart in two pieces and i couldn't do it with one hand. No way I could have managed in a bus. Some parents have to as do wheelchair users. It's a tricky situation but I don't think it advances equality if one party has preference over another

  • Elizabeth S.

    I had twins so try find a space for a double pushchair which most of the time didn't even fit down the paths! I think common sense and courtesy on both sides works. Being devils advocate here but if there are several people with small children in pushchairs why should they be moved? But if there are people who can't be bothered to make their 3yr old walk to a seat what is the score? My kids were walking everywhere at 2 as taking the pushchair was too stressful! I get annoyed when people who have kids who can walk take up the space. Humility and compassion is required on all parts not a law which demands parents must alight immediately!

  • Lyndsey P.

    And they wonder why we don't all use public transport!!

  • Nikki M.

    Erm what if your child is in a disability buggy?

  • Sarah T.

    Absolutely wheelchairs take priority I can't believe anyone would say otherwise.. use your bloody legs and walk to where your going or wait till the next bus! If you have a small baby your on Mat leave and not likely to have urgency to your day!

    If you have an older child just fold it down.. what do you think mothers did in the days before these buggy and wheelchair friendly buses existed! Get a grip

    There is only so much space on a bus so people saying make more spaces are sounding ridiculous!

  • Ruby O.

    Yes I agree.. I'm a wheelchair user.. I've faced lots of problems using the bus as some people withe a pushchair refusing give the space.. or sometimes the driver don't let me get in the bus if there is already pushchair in the bus .. I have to wait for the next bus .. In the end I've decided to start driving and I did .i don't have this problem any more:)

  • Kelly G.

    The ruling means that bus drivers will have to do more to ensure that wheelchair users can get on buses, by pressuring non-wheelchair users to move from the designated wheelchair space.

    thats not completly true! the busses my end say wheelchair and pushchair with pictures of both. but im sorry if i have paid for my fare then i will be going to my destination, first come first serve!

    now ready for the backlash!

  • Laura J.

    No body should have priority over someone else. Should be first come first served. Although if it's an older child 2+ buggy should be folded down xx

  • Jennifer E.

    Maybe new buses could be designed with a wheelchair only side and a puschair only side. So both can get on and to keep the wheelchair side free?

  • Sarah D.

    Yes. I've seen. It still is at the drivers implementation though. Will wait and see if anything improves. Xx

  • Charlene W.

    I agree you choose to have a baby you choose the style of buggy you buy yet those disabled and in a wheel chair don't choose. Baby 4 is due soon and I have gone for one of the easiest buggies to collaps if need be one hand fold and with carrycot knowing using a bus is how I'm travelling

  • Pamela M.

    Not all disabilities are visible. What about the parent being disabled pushing his/her pram? Able to walk but unable to put down pram, hold the baby and the pram safely while possibly standing or sitting on the bus. What about the disabled child who uses a buggy rather than a wheelchair? I rarely used buses when my children were small but I wouldn't consider it safe to hold a tiny baby whilst sitting on a bus. Whose journey is more important? How can you judge that? I know parents with buggies who have had a lot of busy buses drove past them at bus stops, meaning they are late for appointments or even work. I wouldn't like to say either has a right over the other to be able to travel. Throwing anyone off a bus in an unfamiliar destination can be stressful. Buses should be able to cope with both. And surely by paying for a ticket there is a contract between the seller and the buyer. And I would hope that Amy parent asked to leave a busy for this reason would be reimbursed for their journey so that they can complete it without further cost.

    • Donna D.

      My daughter is disabled but she is young so she is in a pram and this was my thought would I be told to fold the pram and that wouldnt be possible or told to get off xxxx

    • Pamela M.

      It's not been thought through all levels I think. I work with disabled children and adults and many use push chairs.

    • Rachel W.

      My son is autistic and in pram I carry his DLA letters with me to show he is disabled

  • Laura S.

    What happened to equality? People in wheelchairs are always campaigning to be treated the same as everyone else, so what's the difference? And in my opinion they are a person just the same as me, I see the person not the wheelchair. And as a mother with a baby in a pram I would have to try and fold a pram (mines folds in to 2 parts). While holding a baby. And I may have some shopping. How is that going to work? Hand your baby to some random stranger to have the responsibility of holding your baby on a moving bus while your trying to fold a pram? So does that mean they have to leave the bus? Where is the fairness in that. It should be a first come 1st served.

    • Hayley G.

      Equality is not treating every one the same.

      It's giving people equal opportunities to access services. :rolling_eyes:.

  • Lindop C.

    it should be first come first serve, If a pushchair is already on the bus then they shouldn't be made to get off. Not everyone can drive and the person with the pushchair could have children in playgroup that need picking up or anything and wouldn't have time to wait for another bus. Disabled people get taxi tokens blue badges for parking help with disability cars etc there's not many wheelchair users that actually use the bus but at the end of the day that baby in the pushchair that got kicked off might have more needs than the wheelchair user! I'd go mad if I was told to get off half way through a journey.

  • Aisha H.

    What about disability pushchairs?

  • Joe I.

    Using a wheelchair is a lifestyle choice. How selfish can you be...

    • Roger B.

      What about the people who fill a buggy with shopping? They have needs

  • Sarah O.

    Equal opportunities! I think room should be made for both on buses for safety reasons more than anything, on a bus full of people holding a infant of which in the occasion of a crash is going to get seriously hurt

  • Lucy P.

    It should be First come first serve

  • Laura E.

    You wouldn't ask a wheelchair user to get out of their wheelchair so you could bring your pushchair on the bloody bus, would you!?! You CAN get your child out of the pushchair, a wheelchair user cannot. It's plain common sense and good manners. There's no excuse for a parent with a pushchair to not take their child out and fold the pushchair for crying out loud. It's pure selfishness to not to

  • Rachel D.

    I'm not gonna start a rant again on this :rage:

  • Nikki C.

    I watched the full interview on TV earlier.the issue was a person in a wheelchair was turned away when an open EMPTY buggy was in their space the woman refused to move it so the bus driver told her tough get the next bus! If there is a child in the buggy there is still no problem as the space is filled.the arguement is there was only 1 buggy and the woman refused to fold it...that way the person could have gotten on and the buggy go behind them

  • Carly W.

    Then they need to make a space for buggy storage while folded!

  • Dawn A.

    I agree but they also need to consider some new mums have had surgery & use the buses as they can't drive. They are unable to fold & carry a pushchair, baby & shopping after a c section for example

  • Ash S.

    wrong why can't they sit in wheelchair and wait for the next bloody bus like sorry but it's the truth

  • Carol M.

    Wrong. As a carer to my disabled mother and a mum of a two year old. I'd expect to wait. Not force off a baby for a wheelchair or visa versa.

  • Julie W.

    There is a sign on our buses....Space reserved for disabled passengers.....end of case. As far as I'm aware, they also don't allow buggys/prams on unless they are folded due to health and safety (our buses have seat belts and bolsters). Every area/company would be different though

  • Natalie S.

    Every bus I've been on has a designated wheelchair space and opposite there is a space with fold up seats that can accommodate a pram/pushchair. I understand some people's comments of first come first served and that definitely applies to the "pram space" but I feel if you get on and occupy the wheelchair area then you should be fully prepared to fold down or vacate should a wheelchair user want to use the space. I also think perhaps a sling may be a wise investment in these sorts of situations. Individually, as parents you will only require a pram space for a relatively short amount of time whereas a wheelchair use often has no choice and are very limited for a much longer period.

  • Kate C.

    It should be interesting to see what happens with the court case after a mum holding a baby and having to stand up (because people seem to be forgetting that lots of buses are very busy and not everyone is polite enough to give up their seat) falls and hurts herself and or child.

  • JP S.

    Perfect answer Pamela. I think it all boils down to Equality not priority.

  • Amy S.

    It's actually ruled that it's basically up to the driver. More storage needs to be provided for prams as even if you fold it up prams nowadays are gargantuan. Also I feel if it's a new baby 6 months and under, then they should not have to fold pram. People are saying more mums should learn to drive but some of us can't legally do that, I have epilepsy and I'm not allowed a licence. I also feel bus regularity should come in to play, if it is a bus that is more than twice an hour I feel the person should wait for the next one.

  • Caroline L.

    The difference is a baby can come out of a pushchair albeit the mother might struggle but a wheelchair user can't always get out of their wheelchair. I'm a mother of 4 and my eldest is in a wheelchair and let me tell u if is hard enough getting the chair on the bus and turning it in a small space without having to put up with someone moaning that their pushchair has to be folded! I would fold mine down in a heartbeat if I was making a disabled persons life slightly easier. The point of a wheelchair space is to make travel accessible for everyone. U never know if u urself might need that disabled space one day so why can't people just show a little compassion for someone who is probably struggling more than u are that day. I think people need to give their heads a shake and imagine if that was ur child in the wheelchair and not the pushchair

  • Stevi G.

    Havin been in the difficult position of havin a disabled child, IN a buggy, I'd say, couldn't we have a wheelchair space n a buggy space, then everyone has their needs met. Although, if Sumone is in a wheelchair n cannot use a bus seat, it's unfair 2 ask them 2 move 4 a child in a buggy who can technically b out held or on the bus seat. It is a very grey issue. I'm glad I don't need 2 make the decision.

  • Tracey E.

    If they pay......cost me £12 to get where I need to go one way.!!!!!

  • Teri R.

    When I had my eldest and used buses there was no such thing as a buggy park, you had to dismantle your big, heavy buggy and put it in the luggage tray. Many , many times i had to take baby out of the buggy and hand him to the bus driver so I could then collapse the buggy into carrycot/seat top and wheels Base and haul it all on the bus inc bags i needed on my own repeating it all when getting back off the bus!! People would tut and moan I was holding the bus up but no one offered help instead choosing to watch me struggle ! Be thankful you don't have to do that now, learn to share spaces instead of demanding what you want!! Or learn to drive and buy a car which is what I did :-)

  • Maria B.

    Personally if I was in a wheelchair .. I'd allow a woman with a newborn baby to stay in the spot their Already in. Maybe if busses had one side have pushchair priority and the other side a wheelchair access area??

  • Kel H.

    It takes piss when parents have 4 yr old's in pram and go sit at back bus and leave pram taking up the space.

    • Lorraine B.

      I hate this my son is 14 weeks old and I have had to wait for the next bus loads of times due to this

    • Kel H.

      It's bad Lorraine I had a double pram as had 2 under 18 months

  • Catherine K.

    im a pram user and would always get off the bus for a wheelchair user. if they genuinely need the wheelchair its just polite common curtesy to move to the pram part or grt off the bus.I do agree that u shud be given a pass to get next bus free if u have to get off

  • Caryn Y.

    The bottom line is that these spaces are designated wheelchair spaces, for wheelchair users.

    This is a reasonable adjustment, for people who deservedly have special protection under the law, because of their disability, to ensure they have equal access to services.

    While undeniably incredibly 'handy' for parents with buggies, or people with lots of luggage, or shopping, they simply do not have the same right to these spaces as those people for whom they were designed.

    Able-bodied bus users, have many choices open to them that simply don't exist for wheelchair users. They have a choice of seats, and while possibly inconvenient, they can collapse and stow buggies, and nurse their child to allow wheelchair users to access these spaces, and they should be prepared for that eventuality.

  • Karen B.

    When my daughter was born spaces like this did not exist.....if you wanted to ride on the bus you had to collapse your pram/pushchair to get on. End of. Why do people struggle with this nowadays. Prams are much smaller and more versatile than they were bk then too !!!!! These spaces were designed for wheelchairs, for people who CANNOT ride the bus ANY OTHER WAY !!!!! Laziness is all it is nowadays and a total lack of respect !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Rachel W.

      I agree in a way but I also think the world is so much faster going if that makes sence now days I have got on buses before with a buggy and 2 other children happy to fold down and u have the driver not willing to wait so you can fold it down and then there is no where to sit with a small child where we live buses are always so busy so end up carrying a small child while trying to hold on to other children x

    • Karen B.

      Bus drivers should definitely be more aware of the passengers that are boarding and help where they can. If folk looked out for each other a bit more these issues wouldn't arise in the first place xx

  • Claire W.

    When I had my first child buses in our area didn't have buggy spaces so u had to fold them up to get on. why any parent would think their buggy - invariably the size of a battleship btw - is more deserving of a space than a person who is disabled I can't imagine

  • Katie T.

    It's happened to me more than once. Each time there have been different circumstances, I've got a silvercross for when each of my kids were very small, it takes up the same space folded so a pointless exercise. I've had a buggy with a toddler in, fold it up no problem. And then there is the double pram. If anyone could explain how I'm meant to hold a 1yo, a 1mo and fold the pram? Or with the other double I had, detach the two seats (two hands needed) take off the 2 seat attachment (2 hands needed) then fold the frame (2 hands needed)? Personally I think there is more of a need to stopping people filling wheelchair/pram bays with their bloody shopping trolleys, then looking at you like you're the insane one for not being able to move the pram out of their way 2 stops later. I can't wait until my youngest 2 are properly walking...!

  • Kelly A.

    I don't think this is 100% fair! What about parents with baby twins or triplets?? Or disabled children still in buggys/prams, it should be a first come first service, people are encouraged to use public transport, either make them bigger or wait your turn!

  • Nicola S.

    I think that it should be a space that both wheelchair users and prams/buggies can use.. If someone with a baby in a pram can wait on space on another bus, a wheelchair user can too...

  • Claire G.

    This is a hard one .. it's hardly safe to sit on a bus with a new born/young baby on a bus.. not where I live anyway plus the limited space and ppl with their bags. If it's a toddler fair enough but a young baby needs home for feeds etc .. so I don't think it's a clear cut . Common sense needs to be used .

  • Zoey H.

    Not all prams/buggys fold down easily, for example to fold a Icandy down u have to remove the seat 1st which u need to hands for and also what if like me u had twins u can't hold 2 babies and fold a pram- no1 helps even if u ask, it should be 1st come 1st serve.

  • Ellie C.

    Some Prams/Buggys are classed as wheelchairs as the child may have an oxygen tank or can't been carried without support. Would this be classed as a wheelchair if another wheelchair user wanted to ride on the bus?

  • Joanne S.

    I always folded my pushchair if a wheelchair user needed the space, and I had a double for a while. It creates an inconvenience but that's it. I would be embarrassed to let someone who requires a wheelchair wait for the next business because I held a space with my children. I've done it several times and other passengers always helped me. Who wouldn't want a cuddle from two beautiful toddler boys lol

  • Eleanor D.

    First come first serve, buses are for everyone. Drivers don't give you time to get sorted and my children have been almost hurt a few times. They deserve to be on the bus the same as others. I've paid my fayre and am not getting off for anyone

  • Lisamarie J.

    Totally disagree, that is wrong on so many levels! So a mother would be expected to dismantle there pram and half the buses dont have a large space to hold a pram in it! Or are they expected to wait on another bus which could leave them late for picking up another kid from school and stand in the cold! Not a chance, and the amount of disabled parking spaces in a supermarket is awful! Half of the disabled cars parked in them are people shopping on behalf of a disabled person! While parents with kids have very little spaces and everyone can park in them. Why not have spaces for kids closer to the door! Prams have just as much right to be in the space on the bus! Do not agree with it at all!!!

  • Lisa C.

    I don't mind folding my pushchair if I have to but what annoys me is when the bus driver just drives off whilst you are in the process of doing so or no1 asks if you would like any help so you are folding the pushchair as well as holding a baby and sometimes again the driver had drove off. X

  • Tammy H.

    my issue is when the child is more then capable of walking but the mother still sticks them in a pram...1, lazy 2, inconsiderate to other passengers, or when a child is not even in the pram but they use the space for an empty pram or their pram full of shopping grrrr

  • Yvonne K.

    I am a disabled wheelchair user who is also the mother of 3. I think it should be up to the bus companies to provide a wheelchair space and also pram spaces. Once the pram spaces are filled no more prams should be allowed on leaving the wheelchair space free at all times therefore if a wheelchair user happened to be waiting no mum or dad would be asked to get off as that space would already be free. Also to all those people saying the wheelchair user could just wait in the cold rather than the child I believe is quiet sad. I like slot of disabled people can't not control my core temperature and would simply freeze to death if left in the cold and how many buses are they meant to wait for when most are full with people and their prams. I would never ask a new mother to give up their place for me but do feel if the place is designed for a wheelchair user then it should only be used by a wheelchair user. Mainly the bus companies need to make their buses more accessible.

  • Cora M.

    When i moved to Peterborough obviously I didn't know the area I knew what bus I needed to go where I was going I was on the bus with my double buggy newborn and a 1 year old and there was another buggy on the bus. Then half way to where we were going a wheel chair needed to come on. I and other person was asked to get off the bus to let wheel chair on. At this point I had refused firstly because i was new to the area didn't have a clue where I was there wasn't another bus for an hour so wasn't going to stand around in the cold and secondly when asked for my money bk so I could get another bus was told no. Eventually we managed to move things around on the bus to fit everyone in. I don't think it is fair to ask someone who has already paid to get off the bus

    • Susie C.

      I agree if you are partially there you can't just go back home to wait on the next one I would be ill with stress if I was in an unfamiliar place alone with a baby

  • Sabrina W.

    I once got demanded from the driver to fold my buggy and hold my newborn or get off and wait in the cold, so a drug user who lost their leg due to injecting could have my space. He was being a disgusting rude twat. Did I move?! Did i hell!!! It's should all depend on the circumstances

  • Kirst H.

    Isn't it funny all these parents that have all these buggys/prams that are not practical and don't fold easy it's one of the most important purchases you make when having a baby surely you all tried them out before hand wow how did my mum cope 37 years ago with a baby a toddler a double buggy shopping and buses with steps let me think she did cause she had common sense because back then people were tougher and less entitled everyone got on with shit nowadays people want everything on a plate/done for them or made easy life is hard deal with it a person in a wheelchair cannot just fold up a wheel chair and jump on a seat they also have other issues medically because they are not able bodied like respiratory problems etc the list is endless would love some of these people to spend a day in a wheelchair legs strapped so they can't move them and see how they cope ha ha might give you a different perspective on it pray it never happens to you

    • Leanne S.

      What a silly comment...taking it a little too far don't you think?!

    • Gail S.

      Great idea, people may learn a little empathy and compassion x

  • Leah G.

    To be fair you only have those designated areas on buses because disabled people campaigned for them in the first place!. I'm shocked at so many comments on here thinking it's OK to NOT move for someone disabled. I for one wasn't brought up that way . Shameful

  • Kate R.

    Seriously people, fold you damn buggies down for disabled people. They have no choice in the matter, they have to sit in the DISABLED area. Get a pushchair that is easy to put down(I had a city jogger, I could do that one handed) what do you think people done 5-10 years ago. So what if it takes a few moments to put it down. I also never used the under basket for shopping, if I knew I was getting a bus. You can now get buggy clips that's go on handle bars, which make it easy to move your shopping if needed. I also had a mothercare Xperia(I think) that the base detached, takes about 1 minute to put it down and lightweight. If you know you are going to be getting a bus, then try and make sure you have an easy collapsable pushchairs. I know there are so cheap ones in supermarkets too

  • Joanne S.

    Just a thought but isnt a baby disabled??? Cant walk, talk, see properly, feed themselves and incontinent. A wheelchair is an adult version of a pushchair, u wouldnt ask a disabled adults's carer to pick them up n fold their wheelchair down so another wheelchair/pushchair could get on. I totally aggree with older child getting out n folding the pushchair down, bags and shopping can be put on the floor between legs, i get that and have done that (for a mother with a younger infant getting on) but im all for 1st come 1st serve when ur travelling with a passenger that has no mobility skills wether it be a baby or an adult, you cant kick people off part way through their journey thats ridiculous!

  • Anne-Marie P.

    Having a pram is not a life style choice if your unable to drive what a stupid comment .

  • Adele K.

    ... could work together, wheelchair user hold & take care of baby, while mum stands holding folded buggy... though the wheelchair user may then be begging to get off the bus!

  • Kate G.

    How sad is this, that disable people have to fight for space along with mums with prams. What on earth happened to consideration and finding common ground, compromise and just basically helping each other out. I've seen this happen and don't really understand why it needs to go to court. Common sense, people, common sense.

  • Oi S.

    Wheelchair should have priority, it's a no brainer!

    I have 4 kids and you couldn't push your pram on the bus when they were pram age, I had to fold it up and hold them and any shopping, it's a struggle but can be done.

  • Anne K.

    Fold the bloomin buggy up. If you know you're going to travel by bus regularly then get a lightweight buggy that folds easily. It's not rocket science. It's common sense and more importantly it's the right and decent thing to do.

  • Jo H.

    Not sure about other buses, but here they have two side sections, one side is for wheelchairs ( has a padded back for the chairs to rest back on) and the other side of buggies, always seems to work fine here..

    • Kathryn H.

      I think half the issue is big fancy buggies that take a degree to fold,I use to be able to put Claire on my hip and fold buggy with one hand Never had her in her buggy while on he bus xx

  • Stephanie M.

    My 5yo is disabled and uses a buggy... not a wheelchair... dilemma? But as a while yes wheelchairs should take priority

  • Liz W.

    Can I please state as a mum with a 4 year old who has additional needs and is my daughter is as tall as a 6 year old, she looks fine to look at but she is hyper mobile and some times needs her push chair as in great pain and can not walk, she does not have a wheelchair , but she is classed as disabled so thankfully we have only ever encountered it with a old lady who wouldn't move from the seat, but if she is having a flair up she is unable to move and I am unable to lift her as I myself have a frozen shoulder would be ridiculed over this, which again would be someone judging on the appearance. I would of course do everything in my power to make sure we all got to travel, but things are not always clean cut :wink:

  • Märiä H.

    Well last time I was on the bus, 3 people jumped on with no shopping bags, nothing under their standard strollers And parked up and a old woman with a little 3 wheeler thing couldn't get on on the next stop , what happened to putting down the strollers and popping them on the side. And yes, they were capable and not disabled, People should be more considerate.

  • Ellie A.

    Equal rights....!! What rights do pushchairs have????

  • Amy E.

    Of course they should , I've got off a bus with the buggy (baby was sleeping) so a wheelchair could get on me this is common sense !!!! Xx

  • Annetta E.

    I don't know why there is negativity for this ruling. We CHOOSE to have children and an able bodied baby/child should not take priority over someone with a disability. We are perfectly capable of placing the baby/child on our knees and if they wake up, so be it.

  • Melissa C.

    Only trouble is these days the elderly where I live take shopping trollies or mobility frames on bus too which take up wheelchair access space so would they also be told to get off ??? Bet there would be uproar if that happens

  • Nikki C.

    Thats all well and good saying buggies need to give a space for a wheel chair, but there are lots of disability buggies out there, some which look regular. My son uses a special needs stroller at the minute, and i wouldnt want to give up his space. (Although knowing myself, i would prob end up moving lol)

  • Zoe S.

    I can't believe it's even a question! Of course wheelchairs have priority

  • Donna W.

    If you are regularly using a bus then when you buy your pram you buy one that is suitable (you know like people used to) and you have a sling to put them in or ask the bus driver to hold them (they are crb checked) most would be happy too if it's helping out to allow another passenger on (or give baby to the wheelchair user after all they aren't exactly going to run off) or ask driver to fold the pram down while you hold baby. Manners seem to be disappearing, too many people feel they have more right than anyone else :-(

  • Patricia A.

    My daughter was born with trisomy 18 back in October 2011 I was asked to fold my pram down and take my baby out of her pram I refused as Caoimhe was on a heart monitor and was sleeping I argued black and blue my daughter had a life limiting condition , I still remember the abuse I got from an old woman and the bus driver I reported it and got an apology from the bus company it's not just about disabilities you can see when a wheelchair comes on a bus but also about mothers with babies like myself who wasn't being rude or uncooperative it was also about my child

  • Nicki M.

    You can't pull up the equality act if you're not willing to wait like a pushchair would have to if the bus is full. Yes I would move for a wheel chair when I use the bus ( I drive ) and I've had to stand once whilst holding a 2 month old and keeping hold of a 18 month old for a wheel chair to get on and no one would give their seat up so I could sit with both of them on my knee. People are the problem. Too rude these days

  • Lorraine B.

    I think this is a hard one new born babys and going baby's can't walk so that's why they have to be in a buggie I have a 14 week old baby and if the bus is full I have to wait do why doesent a person in a wheel chair have to wait its no deffrent . Also once I was on the bus a person got on with a wheel chsir placed it in the space and then walked to a chair and sat down so they dident even need the space I think as long as the child is under 3 it should be first come gets the space

  • Victoria O.

    Yes it's common sense and also courtesy to make room for the disabled like I've done in the past and will carry on like normal but what if the baby/toddler even small child in a stroller has a hidden disability themselves?

  • Katie D.

    I think a seperate issue that now needs addressing is safety on buses for holding a small baby when sat on a search. With no seatbelts on buses it's not very safe to hold a child on your lap. If the bus is involved in a crash or has to brake hard you have no free hands to stop yourself going into the seat in front crushing your baby. I've hired an old vw campervans for my wedding in August and children under the age of 6 can't go on it for insurance purposes due to no seatbelts, so how can it be safe on buses? The companies need to make things safer for parents too!

  • Kim D.

    Yous need to read the notice in the bus there is a space for wheelchairs and a space for buggies. so buggies sudnt be in there simple as tht if u put ur buggies there then u have to except tht if a wheelchair gets on then u move and yous chose to have kids so thts ur problem like me but a disabled person didn't ask to be disabled I can't believe what people are saying on here my sister is terminally Ill and disabled and ur telling me yous wudnt move ur buggies from a disabled space OMG what a world we live in disgusting sud be a shamed of ur self's

  • Sarah T.

    It's just common sense... what if the mother with the buggy/pram has a disability making it difficult for her to manage a folded buggy/pram and a small child. Just because someone is in a wheel chair doesn't mean they can't fold it and take a seat, some people use them for ease of getting around out doors but can manage in the home, on the bus etc. I hate how this age old buggy vs wheel chair always focuses on 'mothers' vs people with disabilities. It should be those most in need of the space vs those in less need of the space. Or simply 1st come 1st served!?

  • Becky B.

    Newborn baby's no shouldn't move especially if your by yourself.. sometimes I see older children in strollers on the bus.. and yet the parents etc don't get their child out to make room.. perhaps bring an age limit into it..?

    • Donna P.

      Not for getting the stupid shopping trolley . Every other person has them on the bus and they take up so much room as well. If your child is older yes take them out but new born and young babies have the right to be on the bus aswell safe in the pushchairs .

  • Amy W.

    This argument could be solved if there was decent, regular and reliable public transport across the country. It's all very well telling mums with a baby to 'just get off the bus', but where I live the buses only come once an hour! It's not reasonable to expect a mum and baby to wait in the cold for an hour. Trains are also incredibly busy and far too small to provide adequate transport for people paying a high premium for tickets in the U.K. If public transport was more regular and better quality (especially given that the prices of tickets just keep going up and up!), there would be less overcrowding and more space for both wheelchair users and mums with pushchairs.

  • Charlotte G.

    Can't we have both areas ? It's a nightmare

  • Fiona S.

    Iv always thought if more seats were fold down there would be greater flexibility about how the space is used

  • Karen R.

    If there's a crash bad enough that a baby becomes a bag of cement flying from your grip then a buggy is not safe either! They are NOT designed for being in a crash!

  • Jennifer E.

    On most of the buses I'm on there is a dedicated space for wheelchairs and another space for buggies. If a buggy is in the dedicated wheelchair space and a wheelchair user gets on they need to move, but that was the risk they took when they got on the bus, if people are refusing to move this will just lead to drivers only letting one buggy on and leaving the wheelchair space free and that doesn't help anyone.

  • Kelly B.

    Buses i have been on only have specific space for wheelchairs and still room for 3 pushchairs. People are usually in wheelchairs coz they can't walk so makes sense for wheelchair users to get priority, as its been said, back in the day buggies had to be colapsed to get on bus anyway x

  • Lisa-Nicole S.

    This is gonna give them nastier bus drivers another chance to humiliate us further... as well as pulling up a foot n half away from a kerb so you habe to drop down an get the wheels jammed...

  • Yvonne M.

    Locally for my area on The Metro there is supposed to be no big prams,only buggies and no electric wheelchairs.on buses you should collapse light weight buggies as that is there purpose for light weight travel,and most can be handled by one hand.and then you have the carriers that for in the buggy frames they are removable also...You can hold or carry a child.but you cannot hold or carry a person.But if no seating and your left with a child in your arms seats should be given up for safety reasons,as in an aircraft if you Don,t pay for a seat,skycot,or travel seat the child travels on your knee...You cannot put an adult on your knee...

  • Sharon G.

    I feel bad I need to use a car but public transport is not user friendly enough for my liking. You can make a child walk and pick them up ... wheel chair users are as they are - so I totally understand this ruling - and we must help one another with empathy xx

  • Gemma W.

    This is out of order I think so what are they saying a wheelchair is more important then a small child with disabilities which in a small child can't be seen because it's in a buggy I wouldn't give up my space and don't care what anybody has to say.. Small children don't get a special buggy till at least 4/5 it's a joke

  • Myra B.

    I don't understand this ruling. The space is rightly intended for wheelchair users, but the company has no right to move others off the bus!

  • Gail C.

    Our buses have wheelchair spaces on one side and buggies on the other. Maybe if the wheelchair side is free it should stay like that incase a disabled person needs it? No one should be made to leave a bus. I drive and rarely use a bus but after my section I used them and I couldn't have folded a pram and held my baby. I think common sense is all we need.

  • Michele O.

    At one point I had a 3year old 18 month and a baby and using public transport would one person regardless of ability have priority over me and would I be removed from the area .. personally it shouldn't have gone this far who paid for the court case . I'm all for the rights of the disabled and agree society doesn't make it easy but everyone's circumstances are unique and in no waY can each case be plain and simple as you need to move

  • Danielle D.

    What if it is a disabled buggy?? My daughter used a hoggi disabled buggy until she was the age for a wheelchair

  • Cynthia M.

    What's wrong with mothers of today, when mine were little we had to collapse pushchairs carry them on the bus with shopping and baby in arms. We never complained:pouting_cat:

  • Lynne G.

    When I got the bus with my pram and a wheelchair needed on I gave up the space for a wheelchair. I don't see a problem with it. People in wheelchairs can't just stand up and fold it down. Where a pram/ buggy you can.

  • Jennifer S.

    Why can't the bus company have one bus pram friendly following bus wheel chair friendly and so on .

  • Miryka Y.

    No I would refuse and I think the law is a total ass for this! It's discrimination for those parents who have buggys and prams! It's first come first served just like every other commodity out there! If people want to moan and groan the moan to the bus company's for not having enough spaces for wheelchairs and buggys!!!

  • Donna D.

    My daughter is disabled but as she is young she is in a pram so would I be told to get off a bus because she is in a pram and not a wheel chair. To be fair I think this has to be treated very carefully. Not all disabilities are visable.

  • Arpana S.

    It's weird how no one has noted that babies can't walk lol yeh they asked to be pushed around all day it's their choice to sit in a pram Right? It's ridiculous I have twins wtf do I do grow four extra arms to hold them both then fold down the pram? Also not being funny but wheelchair users actually get free transport to most places so if they are using the bus it's out of choice so they feel normal yet when it comes to getting on a bus they are special again?? :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking: I'm going to tell my twins to get the fuck over it and learn how to be adults when we get on the bus lol :joy: I mean how very dare they act like babies expecting the world they came into to protect them on a bus! They need to be flung around and if there is an accident then they should get over it when they get hurt! Funny how the human rights of an adult in a wheelchair is more important than a baby safely in their pram!!!

    • Arpana S.

      Not disabled I assume you will have a problem with that explanation! There are ring and ride services for people who are wheelchair bound

  • Jamie P.

    Mmmmm, I relied on buses for a while from my village with a big buggy and school ect ... 4 buses a day I'd catch. I'd give up my space for a wheelchair, iv had to before and the driver helped me wit the buggy and to lift it away, before moving the bus. You can easily ask the bus driver to wait until you've folded before moving off. HOWEVER my biggest problem I found over time was trolleys, as in the trolleys usually used by the elderly would refuse to fold them away or take up all the wheelchair/buggy space. That was always my biggest contest not the wheelchairs. I just sucked it up and learnt to drive :joy: best thing I ever did!

  • Jennifer H.

    Why should a wheelchair user have more rights than a mother with twin baby's .If it's an older child in a buggy then that's different some people have to use the bus as 12 miles to town is to far

  • Colleen M.

    No. First come first serve. The wheelchair user getting on the bus is likely to be in an area they know. The mother might be forced to get off in an unknown area which could be dangerous as it potentially makes the mother and baby vulnerable. As an intermittent wheelchair user and someone who used to use a pushchair would never expect a mother on her own to get off the bus to let me on. I have seen the bus driver ask a mother to leave the bus at an unknown location just so the wheelchair user could get on, which is atrocious. I got off the bus myself with the lady ( which was lucky as she also didn't have any money to get back on the next bus) she was so upset. Being disabled (as I am) does not give us the right to take priority over any one. Same with disabled toilets, they are made to take a wheelchair but it doesn't mean we can jump the cue. I have a key and a problem but I would either explain the situation or wait my turn!

  • Kerry B.

    This is what the space was made for not for prams anyway. Just lucky you can use the space for a pram when there's not a wheelchair on the bus. If you have a buggy you should fold it up anyway. But with having a newborn it is much harder to do so. They could make buses bigger for pram space and wheelchair uses that's the only way it would be easier for everyone.

  • Lynsey S.

    It is entirely depended on individual situations. Shouldn't be a cut and dry rule one way or the other. If an empty pushchair is taking up space or a toddler who is capable of sitting on a bus seat is in a pushchair (and not sleeping) then yes, they should obviously fold down their pushchair if they can. However, a pushchair carrying a newbie or a situation where mum obviously can't manage another child as well as a younger one in a buggy should not be expected to move. After all, there is no where else on the bus that their baby's pushchair can be accommodated (if the other pushchair bay is in use). Also, the safety of the babies and children on board needs to be considered. Many passengers with children do not "choose" to travel by bus when they need to go longer distances but have no choice because they cannot drive or afford a vehicle of their own (which in 9 out of 10 cases I'm sure they would prefer). I personally walked everywhere I could but live close to the town and the sea side so rarely needed to get a bus when I had one child. Once another came along though I did sometimes use the bus in bad weather when walking was slow going and also for longer distances. I think a bit of common sense is needed here and for individual situations to be taken on their own merit. I think it's very unfair to ask a bus driver to negotiate between passengers. They have a job to do and as far a I am aware, refereeing dissagreable passengers isn't in their job description. Once asked politely then I think it's out of the drivers hands. We all want buses to run on time and can see this leading to delays. I agree that if the space is available (is taken up by able bodied passengers who have no need of the space) then wheel chairs get first use of the space. I personally would stand or do my utmost to accommodate a wheelchair passenger but they cannot always expect the space to be free.

  • Jane B.

    absolutely! wheelchair first. But other passengers could also be more help to Mums by moving so the pushchair can go somewhere else or helping lifting shopping or caring for her children whilst she organizes herself. The Onus is on each and everyone of us to help others whenever we can, it makes for a nicer world.

  • Audrey C.

    Shouldn't the bus company also make a space for buggies plus who holds your baby and shopping as you folding your buggie down then up again.. my pram is not a travel system and isn't the easiest to fold down.

  • Catherine F.

    I agree with this, however what happens when all the disabled space are taken by disabled people and another one want to get on. Is someone asked to leave?

    • Emma N.

      And what happens if mum or dad gets on and they have twins babies or triplets.. Are they expected to collapse the pram and hold the babies!!?

    • Carrie B.

      There are more people with prams on buses than wheelchair users, so it would be rare for that to happen....

  • Rachel C.

    I wouldn't be giving my space up either why is somebody in a wheel chair more inportant than my new baby? If a wheel chair is already on I have to wait for another bus so why shouldn't the wheel chair user wait for another bus? Why should they get preference? There's no way I'd be getting off

  • Ruth Y.

    21 years ago when I had my eldest child very few busses had spaces for pushchairs. We simply used a baby sling or lightweight folding pushchair and got on with it!

  • Terri H.

    at the end of the day ppl with a pram have to wait two or three buses to go pass before you can get on due to many prams on there, so why is it different for someone in a wheelchair to have to wait till they can get on? also some children have to stay in their prams due to health reasons or disability, so then what do you do have to decide who is more disabled ?

  • Claire T.

    What if a parent has a disabled child in a pushchair? I don't feel this is black/white.

  • Sam R.

    Wait for the best but, everyone else has to if no space. But use common sense for goodness sake!!

  • Donald M.

    The rules state you can request a passenger to move, but as they have paid their fare, the driver cannot force you to move , a wheelchair user will have to wait for the next bus same as any other passenger, or the can book a dial a bus, which picks them up at their door, and drops them off where they want to go.

  • Jasmine W.

    This is so unfair!! They should have the same rights of the child! If they are old anough to sit on the chair fair anough BuT i think when u have a new born or a young baby then u should be able to leave them in the pram...what about their safety?? Plus everyone knows the extra baggage u need with a young baby so time you empty the pram take the baby out try getting it folded (all with one pair of hands).. its close to impossible plus the bus driver doesnt even wait for you to sit down most the time never mind trying to sort all of that aswell! What if the baby was sleeping? sure everyine would complain then if u had to wake them up and they cried most the way...

  • Georgia R.

    Sorry but some of you are being ridiculous.. I have 5 children, two who require a pushchair and I would immediately collapse my pushchair or even get off a bus should someone in a wheelchair require the space and there wasn't enough room. It's quite obvious this law is required because some pushchair warriors don't use their common sense and unfortunately too many people with pushchairs feel they have the right to dominate pavements and quite clearly buses.

  • Louise S.

    What this needs is people just thinking. If there is a buggy and then someone in a wheelchair needs to get on then there is usually space for both on our local buses. You may need to ask someone on the pull down seats if they could move further up the bus. There are signs saying that these areas give priority to wheelchair users. If people would just move further up the bus and allow these large spaces used by both chairs and buggies problem solved. Also if these places were not used by shopping trolley the size of a small house whilst the owners sit else where,

  • Russell M.

    an interesting article that plays devils advocate quiet well to get the old brain cogs thinking

  • Maureen S.

    I think it's good that this has been brought to people's attention but what worries me slightly is that it will now apply to all designated disabled spaces. Once again this is promoting the idea that only people in wheelchairs are disabled. There are so many people with invisible disabilities who are equally deserving but will now - according to this ruling - have to give priority to wheelchair users. And what about a disabled child in a buggy? Common sense required here and a little bit of human decency. If someone is struggling give them a hand for God's sake, whether they're a new mum or just someone in need of a seat. It's not rocket science.

    • Carrie B.

      It is a space for wheelchairs....SN buggys are included in that.

  • Lisa D.

    Sorry but we all wait our turn! If bus is full when it gets to me I wait for the next! No one should have priority over anyone else! That's not how society operates! What happens when it's full if standing people, will some people have to get off to allow a wheelchair user to get on. ???

    • Kelly B.

      I agree I was on a bus once with a heavily loaded push chair and did collapse it but no one helped luckily he was old enough to just stand while I did it all but finding space to then put bags and push chair was hard and I had to stand holding him!

    • Lisa D.

      I got told to get off and did as it was 1 stop away from mine, but other times I have refused to collapse my pram as it was an old fashioned style one and took up as much room either way. I walk everywhere now when Sean is at work because I can't be dealing with hassle. If your bus arrives and it's full that is something you need to address but it's not right that you should be ordered to collapse or get off. Everyone waits their turn. I know if I have to use the bus I walk to the stop further away as it's at the top of the estate and stand better chance of getting on.

  • Tammy B.

    If it's a "specialised" wheel chair I understand the person may have been hosted/assisted into the wheel chair and therefore can not get out of it, but if it's just a wheel chair then why shouldn't they have to collapse their wheelchair and take a seat? I get this sounds harsh, but how is a mother supposed to collapse her pushchair with a new born and hold her newborn? I don't think a 3 year old in a buggy should take priority but essentially why should a wheel chair bound person? If a mother has to get off a bus due to being unable to collapse her pushchair etc and wait for another bus then why can't the person in a wheelchair wait for another bus? Of course if collapsing a pushchair and holding your child is possible then I'm all for it, but I don't think a mother and new born/baby should be MADE to, neither should they be made to get off the bus etc. What happened to equality, Regardless of needs? Why not have spaces for just pushchairs and spaces for just wheelchairs? That way even if their are two pushchairs on the bus their would still be allocated free space for wheelchairs? And what happens if a wheelchair user is already on the bus, no pushchairs and then another wheelchair user wants to get on? Do u tell one to wait for another bus? If so what's the difference in asking them to wait due to being no room as pushchairs are already on? Or do u make the wheelchair user already on get off to make room for the other? It's ridiculous and should be only requested when possible and if the person with the pushchair is happy to!

  • Leanne H.

    Whenever I get the bus with my 9 month old son, I have no other choice than to use the wheelchair space for his pushchair as the area that's been designed for pushchairs (which can fit 3 if not big prams) are ALWAYS taken up by old people with walking aids or shopping trollies!! I constantly spend the whole journey checking the next stop to see if there's a wheelchair user or another pushchair getting on and always see the older people looking and tutting at me because I've dared to use the space! I would always give up a wheelchair space for a wheelchair user but I would always ask the people using the pushchair section to move first. With the way some of the bus drivers in our town drive there is NO WAY I would take my son out of his pushchair and fold it down for him to be sat on my lap. I would rather get off and walk the rest of my journey. People in general need to be more courteous. Even when I have my son with me, if I have been seated I will always offer my seat to someone I feel needs it more than me. Shame not everyone thinks the same way...

  • Emma M.

    Lrt buses have both a pram and wheelchair space. However, you always get the able bodied no pram berks sat in them when the bus is empty either trying to pretend they can't see you get on with a pram or who are absolutely put out when asked to move to one of the ten other free seats so you can get into the only seat suitable!!

  • Sarah B.

    Bring bk the old buses no pushchair space force the ignorant fkers to fold the buggy before getting on cause God knows how people managed with that

  • Shelley B.

    I think there needs to be space for both. Why should you not be able to go out with your baby/toddler on the bus? I do believe that when you're kid is old enough to walk & doesn't really need a pushchair (3 or 4 years old), that you should fold it up & use a seat, not the area for wheelchairs/prams. There are a lot of people in my area that put their kids in a pushchair & take up the space unnecessarily, then give you filthy looks for getting them to move because you have a baby/young toddler in a pram/pushchair.

  • Diana P.

    Yes because you can collapse a buggy but you can't a wheelchair

  • Vicky R.

    Simple answer take more seats out and create a space for pram ans wheel chair. Buses run often in most areas. Im a mother with kids as well as work with people in wheelchair and where possible I would use there car or adapted taxi . be honest i.wouldnt wanna be scrapping with a mother with a new born over a space but no rwason why a toddler cant sit on.a seat. Common sence and respect

  • Alisa D.

    What about the people on the bus moaning at you then as your the mother that's got to put the pram back up,strap the baby back in pack your shopping back in the basket and your holding the bus up????

  • Joanne W.

    When my youngest were little you had to fold and store your pushchair to get on a bus or you walked end of . .now a days people buy big prams cause they are a fashion item don't think about travel anymore .I've now had another baby and guess what I still get her out of her pram and fold it away .a wheelchair user can't do that these busses have gave a bit more freedom for disabled to get about let them have it .

  • Jean L.

    You should only be allowed to put buggies or prams on one side of the bus cos other side is for wheel chairs and whether the space is being used or not they should it should be left for just that

  • Marianne F.

    Wheel chair users 1st every time

  • Nelda S.

    when my children were small, we used umbrella strollers if we had to travel by bus, there were easy to fold up, and took up little space when folded, we would never have thought of bringing a big stroller on the bus

  • Mandy R.

    I think wheelchairs should get priority over a pushchair ...we went to chester zoo with my 9 year old daughter in a wheelchair & a new baby in a buggy ,we folded the buggy down but 2 girls with pushchairs tried pushing on the bus to get the space only because my partner managed to get there first we were able to get on ....the girls could of easily folded the pushchairs down...not so easy for a disabled person to fold a wheelchair ....I've also seen a driver refuse 2 wheelchairs getting on the bus because there is only one wheelchair space ...even though the carers told him that they came together on the way there...maybe there should be more drop down seats on the bus

  • Laura B.

    Surely common sense would say if it's a pram with a newborn/baby in it then they shouldn't have to move it they were there first and have already paid their fare. But if it's a toddler who can walk and sit unaided or if the buggy is unoccupied it should be put down.

    I drive now but had to rely on buses with my first 2 kids. I knew I'd be relying on the buses so specifically bought a pram that was suitable from birth and had an easy fold mechanism that could be done 1 handed.

    Plus a lot of buses nowadays have spaces for prams AND wheelchairs.

    It's not rocket science. How about some people stop being so entitled... and that means whiny parents AND wheelchair users.

  • Theresa S.

    first come first serve xxxx

  • Bernie R.

    The new buses has bugged and weelchair space on them should have more of them I had that with my 86 year old mother could not get on a bus that it's gon i hate take her out to the shop and people help mother's with buggies cause I always got held with mind

  • Hayley L.

    I think yh need space for both

  • Hayley P.

    Sorry but having a double buggy I often have to wait as 3 buses go past I can't get in because there's already a pushchair! First come first serve wait for the next one by the time I've waited to get on one and paid I am not getting off until my stop!!! I'd never expect anyone wheelchair or pushchair to get off a bus so that I can get on!!!

  • guest

    When both of mine we're still tiny. We had an emergancy Dr appointment so left time for delays. I had two poorly, sleepy children, a woman in a wheelchair was waiting about 5 stops later & I was asked if I'd move. I explained I coukdn't as my children were by then asleep. The driver relayed this to the woman who went hell for leather at me. 3 passagners told her where to go as we have buses every 10 minutes & that in fact I'd paid my fair whrn hers was free gave me more right. I totally agree as they do not pay to use public transport & get some level of mobility so get a taxi.

    This p*sses me off no why the hell should parents move.

  • Catherine C.

    Maybe baby wearing should be encouraged more, then there'd be less need for buggies and prams

  • Laura D.

    I'm glad this ruling has taken place. There are accessible spaces on buses BECAUSE people with disabilities campaigned for them. I was a bus user when both my children were tiny and I'd have got off and walked wherever if a disabled person, who did not have the option of walking, needed the space after I'd started my journey.

    • Dawn L.

      Maybe they should get an electric wheelchair

  • Cheryl A.

    The same people moaning about this PROBABLY moan when people who don't have children park in parent & child parking spaces? You can't have it both ways, the spaces on the bus are provided for wheelchairs, NOT prams/buggies. The disabled cannot sit anywhere else.

  • Emma K.

    Surely we can accommodate both.

  • Dawn L.

    Why not just provide adequate space for both? What happens when there is already a wheelchair user in the space? Do they have a contest to see who is more worthy of the place !!!! Why would anyone expect babies and small children to get off a bus in a country where it's raining and cold for 3/4 of the time and the buses are unreliable and expensive, what happens if the route is busy and the next bus has no space. Or if the route is isolated? is putting vulnerable children and there mum off an acceptable move?

  • Rachel H.

    It's so wrong if the pushchair is already on the bus, a baby is vulnerable too xxx

  • KJ A.

    Surely the easiest option would be first come first served?!

  • Helen E.

    I had my children before you could take an open buggy on a bus. We had to collapse pushchairs and put them in the luggage rack at the front of the bus. Pushchairs were more awkward than buggys and we had no choice we had to do it or not get on the bus. We all managed then so I don't see it as a big deal.

  • Danielle B.

    So the person in the wheelchair is going to town shopping and then mum with the baby has an important doctors/hospital appointment....yet has to get off! How is that fair!! Should be 1st come 1st served, no 1 person is more important than another!

  • Amanda H.

    This is a tricky one however the logistics of a new mother on her own folding down a pram with a new born baby is impossible. And I'm going to cause a huge debate here and ruffle some feathers but not everyone in a wheel chair should get priority. I have witnessed first had the severity of some people's disabilities and not all make them more important to get on a bus before me with my pram if I'm there first. Equality - Works both ways!!!

    • Lisa H.

      I agree with u I think first come first served everyone shud b made equal

  • Lisa H.

    I'm pleased my daughter is 2 now as having 2 put down a pushchair where I hav 2 take the pushchair seat off then fold it down takes 2 hands 2 do plus put a baby ???? Umm not sure where ??? I'm sorry but first come first served equal rights 2 everyone.

  • David B.

    Imagine trying to cradle on 15 stone man on your lap...

  • Jodie E.

    In my opinion people with pushchairs should take priority over those who don't have pushchairs when sitting in that space. But if I was on the bus with a pushchair and a wheelchair user came on they would take priority over me and my pushchair. A person in a wheelchair may not be able to get up and fold their pushchair where as a person with a pram can. Yes a pushchair and a baby is hard to juggle but if they asked for help I'm sure someone would assist them getting off of the bus, this doesn't need to be a law it's common courtesy and sense!

  • Christine A.

    I actually witnessed a girl with a newborn in a pram, and a toddler being removed from a bus for a wheelchair user, this girl asked for a refund and refused, that girl had paid her fair so in my opinion should have not been removed, what makes that person any less worthy of her paid transport home!!!! Surely the paid contract is with the bus company!! And what about her human rights?

  • Leanne F.

    What about if you have a disabled child in pram ?

  • Paula C.

    If I had to go on a bus with my children there is no way I could put my pushchair down I have a 3 1/2 year old and 2 year old twins so no way would I be able to get them out and fold the pushchair down without at least 1 of them running off!!

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