Child-Free Zones On Planes: Good Idea Or Bad?

Child-Free Zones On Planes: Yes Or No?

Summer holidays might seem like a dim and distant memory now – but how would you feel if you were booking a family trip, only to discover that your kids weren't allowed to sit in certain sections of the plane?

That could soon be a reality, if other airlines decide to follow in the footsteps of Indian budget airline IndiGo, which has just made its premium seats a no-go area for children under 12.

Why? So that customers who don't wish to be seated near noisy nippers can enjoy sitting in the 'quiet zone'.

The airline said:

'Keeping in mind the comfort and convenience of all passengers, row numbers one to four and 11 to 14 are generally kept as a Quiet Zone on IndiGo flights. These zones have been created for business travellers who prefer to use the quiet time to do their work.'

Hmm. I'm not sure what to think about this. On the one I'd welcome childfree seating on planes because it might help make flying with kids less stressful for parents. I hate the feeling, when flying with babies in particular, that all the passengers around you are pretty much praying to be seated nowhere near you, even if your kid isn't particularly noisy or disruptive. Knowing that I'm not going to have to apologise for my children's existence on a plane – because those who don't wish to be seated near children could book the premium seats – would make me stress less about travelling with the kids.

But how many of those intolerant eye-rolling travellers would actually book the premium seats? What if people choose not to pay extra to be seated away from families, and still end up muttering under their breath about having to listen to crying or incessant toddler chat?

And a big part of me thinks this is a pretty sinister move away from the kind of tolerant society we should be. Marking out areas of a plane as child-free sends a pretty clear signal to parents that their offspring aren't exactly being welcomed with open arms.

So, on balance, I think kid-free zones on planes are a bad idea, and one which only perpetuates the problem of making families feel like they're burdening people with their very presence.

Can you imagine the furore if an airline started having designated areas where other sectors of society aren't allowed to sit? An OAP-free zone? No teenagers? What's the difference between that and kid-free zones, and don't they both amount to discrimination, at the end of the day?

We'd love to hear what you think about child-free zones on planes. Good idea or bad? Leave us a comment, join the conversation over on our Facebook page and take part in our poll.


  • Sarah C.

    As a parent I like this idea. Saves people judging you as soon as you walk on with a child. My little boy is 2 and has flown a few times and has always been good but the looks you get from people really gets my back up

    • Becky F.

      Hi I am flying in a few weeks my son will be 2 in November have you got some tips he never been on a plane and it for 9 hours

    • Becca R.

      Becky Fitzwater loads of distraction! We took a iPad with downloaded movies. Colouring books (the mess free ones are best) reading books, toys. We packed a trunkie full!

    • Sarah C.

      Sticker books are a big hit with my little boy. Colouring book, crayons, let him choose a magazine at the airport, tablet/portable dvd player. Try and not bring everything out at once. Introduce things throughout the flight to keep the excitement. X

    • Sonia H.

      Pack another few things for the journey back too and don't let him see them until on the plane home!

    • Santoshi S.

      Download BBC iplayer app then download all of his favourite cbbs shows you can download loads of them that way he won't be bored coming or going and won't have to watch the same shows :joy::see_no_evil:. Play doh is good too :thumbsup_tone3:

    • James D.

      Any sort of sweet that they can suck on helps too as it helps equalise the pressure in the ear.

    • Yvonne W.

      My tip is don't let other people put you and you're family off flying, not all weans are scared of flying xx

  • Autumn R.

    I think quiet zones would be a better idea... calling it child-free zones makes it a bit controversial. I'd prefer people who don't want to sit by my child to sit elsewhere than to make comments and roll their eyes.

  • Becca R.

    I am a parent and I think it's great! My 3 year old just done 10 hours to Mexico and didn't winge once! But some children just don't like planes and if I was traveling alone I would pay to have the quiet zone!!

  • Abby C.

    This is a GOOD idea! N that's comin from the person with the child! :joy: would b even better if I could sit in the kid free zone and the other area was staffed with childcare :joy::joy::joy:

  • Toni B.

    As a parent I don't like this idea. I don't feel that my children should be made to feel they should be seen and not heard! My children are 1 and 2. Unless they have these experiences they will never no how to behave in these situations. I get some people don't want children and don't want to listen to these tantrums but guess what I don't really enjoy listening to my children's tantrums either but it's part of being a mum and part of life. We where all children and all had tantrums. Stop pushing children to one side!!

    • Indya D.

      It is part of being a parent to listen to your child's tantrum, if you choose not to become a parent though, why should it be if it can be avoided? I'm a mother, and I'd welcome this.

    • Toni B.

      Because children shouldn't be pushed to one side all the time. They need to experience these situations to learn how to deal with it. How do you expect children to learn to behave in different situations if they never have to deal with them. If you do not want to become a parent that doesn't mean you can avoid the rest of the children in the world. They have the same rights to be on a plain as any other person on there. I personally wouldn't be made to feel so embarrassed that I have to take my children to a different part of the plain.

    • Indya D.

      They would still be on the plane, they would still be heard by everyone no doubt, they would still be getting the experience and would still be in the situation, what's wrong with grouping childless adults at one end of the plane and children AND their adults at the other?

    • Kate T.

      I hate it when my children are noisy in public cause I am embarrassed as I am aware people don't want to hear it xx

  • Flora C.

    Maybe there should be 'miserable zone' for those passengers who love to moan, if a child so much as breathes too loudly! :rage:

  • Nicki A.

    Bad idea. It's bad enough listening to my kids make a noise on a flight, I don't want to be surrounded by everyone else's too! At least if there was no 'segregation' then the noise would be distributed throughout the plane

  • Abigail B.

    As long as im not charged extra for a child zone have at it atleast wen my wee boy flips out n anyone rolls ther eyes my attitude is u had an alternative!

  • Abby C.

    Ahaha! I honestly am one of those people who gets on a long haul flight n thinks 'god nooooo!' When someone sits. Whine me with a kid......n now I have one! A loud one at that!! :joy::joy::joy: I NEED this idea to be taken on board by the airlines!!! Asap! I'm desperate for a holiday! :joy::joy::joy:

  • Monika P.

    I like the idea ! I think it will work both ways ! Parents will feel less stressed and passengers without children will have a choice w

  • Vicki R.

    Great idea! That way us parents are far away from moany gits who don't like children! We flew to Spain with our well behaved children, was commended on how well behaved they were, yet we still had a horrible old man infront of us moan. Keep all the grumpy gets together :clap_tone1::thumbsup_tone1:

    • Vicki R.

      Our sons were 3 and 10months at the time as well! Jet2 are great to fly with if you have kids x

    • Claire W.

      Agree! with a lot of cheaper airlines 2 year olds are charged full seat price just the same as these moaning miserys (who obviously we're the model children once themselves) so shouldnt be any less worthy of flying too! My 18 month old was excellent on our flight back from Spain recently read her magazine and coloured i was the one on edge worrying if she was going to have a tantrum at any point upsetting anyone! The adult couple sat in front of us on the other hand were arguing jolting the seats back and complaining about anything and everything like brats!

    • Yvonne W.

      I just ignore the ignorant people, i've never had anyone complain to me about my weans, to be fair they all sleep or talk the lugs off me :joy:xx

    • Emily W.

      Most of the time it's the adults that cause the problems on planes.

  • Kathryn H.

    but the noise wil stil be heard in the plane

  • Kirsty C.

    Let's face it, if a child screams and cries loud enough then most of a plane will hear. After reading that the Indian airline were making rows 1-4 and another 4 or 5 rows slightly further down the child free rows I actaully laughed. So children could sit in row 5 and kick off and cry and thats fine...people in row 1-4 will not be able to hear a thing and the children will not be going past them to get to toilet, yeah right...think it's a bit of a joke really but if these idiots are willing to pay more money for a seat that's in a CHILD FREE (but still near children) then crack on, line the airlines pockets some more. Both my kids have been travelling since they were 3 and 4 months old (now 3 years and 17 months) and I will continue to take them on long and short haul flights, if others don't like it then my middle finger goes up to you :sunglasses::middle_finger:

  • Melanie N.

    We travelled 2 years ago with our two kids and they were no bother there and back however my partner sat in the aisle opposite us and there was a girl about 8/9 and she was a pain in the arse kept climbing on seats, in and out of row all the time, knocking drinks over, begging and whining for stuff every half hour. Not once did her mother apologise for her behaviour or even pull her up about it and worst thing they were next us again on the way home x

  • Bethany U.

    Each to their own. Personally I think the world is full of children and thing you won't like. Some few people need to realise the world doesn't revolve for them

    • Kirstin S.

      But children should be able to sit anywhere on these planes because the world does revolve around them? Every single person on here trying to make out that people who would use these seats are entitled seem to be arguing that their children are entitled to the very same thing.

  • Andrea B.

    As a mum of 6 I wholeheartedly think this is a brilliant idea and about time! no stress of worrying about disturbing people who have chosen to live a child free life! And also if I wanted to go anywhere child free I've chosen to leave my children why would I want to listen to someone else's (not that it's ever going to happen with my lot lol)

  • Sarah-Louise J.

    An 'area for children' is a better way of wording it, not a fan of 'child free zone' - makes children sound like they're a nuisance and they're not, they just get bored easily and need entertaining :relieved:

  • Maxine B.

    As a parent I like this idea!! I would book myself into the child free area :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Aimée W.

    Brilliant idea! Less stressful for the parents when travelling with kids and also great for when they leave the kids at home for a break :grin:

  • Katie C.

    When I was child free I listened to kids ... now they'll listen to mine ... and eventually I'll listen to someone else's !!!!

  • Jo G.

    Ha ha... imagine paying a premium to sit in row 4 without kids only to find kids from hell are sat behind you in row 5.... whilst I actually think this is a good idea, I don't think they've thought it through.

    • Becky F.

      Ha ha well i payed a upgrade our seats so every going to have to hear my son and if poeple have a problem then they will have a hand leaving the plane ha ha every one had a right to go to nice place and if people have head phones on and watch suff then they can't hear nothing and it not like you have to look after them and if poeple did not give shit on the plane wen everything would be less stressed for every one

  • Lianne T.

    :joy::joy: what ever next if this is the case can their be a grumpy old git zone to! Christ sake what is the world Coming to

  • Chris G.

    Great idea, which zone do I leave my kids in?

  • Helen S.

    We have quiet coaches on trains so why not adult areas on planes. Flights might be more fun as the kids interact with one another or parents can sympathetically raise the of eye brow whilst non families breathe and thank the lord they're not next to the crying/hyper/starer/talker/squealer/basher kid ;-)

  • Jemma S.

    I personally think this is a great idea !!! Charge the miserable Gits double that tut at young kids !!!!

  • Nicole C.

    Maybe all their flights could be child free when parents boycott the airline?

  • Sonia H.

    Why not take out rows 1-4 and replace it with a children's area for them to play and be occupied rather than then getting bored sitting in their seats for ages! Probably not allowed due to health and safety but once up and cruising then I don't see why this can't be done! I work with children and have none of my own which wasn't my choice, yes it's awful listening to children screaming but it's hard work keeping them occupied for a long time in a confined space and the parents might be less stressed if the children were able to go and amuse themselves!

    • Sarah L.

      I'm hoping to fly next year for 1st time and it's going to be a shock for my youngest that can't even sit on a.train for 20mins :thinking::open_mouth:

    • Katie H.

      If they can have a bar area onboard a plane then i'm sure they could sort out a crèche or play area or something similar xx

    • Nicola W.

      Because if the plane hits unexpected turbulence they would be sued left right and centre for children not being strapped in

  • Lesley M.

    I'd rather have drunk at 9am zero tolerance flight or zero tolerance to bad language zones so my lovely well behaved kids can enjoy their flight without the unruly adults bothering them, ta very much :ok_hand:

  • Kirsty B.

    There is nothing worse than a child screaming or crying on a flight so these are a good idea. I have a 10 month old little boy and I know how I used to feel when flying and had to listen to loud children :(

  • Tammy C.

    How about 'get a life, you moaning Minnie's zone'

  • Sarah S.

    Good.. if I decide to take my son on a plane I know now I won't have to deal with arrogant up themselves asses :)

  • Clair H.

    think we can sit in this zone next week :joy:

  • Melanie T.

    Wonder if you could leave your kids in the kid zone and then hide away in the child free zone with a large glass of rose and a good book hahahahaha

  • Santoshi S.

    I'm a mother and I think this is a good idea to section the plane off so parents then can have other parents beside them to maybe help amuse each other's kids. As on long haul kids get bored so having other kids next to them may help however reading the seating arrangements rows 1-4 and 11-14 are quiet areas so in between these rows kids can sit there :thinking:. Wouldn't this be worse as they can hear them as they are sandwiched in the middle :joy:. Maybe keep a specific area like front or back of plane for quiet zone.

  • Stacey M.

    I welcome this. I am a mother as well and my 1 year old has been on a plane and he was good on the way to Spain but not so great on the way back. However the amount of times I have had children kick me in the back and the parents say nothing is disgusting. I have never minded children crying or shouting or anything, as children will be children. But the kicking all the way to other countries is so annoying, and nothing gets done or said!!!

  • Campbell C.

    Also need a safe zone for families only to avoid our kids being subjected to rowdy drunks:flushed:

  • Carol B.

    Its called a quiet zone not child free ... dont inflame the situation, hotels and holiday companies do adult only holidays .... whats the big deal??

  • Becky G.

    From a parents perspective it would make me worry less about being judged. I flew from Thailand with my 8 month old. Two people who were sat next to us moved to different seats as they saw we were flying with a baby. My boy was as good as gold and people even commented to me how good he was when we landed. Obviously I'm one of the lucky ones. I sympathize with others as kids can be a nightmare when traveling, but at least if we were in our own 'section' we wouldn't get judged from the get go. Just hope people don't start taking the Mickey, washing their hands of parental responsibility and letting their kids run riot!!

  • Kristy H.

    Not that I ever fly.... sounds like a good idea- I am a mum of 2 toddlers - when I was child free (for lack of a better phrase) I didn't want to be around kids, especially young, noisy, fidgety ones lol. And that's fine. I love my noisy kids now, have a string dislike for teens though :joy::joy:

  • Amy P.

    This makes me beyond angry firstly because what amazing parents who chose to take there children traveling around the world or parents who work so hard all year, save all there spare pennies to enable them to spend some relaxing and well earned time with their families. Just to be made to feel awful for taking them on a plan. Some people choose to not have children I respect this as its their choice I choose to have children who I've brought up with manners and are well behaved, I have no issue taking them anywhere in public as they never show me up. I will not be made to feel that I've done something wrong by being banned from certain areas of a plane!! Are the geniuses behind this idea aware that noise travels? So for a few rows there aren't kids but in front and behind are how can there be a child free zone on a plane? It's like the non smoking sections in a restaurant that used to be around like people thought the smoke wouldn't go to the non smoking side of a restaurant? Why are people portraying children like their something to be ashamed of? Unbelievable

    • Yvonne W.

      Not all weans misbehave, if the parents or other passengers have issues, take them on a short flight, or take books or something to amuse them on a long flight, problem solved xx

    • Amy P.

      Completely agree we will look at destinations close to home so it's a short flight for them at the age they are x

  • Rebecca S.

    Haha they will be in for a shock when we fly next year then as we've booked premium seats for us and our 17 and 4 year old :joy::grin:

  • Ruth M.

    Pity planes don't have a soft play area for kids. They have everything else

  • Kelly S.

    Yep sounds like a brill idea xx

  • Shirley D.

    God sake. Grow up, we were all children once. They can be annoying, but it the way of the world. Get a grip.

  • Kathleen F.

    I have grandchildren who are better behaved on planes than some so called adults can eat in great restaurants or McDonald's so no because your still going to hear the laughter or tears some people are never happy perhaps forgot what it's like to travel with children

  • Jill B.

    Why not ! If people want a child free zone and are willing to pay for it,go for it! I however will be in the child friendly zone with ball pit and play zone included as well as quiet area for sleepy time :grinning::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Lyndsay J.

    I think this is a fab idea. I have a 3 year old who not so keen on flying and is a hyper child who doesnt like to sit still for very long. We went to Tenerife last xmas and oh my what a nightmare i had i was up and down like a yoyo as he dident want to sit in his seat he wanted to be off chatting to other people on the plane. If i told him to sit and hold him down he got angry and it made the situation 10x worse. I always said never again but were off to spain a week on Monday and i must be mad...... i am loaded with cbeebies downloads . Movies. And a few books..... im not looking forward to it 1 bit but i carnt put our lives on hold. These people on the plane will never see you or your children again so let them be stuff em . Not all children can sit some like to let people know thier there. If people dont kids they should book an adult only cruise or stick to seaside and go in their own cars. I for 1 would invite the child only areas or planes with open arms but i doubt it will happen so its buckle up and take it on chin nothing lasts forever xxx

  • Samantha C.

    Isn't this just a budget airlines version of business class?!

    • Donna W.

      Kids can go in business class......

  • Suzy K.

    I have children and after a flight from hell 3 weeks ago I'm all for this :joy::thumbsup_tone2:

  • Kelly Y.

    I think this is wrong everyone was a child once they deserve the same rights as an adult in this situation

  • Kathy T.

    What if your child is behaving beautifully and someone else's is having a melt down? Is there a well behaved child section??

    Also a plane is only so big surely you would still be disturbed?

    What about people who are drinking and rowdy (with or without kids).I don't want to hear that so can they sit somewhere else?

  • Kate C.

    I'm a parent. I love my child she is beautiful and intelligent. She is also a pain in the arse when she kicks off. Just because I am a parent does not mean I enjoy listening to other people's children having a hissy fit. I sympathise. I don't judge but it still makes my ears bleed. If you have no children or have already brought up your children there in no reason why you should be forced to listen to other people's little treasures having a behemoth tantrum. We are so PC these days but what is wrong with acknowledging that a screaming child is a pain to all that can hear it and what is wrong with admitting that you don't want to sit near them on a plane?

  • Clare H.

    Bloody brilliant idea - more establishments need these zones. :joy::raised_hands_tone1: x

  • Kayleigh P.

    I see this a discrimination in a way! I'm sorry but the world is full of children and every adult on the planet was a child. Children shouldn't be seen as a burden on society and that is what is wrong with a lot of the world these days!!! Definitely a good idea for poor parents and children who have to put up with judgemental people though but that isn't how it should be!

  • Stacey N.

    Up to the individual if you want to sit in a child free area but to be honest some adults behave worse than children!

  • Lisa P.

    I think this is a bad idea, I couldn't give a monkey what people think of my child - we haven't flown to Florida, then onto Vegas for our wedding, then back home to Manchester with a 20month old and sat is premium throughout, which we were grateful of as we had our child on our laps so needed the extra room - so why should we not be allowed to sit in premium just in case it bothers others, flying with passengers you might not like is part of flying public transport I'm afraid, I don't like people who recline their seats or get drunk and pass out on you, but we've got to tolerate it, why is it so hard to tolerate a child when 99% of the kids I've been on flights with have been good as gold! If someone wants to be judgemental then let them, it's their problem!

    • Rhiannon G.

      This is what bothers me about it, parents with children being excluded from the premium seats!

  • Nikki W.

    Ah finally! If they could also have a zone where people don't talk when everyone else is sleep that would be perfect.

  • Yvonne W.

    What a joke:fearful:, what a lot of people forget, YOU were all babies/children at one time, my children's ages are from 1 to 21, i've never had any issues with any of them flying, and neither have any other passengers on our flights, so don't put all weans in the same barrel, thanks very much :heart::heart:

  • Natalie M.

    Love this just been on a flight were my 11 month old did not want to stay on my knee at all and screamed the plane down till he fell asleep all the oldys huffing and puffing did not do anything to help my anxiety. Other mums would of known were i was coming from and all kids around my son would of made him want to sit n play n be more calm i hope all airlines concider this.

  • Katie H.

    I totally agree with 'Over 18 zones'. I also agree they should have dedicated crèche zones for under 16 year olds that are more fun than just seats. I also agree with people taking their kids on holiday and making sure they don't get sunburnt whilst they are pissing it up so i can have a scream free flight.

  • Claire T.


  • Kayleigh J.

    It's public transport. We pay for their seats. Adults can be just as irritating. It's not practical and just another way to charge more money. Learn to be tolerant or buy some ear plugs, this is the 21st century and children who are fortunate enough to travel should be able to do so while it is still safe. The majority of parents will do everything they can to manage their child's behaviour and any that don't, your problem is with them.

  • Siobhan P.

    As a parent I agree my 2 year old screams and cries the entire time on a plane it was awful and personally if I didn't have children I wouldn't want to have to listen to tantrums and at least my children would be surrounded by other parents who have fought the same struggle

  • Emily W.

    I'm 50/50 with this one. As this will hopefully shut the people who complain up (even though if they want the quiet privilege there's 1st class), if might not benefit children, which will make them worse. Say you have a baby who you've just got off to sleep, and a child starts having a tantrum and wakes your baby up. Or having a baby that's reacts and cries when other kids do. It's not gonna be fair on the parents having to deal with more distress. Why can't people put up with it, like everyone else does on the train and buses. Maybe if more staff on planes told the kids off (as it isnt coming from the parents and an official they will more than likely listen) and you can see that the parent is doing their best to entertain the kid, there's not much you can do, kids are bastards sometimes. And if you can't say you were a perfect child then don't moan! For god sake, someone complained at my 1 year old daughter for laughing while in a cafe, people just love to complain.

  • Lisa K.

    I wouldnt fly with that airline we should all be treated the same

    • Kirstin S.

      There are nothing different about the seats in the "child free zones" and the rest of the plane. How exactly are people being treated differently? Do you mean if parents have to sit next to their own kids, everyone should have to sit next to them?

  • Victoria L.

    Firstly I wouldn't fly on an Indian Budget airline , they havnt exactly got a good safety record! Secondly my children are extremely well behaved on planes and respectful to other passengers , never noisy etc , actually better behaved than some adult passengers so why should we have to sit near other children that may not be! No thanks

  • Catherine G.

    Well with 4 kids one of which is autistic if we were to go on a plane somewhere(doubtful) I'd like somewhere away from moaning gits as if our 1.5hr trip on a train experience is anything to go by I would like to get to the destination I've paid for and if we were around said moaning gits I'd either get moved or have police waiting for me at the end.

  • Becs F.

    They need a hen/stag zone too. I travelled alone last year and ended up in the middle of a stag do. I'd have preferred some rowdy children any day!!

  • Alison W.

    I don't get it though. If it's only a few rows surely at the edge of the quiet zone there'll be children so you could still have then in front or behind you? Also surely putting them all together will just make them more noisy and excitable?

  • Anna M.

    My kids behave well when sat next to an adult. Put them in a group of other kids and they act so stupid. So I'd hate it.

  • Jennifer P.

    Fab idea would make it less stressfull on us mums, we wont need to worry as much our kids are bothering everyone. I like how it will be kid free zones n not sticking us family's in a "corner" out the way

  • Donna F.

    Fabulous idea! We've just done our first flight with our almost 2 year old and I was worried sick about how he would behave. Turns out he was mostly great and that was in part due to he wonderful people we were sat next to who took time to speak to him and didn't flinch when he screamed for 10 minutes or so with sore ears. I can't help thinking it would have been awful if we had been next to some intolerant idiot. Keep all those people together in one quiet place and let everyone else enjoy the experience of interacting with other families.

  • Tess H.

    Can parents opt for this option as well??! :joy::joy::joy:

  • Nicola W.

    Amazing idea - also would like a section for just well behaved children too :joy:. My children sit on their seats, read, draw, watch movies and only get up to go to the toilet whilst the rest of the kids onboard tend to be stood on their seats, bouncing around, screaming and shouting and running up the aisles - no wonder people want child free zones

  • Kaylie C.

    My son was fine on the flight and fell asleep other kids screaming woke him up so wouldn't like this idea. His 2 and been on 8 flights no issues stop worrying about what other people think, everyone was a baby at some point

  • Sallyann W.

    I'd rather sit in an area where stupid bigoted adults aren't allowed, I'd rather sit with lots of children who are excited about being on an aeroplane any day of the week !!! :airplane:

  • Mark S.

    This is a great idea! Not a parent myself, and don't enjoy relaxing and spending my time hearing other people's children. Some may call me grumpy but I just don't relax or enjoy if I hear a child moaning or crying.

  • Amy J.

    I'm a parent of one sprog. He is cute etc but this is definitely a good idea. This is no different to having a child friendly area in pub. Win win for everyone and the kids can entertain each other!

  • Jennifer T.

    Got a child and totally agree with this some people choose not to have kids and want relax without the noise etc then why should they not be entitled to do so

  • Michael G.

    I pay for my child's seat and has a right to sit anywhere he likes that's paid for. ..if people don't like it tough.....get on a plane for adults only

  • Danielle M.

    Yes I'd love to sit in a quiet zone, how often do I have to check on my children? :smile:

  • Louise T.

    Sure as long as there isn't a premium to get one of the child allocated seats. Prices already go up during school holidays. If you are that desperate to avoid a kid on a plane go on holiday outside of school holidays when the tickets are cheaper and there are definitely no kids.

  • SF K.

    Can we have hen & stag free zones too??

  • Sam C.

    Just persuading me that taking my daughter abroad is too much hassle. We'll holiday in this country instead. Huge sympathy for those who have no choice but to go abroad with children!

    Are they also going to provide a section for adult arseholes? You know, the ones who drink too much and think everyone wants to hear their gob? How about hen/stag parties "just having a good time" can they have their own section too??

  • Sherri B.

    I think they should have a miserable people zone too then!! I get so angry at people who seem to forget it isn't easy to raise children and sometimes they don't do what we ask or wish just wish some people would show a little compassion x

  • Helen M.

    I think this is a good idea. I find it stressful travelling with small children half the stress coming from knowing other passengers are giving you daggers lol...why shouldn't people have peace to work /sleep without kids screaming and kicking back of their chairs lol. Just my opinion

  • Maureen M.

    No children are children we were once all kids

  • Catherine M.

    Travel first class if they don't like the noise !!!

  • Gemma M.

    i have 3 kids and i think it is a good idea because kids can get boared if it is a long flight and no matter what you do they can be lond, when me and my hubby get married and have our honeymoon i would like a bit of peace on the plane if that makes me selfish then so be it, but if you can have a holiday with out your kids you want a bit of peace

  • Donna H.

    If they are going to have child free zones, can we also have one for hen/stag groups and lager louts who are more annoying

  • Daniella F.

    Im flying Thompson 2mo wiv my 13, 5 & 3 yr old, 1st time for my youngest who can be a devil @ home, r flight is @ 6am so he will hopefully fall asleep!!! Lol x

  • Victoria T.

    Pretty sure you would still hear my screaming 21 month old regardless of where you were on the plane! Pointless!

  • Samantha P.

    Disgusting discrimination. If you are paying for your child to fly then why should you have to appease the stuck up my own arse squad???? Heavens forbid they can't listen to the crap in flight film or have to think of other people. If you don't agree with children on flights don't fly simple.

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